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Ask anyone about their plans of hanging out in a circle or a personal meet, and they will reply with just one thing – ‘Wanna Netflix and Chill?’

Television and broadcasting channels nowadays feel like a source of good snoozing for the audience. Now, viewers just easily hit the level of boredom when they cannot find their likable source of entertainment on these airing stations. Understanding the psyche of the avid watchers, Netflix was released on everyone’s personal devices and turned about the whole way of watching our handpicked shows.

From youth to old ones, every age of the user is engrossed in the catalog of video streaming app like Netflix. Currently, looking at the stats, Netflix is the ruling video streaming app with over 238.39+ million paid subscribers worldwide in 190 countries. Apparently, it has gained revenue of $8.19 billion in Quarter 2 of 2023.

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What are the Types of Video Streaming App?

1. On-Demand Video Streaming

Because of the accessibility of personal devices, most of the users are likely to watch multimedia content on their smartphones and laptops. Now, with the smart TV features, they can freely stream this content on the big screen as well.

But the extras in this facility are streaming the shows with breaks whenever the viewers want to take them. They can skip the boring intros or even fast forward to repeat the scenes.

2. Subscription-based Video on Demand

From the name itself, this is a video streaming app like Netflix where a wide library of all the series and movies can be accessed only after paying for it. This is a common money-making model that is applied in Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Hostar, etc.

3. Ad-supported Video on Demand

Users find it bothersome when they face interruptions with unexpected ads while watching a show. So to stop that, many OTT apps have subscription plans where the users have to pay for uninterrupted video streaming.

4. Transactional Video on Demand

This a feature we often see on YouTube movies and even the Hotstar app. This is an option where the users rent or buy their preferred titles for a specific time. Such OTT platforms can be particularly dedicated to a show genre such as Crunchyroll for anime, etc.

5. Live Video Streaming

As the name suggests, a live video streaming app is a platform where the users can directly watch the ongoing updates at that same time. These apps are specifically built to affiliate the accounts/channels like businesses, news, or TV shows to broadcast current events or latest show releases.

Key Features to Add in Your Netflix-like OTT App Development

1. User ID Setup

This is more of a beneficial feature aside from the security purpose. During the registration of the user, they will enter their likings, preferred languages, and locality. This will enable you a humongous database to work on the recommendations, shows listing, and subscription schemes. Moreover, its two-way authentication factor will keep their details secured.

2. Payment Gateway Integration

Because of the OTT apps growing need, subscription purchases have gradually increased in a few years. That is why we can see the higher success rate of Netflix. Likewise, integrating various payment gateways can increase the revenue and double the demand of your app.

3. Personalized Screen

Nowadays, numerous users have multiple devices by themselves where they can streamline OTT apps anywhere. So keeping that in mind, approaching an Android app development company with extensive skills can make the platform scalable.

4. Search Bar and Filters

There are millions of entertainment shows to look for in the recommendation or category criteria. But the users have no other way than a search bar to find it. Instilling this feature in the app can make it easier for the viewer to directly go on their favorite show.

5. Multilingual Shows

Netflix has covered a wide audience not just because it has shows in different languages, but also because it has numerous shows with subtitles and translation features included. Similarly, you can also install one as you hire app developers India.

6. In-App Download

In general, the video streaming app has a download function at the bottom screen where users can enjoy the content offline. In the same way, including the download feature from an Android app development company can engage the viewers more often.

7. Watchlist

Think of the time when you see an interesting recommendation and want to watch it. However, it is nowhere to be found. For that reason, a watchlist feature enables the viewers to save up the channels or shows of their interest.

8. Push Notifications

The notifications feature is a great way to attract viewers at first glance. It would be a marketing strategy to promote new offers, shows, and much more. Also, you can keep a reminder of the watch list show which has been pending for weeks.

9. Streaming Tracker

At times, users love to watch the same movies or TV shows as friends on repeat. In another way, as they cannot give proper time to complete a series, they would pause the episode in between. So to keep it continued, the app can include a ‘continue watching’ recommendation feature just like Netflix.

How to Develop a Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

App research and Idea Generation

There are various niche markets where you can flourish your app such as a specific genre or a multi-genre content app. Find the best market growth where you can see huge scope.

In addition, look for the competitor’s app to see their MVP, functionality, design, and process. This will give you an idea of what can you add to make the app unique.

Shortlist to Hire App Developers India

There are various other factors besides designs and market search. So to know more about app development, approaching a custom Android app development will be a suggestion. They will thoroughly analyze your project needs, do research on the competitors’ projects, and provide you with innovative solutions to make your app stand out from others.

App Workflow Planning

Even if the structure of a video streaming app seems simple, still it needs to have a workflow keeping several functionalities in mind. The architecture should have decided on technological stacks as displayed below.

App Workflow Planning

UI/UX Design for Streaming Videos

Framing your app with appealing themes, feature designs, and functionality that will make the app look modern. Also, MVP development is the most important thing to add to the OTT platform. This will highlight the special features and user interaction with its functionality.

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OTT App Testing and Launch

Testing the app on different devices and operating systems to check its scalability, quality assurance, and functionality. Resolving the bugs before its launch can give positive feedback and customer retention. Hire dedicated team of QA testers and developers. Later, launch it on common play stores.

What Would be the Cost to Create a Streaming App like Netflix?

Before approaching any custom Android app development, this section will give you an idea of the approximate cost of app development.

To create a streaming app like Netflix will need several elements to design the platform. Some of the essential ones are:

  • Type of video streaming app
  • The complex app structure
  • The development requirements
  • The platform was chosen for the app. For example, if you are planning for Apple products, you would need to hire iOS app developer
  • Type of hiring staff you will choose, i.e., outsourcing, freelancing, etc.
  • APIs and technology stack required

The costs from every company differ considering all these components of the Netflix-like OTT platform development. Hence, it is difficult to state the exact numbers of development costs. Yet, speaking on average, it would cost between $50,000 to $140,000. In additional charges for maintenance and services, it would be around $50,000.

However, when you seek to hire dedicated developers for such projects, consulting from experts will be highly preferred.

To Sum Up…

Several video streaming apps like Netflix are rising on top. The daily entertainment platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other apps have become a popular choice to watch daily shows. Despite the tough competition, they still manage to come at the top preferences – all because of the audiences’ demand.

So like them, your OTT app can also become one of these high-rankers. Creating a Netflix-like OTT app development is considered to be one of the latest ‘money-making’ apps. Likewise, you can create a streaming app like Netflix from a mobile app development service India. They can provide an engaging interface and flawless functionality to make video streaming faster.


Is Netflix streaming or on-demand?

The app has a range of shows that can be seen by users at any time. This is why Netflix is a streaming app with all genres of series, movies, documentaries, and reality TV shows in a variety of languages. Moreover, it has a multi-screen feature on different devices is the USP.

How to build a video streaming platform like Netflix?

To develop an OTT platform, find your niche in presenting the content. Then get the license and copyrights of the content. After designing your content categories, keep all platforms as your target audiences in mind. Finally, approach an app developer to develop and release the app on all platforms.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Netflix?

The cost of developing an OTT platform depends on your type of app idea, features, and technology integration, and the type of app development company (like outsourcing or fixed model). However, to state it on average, it would cost around $25,000 – $60,000.

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