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Work with the finest healthcare and fitness app development company in India Get the most advanced and feature-rich applications developed for your fitness enthusiast clients with our experts.

Healthcare and Fitness Apps

Work with expert healthcare and fitness app developers!

  • Nowadays, everyone is conscious about their health, fitness and diet plan. And of course, we all should be. The mobility solutions for the healthcare industry benefit the normal human’s life and making them closer to the good health. To provide your patients a peace in life and a constant update about their health, your hospital or clinic should be well equipped with the software solutions such as mobile application development.
  • The doctors these days are more inclined towards the technology as the manual efforts cannot work that much. People suffering from severe health issues need to get prompt health support. The multispeciality hospitals, pathology labs, ambulance services, medicine sectors and other healthcare organizations want to give their patients a satisfactory experience.

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Our Overview

We are one of the leading healthcare and fitness app development company in India because we believe in nothing but quality of services and complete satisfaction for our customers.

Healthcare and Fitness Apps

For that, they are opting for the smart solutions such as healthcare mobile app. For an instance, a patient need not verify the identity each time they visit the hospital and waiting for the turn. Also, some healthcare questions and tips would be right on their smartphones. Their healthcare mobile apps would carry every little advice they seek from the doctors.

Hospital management systems are the biggest advantageous thing you can give to the patients as well as the staff. Better serving the patients, better living the life!

Why choose Nevina?

Our clients love us and consider us to be the best healthcare and fitness app development company in India because we make sure to provide them with the best of the services.

  • We provide the most innovative and customized healthcare and fitness app development services in India made to suit your requirements.
  • Our services are extremely affordable as they are all available on the most competitive market rates to aid our clients.
  • We can help you with the most unique and challenging app designs to ensure that you get an application that you exactly wanted.
  • Once we get an app development project, we direct dedicated and focused resources to it in order to deliver the best quality.
  • We understand the specific requirements of fitness and healthcare apps development and thus develop apps that are completely suitable.
  • We are extremely strict and punctual with our timelines which allows us to ensure that you get the promised services right on time.
  • We can provide extensive options for app customizations through which you can get highly targeted and useful features for your clients.
  • We have a lot of experience in the healthcare and fitness app development industry giving us high expertise to work for you.
  • We are also experienced to work with all different types of app development platforms which allows us to provide you with required services.
  • Our apps are all highly responsive and have a user-friendly interface which ensures that your clients can get the best out of your app.
  • We only use high-quality technology in our process of fitness and healthcare app development which ensures that you get nothing but the best.
  • Our post sales services are there to help our clients with all their concerns in the quickest and the most effective ways.

Special Features

We provide the most innovative fitness and healthcare apps development services in India through which we add smart and creative features in the applications of our clients.

You can introduce the clients to the gym and explain to them about the various fitness equipment in your gym using our application.
You can also add a number of tips and notes related to fitness on the app that can be helpful and informative for your clients.
Our features also allow the users to track their workout progress using by connecting our app to their wearable fitness gears.
You can also provide nutritional information and various dietary plans to your fitness clients through our application.
Based on your dietary suggestions, your clients can also track their daily food intake which allows you to keep a check on their diet.
Our app also allows you to teach the different correct postures of Yoga to your clients and help them workout from home.
You can also update different photo and video tutorials on our application and teach your clients various exercise routines.
With our app, you can also create a direct communication platform through which your clients can communicate with you quickly.
Based on the fitness activities of your clients. you can also provide them with real-time feedback and help them improve their performance.
A history or record-tracking feature can also be added to the application that would allow you and your client to monitor his/ her progress.
You can provide your clients with holistic solutions for maintaining their health and having a fit life using our application.
You can add a lot of different recipes and cooking suggestions on your application that the users can access to cook healthy meals for themselves.

Our Healthcare and fitness app development Solutions

We provide the most comprehensive solutions for healthcare and fitness app development services in India and become the one-stop service providers for all your requirements.

Vehicle booking app

Patient tracking app

Travel / Trip planning app

Specific diseases reporting

Recommending places app

Doctor’s appointment scheduling

In-Budget travel planning app

AI supported healthcare app

Hotel booking app solution

Online medicine & diet plans

Travel guide app

GPS enabled healthcare app

Boarding app solution

Finding the best doc mobile app

And more

AR/VR based mobile app

And more

Wearable apps for the fitness

And more

Multispeciality hospital management apps


We understand that choosing the right healthcare and fitness app development company in India can be a difficult task. Go through our FAQs to get some clarity on our services.

Ans. We develop high-quality feature-rich health and fitness applications that are suitable for different uses. No matter whether you run an individual gym or a chain of gyms, whether you are a freelancer or a full-time personal trainer or a Yoga instructor, you can highly benefit from our apps. Our speciality is that we can provide extensive customization and develop applications that are specifically suitable to the requirements of our clients. Thus, if you are in the health and fitness industry in any way, our apps can help you.

Ans. The cost of developing a health and fitness application or any other application for that matter depends on a number of factors. The type of app you need, the features your want to add, the size of your application, etc. determine the costs. Thus, we cannot give you one number till we know your requirements. Once you share the details of your needs with us, we can provide you with a quote. But no matter what your requirements are, you can trust Nevina to provide you with high quality solutions at affordable rates.

Ans. Again, the time required to develop a health and fitness application also depends on the specific requirements of the application. If thee app is more generic and smaller in size, you can expect the app to be ready quicker. However, if there are multiple customization angles, we take a bit more time to deliver quality. Either way, we always make sure to make the process quickest by providing a dedicated team and dedicated resources to our clients. So you can expect your app to be ready in around a month’s time.

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