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Nevina Infotech has wide experience in the IT industry over 5+ years. We offer the best Healthcare Software Development Services and we aim to deliver feature-rich and secure software used by patients, and medical and administrative staff. We allow Healthcare Apps to maintain all data like visit schedules, patient examination and treatment, medication, diet, exercise management, and all features required.

Healthcare App Development Company

Nevina Infotech Develops Dynamic Healthcare Software Development Services!

  • Nowadays, everyone is conscious about their health, fitness and diet plan. And of course, we all should be. The mobility services for the healthcare industry benefit the normal human’s life and making them closer to the good health. To provide your patients a peace in life and a constant update about their health, your hospital or clinic should be well equipped with the software services such as mobile application development services.
  • The doctors these days are more inclined towards the technology as the manual efforts cannot work that much. People suffering from severe health issues need to get prompt health support. The multispeciality hospitals, pathology labs, ambulance services, medicine sectors and other healthcare organizations want to give their patients a satisfactory experience.

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Our Overview

We are one of the best healthcare application development services in India because we believe in nothing but quality of services and complete satisfaction for our customers.

healthcare application development services

As a healthcare app development company, we are opting for smart services such as custom healthcare software development services. For instance, a patient need not verify their identity each time they visit the hospital and wait for their turn. Also, some healthcare questions and tips would be right on their smartphones. Their healthcare application would carry every little advice they seek from the doctors.

Hospital management systems are the biggest advantageous thing you can give to the patients as well as the staff. Better serving the patients, better living the life!

Why Choose Nevina Infotech for your Healthcare Software Development Services

We offer you feature-rich custom healthcare software development services and we help you create end-to-end telemedicine software for successful telemedicine App Development. We are a client-centric telehealth app development company and we provide you with the best healthcare application.

  • Telehealth capability allows for virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring. This helps to improve access to healthcare app development services and also improves patient convenience and satisfaction.
  • The continuous or time-to-time assessment of a patient’s check-ups to evaluate it helps to analyze their health status and response to treatment.
  • To create a strong relationship with patients we can allow messaging and video communication as clinical assistance for a better experience.
  • A virtual, more convenient channel to provide support provided by healthcare professionals, such as nurses or medical assistants, to patients and doctors in a clinical setting.
  • To reduce waste of time by booking process or any other admin work appointment scheduling and reminder feature will help to get out of all this chaos.
  • Record the healthcare references and data will help keep all the data important to you with Electronic Health Record Software for healthcare professionals and patients.
  • After services make sure of a transparent payment process and the convenience of secure and hassle-free payment options. Insurance copayments, deductibles, and insurance claims can be enabled directly within telemedicine app development services.
  • A Pharmacy Management System installed with your healthcare organization can help provide E-prescriptions and medication management services to the patients.
  • Sending electronic prescriptions directly to the patient's preferred pharmacy it will give medication facility through tracking tools and reminders, reduce medical errors, and improve patient safety.
  • Healthcare mobile app development services will offer you with the doctor-on-demand feature to facilitate the patient with a certified doctor over video/audio call for the treatment.
  • Booking for doctor's appointments virtually at patients' convenience remotely will help reduce traveling time, waiting, no-show, and other issues.
  • Doctors aligned with healthcare organizations will help create virtual patient counseling. This will help patient to get consultations on the go without any hassle.
  • VIDEO-AUDIO CONFERENCING will allow for remote communication between doctor and patient and this will improve in creating services for healthcare needs and eliminate in-person visits.
  • Chatbot assistance for Custom mHealth App Development can provide quick responses to patients, reduce wait times, and improve overall healthcare efficiency.

Our Healthcare App Development Services

We provide the most comprehensive services for healthcare app development services and become the one-stop service providers for all your requirements.

Patient tracking app

Patient Tracking App

Specific diseases reporting

Specific Diseases Reporting

Doctor’s appointment scheduling

Doctor’s Appointment Scheduling

AI supported healthcare app

AI Supported Healthcare App

Online medicine & diet plans

Online Medicine & Diet Plans

GPS enabled healthcare app

GPS Enabled Healthcare App

Finding the best doc mobile app

Finding the Best Doctor Mobile App

AR/VR based mobile app

AR/VR Based Mobile App

Wearable apps for the fitness

Wearable Apps For The Fitness

Multispeciality hospital management apps

Multispeciality Hospital Management Apps

Benefits of Healthcare Application Development Services

We provide the most innovative fitness and healthcare apps development services in India through which we add smart and creative features in the applications of our clients.

Delivering easy-to-use software, we dedicatedly work with all aspects of developing the application. We are task-oriented and considering the requirements of each department, we create customized Medical Device Software Development to help your staff fulfill assignments more efficiently.
We create UI/UX design and it is smooth and easy to use. Due to the comprehensive interface and smooth navigation, your professionals will perform the needed tasks without going through multiple screens or any glitches. It will eliminate the task which is exhausting and time-consuming for healthcare application development services.
Security assurance for your Telemedicine App Development. The importance of data protection in healthcare organizations is essential. We make sure that only authorized personnel access clinical information – within the scope of their authority.
Integration with multiple internal systems brings additional value to your organization. We make the Custom mHealth App Development a gateway to other healthcare services in your infrastructure, including EHR, practice management, scheduling, revenue cycle management, and other systems.
Enlisting mHealth App Requirements is the onset of the process. Our Custom mHealth App Development professionals examine the client requirements such as 3-factor authentication and interactive UI backed by extensive research of the medical infrastructure and trends.
Wireframing and system architecture design of the telehealth app development company provides design concepts and application functionalities. The process ensures a seamless user experience notwithstanding the app's complexity.
Effective integration of IoMT with a custom Pharmacy Management System and telemedicine app development services in the collection of actionable data is important. Our healthcare app development company will ensure security and performance.
Healthcare App Quality Assurance, before the Custom mHealth App Development professionals push the code to production. Our QA team carries out an intensive testing and reviewing process to ensure that the end user faces zero difficulties and is bug-free.
Product Deployment & Support is the final frontier when the app is deployed for the end users to experience. Our custom healthcare software development services professionals will monitor performance and provide prompt responses on technical issues.


We understand that choosing the right healthcare and fitness app development company in India can be a difficult task. Go through our FAQs to get some clarity on our services.

What is healthcare app development?+

Healthcare app development involves creating mobile or web applications tailored for the medical and healthcare sectors. These apps can provide various functionalities such as appointment scheduling, telemedicine consultations, medical record access, medication reminders, and health tracking, aiming to enhance patient care, streamline healthcare operations, and promote informed decision-making among both healthcare providers and patients.

Which is the best platform for healthcare app development?+

The best platform for healthcare app development largely depends on your project requirements and target audience. However, cross-platform frameworks like React Native or Flutter are often recommended as they allow for the development of apps on both iOS and Android with a single codebase, ensuring cost-effectiveness, faster development, and a consistent user experience across different mobile platforms.

What is the cost of developing a health and fitness application with you?+

The cost of developing a health and fitness application or any other application for that matter depends on a number of factors. The type of app you need, the features you want to add, the size of your application, etc. determine the costs. Thus, we cannot give you one number till we know your requirements. Once you share the details of your needs with us, we can provide you with a quote. But no matter what your requirements are, you can trust Nevina to provide you with high-quality solutions at affordable rates.

How much time does your healthcare and fitness apps development process take?+

Again, the time required to develop a health and fitness application also depends on the specific requirements of the application. If the app is more generic and smaller in size, you can expect the app to be ready quicker. However, if there are multiple customization angles, we take a bit more time to deliver quality. Either way, we always make sure to make the process quickest by providing a dedicated team and dedicated resources to our clients. So you can expect your app to be ready in around a month’s time.

Do your healthcare software development services comply with HIPAA?+

Absolutely, Nevina Infotech provides healthcare software development services that are meticulously engineered to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards. We prioritize ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and security of health information to adhere to the industry's regulatory requirements and provide a trustworthy solution for our clients.

What is a single most often overlooked thing during IoT medical app development?+

A single most often overlooked aspect during IoT medical app development is ensuring robust security measures to safeguard sensitive patient data. The interconnected nature of IoT devices makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks, hence, incorporating strong encryption and authentication protocols. The outset is crucial to protect data privacy and comply with regulatory standards like HIPAA.

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What Do Our Client Reviews About Us?

  • Mr. Mohammad Saleem
    - Mr. Mohammad Saleem

    "I felt delighted and overwhelmed to hire the Progressive Web App Development team from Nevina Infotech, and I got the website better than I expected. I strenuously recommend them for developing web or mobile apps according to your requirements."

  • Mr. Favoured Charlie
    - Mr. Favoured Charlie

    "I'm very glad to have such a great team to work with. I tied up with them for a project "Minutes pep" which is a mobile application especially used for communication. I had a great experience with Nevina Infotech and their team, which is very dedicated towards the work according to our requirements."

  • Mr. Aniq Nurani
    - Mr. Aniq Nurani

    "Very Grateful for such a wonderful efforts and support for the solutions of website. We are glad to have such a great team.Great team and they provide us with the best solution whenever we call them. I am fully satisfied with their work and will strongly recommend all to go with them."

  • Mr. Jacques Abou Rjeily
    - Mr. Jacques Abou Rjeily,

    "Nevina infotech is what makes the outcome exactly as desired. They have impeccable attention to their requirements, and we like the delivered LearnHow - App for Student and Teacher. I found a great team, and now I know where to approach when it comes to Mobile Apps."

  •  Mr. Roman Grod
    - Mr. Roman Grod,

    "Not because it's trending but it is what in need and indeed for growing talent. It's about double the business. It is what your customers are waiting for and giving a brand image, leveling up the venture, creating a provision that was never imagined; let schedule a quick meet up, maybe you'd adore it!"

  • Mr. Amir Dutt
    - Mr. Amir Dutt

    "Their team goes all-out to guarantee the best results and easily adapt to change requests, treating the project as if it were their own. Nevina Infotech’s seamless project management, industry knowledge, and ability to work on different time zones strengthen this current partnership."

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