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Project Overview

Mowamba also provides hourly subscriptions for users to post their content. We have numerous categories such as Real Estate, Buy/Sale/Trade, Rentals, Musicians, and many more. If any user wants to communicate, we’ve added the feature to make communication easier from one user to another. Users can report any problems they are facing.


  • Users can register or login into the application 
  • Once the users will login, they will be able to see the home page
  • Users have to post a new address when they are uploading an ad
  • By clicking on the ad, users will be redirected to the ad page
  • Users can visit the category page to check ads for various categories
  • Users can apply filters of their choice
  • Every user can add their ad to favourites
  • Users can even chat with various people and can also accept and reject the message request
  • Users can choose some of their ads to make it VIP
  • Users can post their ad OnFire for various hours as they like
  • They can check the balance in their app wallet
  • Users can share the ads with their contacts 
  • Users can feature their ad by selecting the time period
  • The side menu will show various options on which you can click according to your need
  • Under account settings, you can edit your name, number, email, and a lot more
  • Under the advertise with us section, users can send information about the ads and send the link title which they want to display 
  • Admin will add the link and title, which will be seen in sponsored links
  • If any user faces any issue, they can get support from this section
  • Users can go through our privacy policy
  • The users can get detailed knowledge in the about us section
  • They can log out whenever they want

key reatures

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Admin Panel

  • Admin can login by adding their username and password
  • Admin can see all the registered users and can also manage users
  • Admin has the authority to manage services and add the price of various services 
  • They can also manage all types of ads 
  • Admin is allowed to add, modify, and manage categories
  • Admin have to see all the support requests to solve user’s problem
  • About us can be managed and modified by the admins 
  • They can even manage the privacy policy
  • Admins are allowed to create sub-admin on the platform
  • After logout, admins will be redirected to the login page


  • The hardest hurdle for us as admins was to use PWA (progressive web application) technology.
  • Another challenge we faced was not allowing multi slots at a time.
  • Managing time zones was also an obstacle we faced while creating the website.
  • Data migration was a massive challenge for us to overcome.

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  • We did our best research on PWA for gaining the expected outcome.
  • By not allowing multiple users to book similar slots at a time we have created restrictions and continuously check cross-domain.
  • The developer matched the timings from the server side as well as client side.
  • Data migration was solved by scripting the data.

Results Obtained

  • A world-class web application was created on an E-commerce platform.
  • We have built a dynamic web application that will be very beneficial for the future.
  • Website created by our expert minds is fully operational and beneficial for everyone.

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