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Any kind of small and large sized business can make their profit doubled with the online presence. This is the sole option that makes your business presence globally and at the rapid pace. Retail and eCommerce is increasing the return on investment at the very fewer efforts and of course, with the emerging needs of the customers. eCommerce stores are presenting the retail businesses over the internet and gaining the customer’s response across the world.

Developing mobile apps for the eCommerce stores is all about making customers able to do the online shopping. Also, it is supposed to provide a better customer experience along with the quality shopping. The mobile app development intervenes positively and making the difference in people’s lifestyle. To up bring the standards of people and the way we do business, all you need to do is keeping the customers engaging all the time. Whether they are watching the clothes, seeing the grocery or maybe their home appliances. You can keep the targeted customers more excited before making a purchase.

For an instance, running the campaigns, providing the exciting offers and making live notifications. The mobile applications have diversified options to deal with the multiple ranges, multilingual stores, currencies and easier check-in/checkouts.

Our retail e-commerce app development Solutions

Through our retail ecommerce apps development services, we provide our clients with an array of sophisticated and functional features that are extremely useful for them.

  • Retailer App / Shopping App
  • Service Booking App
  • Tickets Booking App
  • Warehouse & Inventory App
  • Enterprise mobility solutions
  • Delivery & Tracking App

Special Features

Our retail ecommerce apps development services are extremely holistic, meaning, you can find all the required solutions at one place, making the process more convenient.

  • We provide app development consultation services to help you plan out a layout for an ecommerce application that fits your needs.
  • The design, UI, technology and everything else in our apps are created specifically to suit your business goals and requirements.
  • Using the advanced and intuitive features of our application, you can make shopping easier for your clients and increase your sales.
  • If you want an integrated application built with platforms like Magento, SAP Hybris or others, our tech team is there to work for you.
  • We also provide mobile app testing services to help you ensure that your application is functional, reliable and completely user-friendly.
  • Increase your visibility with our smart features like push notifications that remind your customers of discounts, new product arrivals, etc.
  • By recording important customer data, our innovative features help you increase consumer engagement on your application.
  • We provide a lot of innovative features in our ecommerce applications that have multi-faceted benefits for all our clients.
  • We design dedicated e-commerce applications for different operating systems that work seamlessly with iPhones, Androids, Windows, etc.
  • Our experts are also trained to work with various app development approaches such as native app development, mobile web app development, etc.
  • With our high-tech ecommerce apps, you can also build a strong impression in front of your customers, which will also help your branding!
  • To help you monitor the performance of your app, we also provide analytics services that give you an in-depth report of the usage of your app.

Why choose Nevina?

We are an industry favourite when it comes to retail ecommerce app development and all for the right reasons!

  • Our team consists of members who are extremely creative and are experts in developing all types of retail e-commerce apps.
  • We have a lot of experience working with different advanced app development platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, etc.
  • We use only the most advanced and trending technology available in the market for all our e-commerce app development services.
  • Our services are holistic, meaning you don't need to consult different experts for an app. We have them all on board with us at Nevina!
  • Every app that we make is designed to fulfil the requirements specific requirements of the client. Thus, you get complete customization.
  • We are experts in the market with more than 15 years of experience, more than 230 completed projects from over 15 different industries.
  • Our experts add an array of features to your application that makes it more useful, productive and user-friendly.
  • We also provide application testing services which help you evaluate the performance of your application before launching it.
  • Your project gets a dedicated team for Nevina which ensures that your application is developed quickly and efficiently.
  • We are extremely punctual about time and always make sure to maintain the quality of all the products that we design.
  • Our relationship is not limited to sales only. We have your back even after we have finished designing your product, whenever needed!
  • We provide the most efficient services at the most effective and competitive prices, thus taking care of your requirements and budget.

The Nevina Advantage

We assure the quality of services, bug-free products and always on-time delivery of services for our clients. This helps us maximize consumer satisfaction and makes our clients trust us!

  • 10+
    years expertise A decade of stellar presence
  • 100% client focused We always have clients in loop
  • 100% glitch free Our quality is bug and error free
  • 100% Quality Assurance

Hiring Process

Whether you need project-based services or you need some full-time assistance, we make sure to get you expert services at the best prices based on your requirements. You can hire us on hourly-basis, part-time or full-time and at totally competitive and affordable rates.

  • Hourly Hiring
  • Part-time Hiring
  • Full-time Hiring
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500+ projects accomplished Delivered an array of apps


Classfeed is focused on a platform consisting of sellers and buyers of the books /notes. Here the notes refer to the classroom or subjects of the school/college students. Classfeed is intended for organized and bifurcated notes category wise so that students can buy the particular notes easily from the sellers. Here the buyers are supposed to buy the notes in terms of downloading them.

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See what our clients speak for us?

  • Why choosing website / mobile app development for the business?

    Very Grateful for such a wonderful efforts and support for the solutions of website. We are glad to have such a great team. Great team and they provide us with the best solution whenever we call them. I am fully satisfied with their work and will strongly recommend all to go with them.

    - Mr. Aniq Nurani Owner - Kadam colors
  • Why choosing website / mobile app development for the business?

    Nevina infotech is what makes the outcome exactly as desired. I collaborated with Nevina infotech for a project concerning application on iOS and android operating systems. They have impeccable attention to their requirements, and we like the delivered LearnHow - App for Student and Teacher. I found a great team, and now I know where to approach when it comes to Mobile Apps.

    - Mr. Jacques Abou Rjeily, Owner - LearnHow
  • Why choosing website / mobile app development for the business?

    Not because it's trending but it is what in need and indeed for growing talent. It's about reaching the clientele that you never met or never think about. It's about double the business. It is what your customers are waiting for and giving a brand image, leveling up the venture, creating a provision that was never imagined; let schedule a quick meet up, maybe you'd adore it!

    - Mr. Roman Grod, CEO -
  • Why choosing website / mobile app development for the business?

    Their team goes all-out to guarantee the best results and easily adapt to change requests, treating the project as if it were their own. Nevina Infotech’s seamless project management, industry knowledge, and ability to work on different time zones strengthen this current partnership.

    - Mr. Amir Dutt CEO - SHER APP


Finding the right retail ecommerce app development services in India can be confusing. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our services that will help you decide.

How long does it take for you to develop an e-commerce application?
Once we get a project, we assign one of our teams to work dedicatedly on the project. We understand that time is extremely valuable for our clients and that is why we make sure to finish every single project that we get as soon as possible. We also understand that while speed is extremely important, it is definitely not a replacement for quality. This is why we take almost a month to finish most of our app development projects while constantly maintaining the quality standards that we promise and balancing both the aspects.
I don't have technical expertise. Can I still use your app to sell my products?
One of your biggest goals at Nevina is not just to ensure that technology is available but also to make it accessible. That is why we always focus on building user-friendly designs that are easy to work with. So, don't worry. You don't need to have any sort of professional expertise to sell your products with our application. The design and layout are made to be feature-rich yet extremely simple to use. An in case you still need any help, our team is always available to guide you with whatever is required.
Can I get my e-commerce application technically upgraded in the future?
Technology updates and changes with the minute and with it change the requirements of consumers. That is why it is crucial for any tech product to be flexible and upgradable. Keeping this in mind, we use open source platforms like Magento for building the e-commerce stores for our clients. This ensures that there is a lot of room for change in terms of design, technicalities, etc. With our team working on your app, you don't need to worry! You can make a lot of significant changes in your app in the future as required.

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