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CRM Services

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  • We are a dedicated CRM software development company that offers various services for developing applications. We provide a high-quality product with agile delivery.
  • Our app developers are highly skilled and passionate about developing applications according to our client’s requirements and business. We also provide solutions to unexpected issues in the application.

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Our Overview

Our company provides the best CRM services that help companies stay related to consumers and enhance their profitability.

Benefits of CRM services

CRM services can provide many benefits to startups or small businesses by customer retention to increase productivity. The CRM services will give various advantages given below:

  • Better customer service
  • Improved sales
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Detailed analytics
  • Great productivity and efficiency
  • Increased customer segmentation
  • Automated sales report
  • Accurate sales forecasting

CRM Services

We offer various CRM services to make your app development process smooth with us and build applications of your choice.

CRM Services
CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation

To augment your sales, marketing, and user services processes using a powerful custom CRM solution that is platform-based and occurs beneath CRM implementation services.

Our company helps various businesses cut down the cost of customer retention and lead conversion. Our motto is to develop functional CRM systems with extensive features of top-notch quality.

CRM Customization

In a CRM system, a single size doesn’t fit all. We have a team of developers who are experts and will develop customised CRM systems based on your business requirements. Our main aim is to provide a customised CRM system that is simple to use by your users so that you can display the maximum of your data.

Our CRM development services experts can utilise methods that suit your needs and requirements completely and help your business grow.

CRM Customization
CRM migration

CRM migration

You can migrate your CRM for services business efficiently with the help of our expert developers. Our specialist can migrate your data to another CRM system that will work for you despite your industry or present system.

We ensure that the transition is effortless with minimum interruption to your business. Although we comply with best practices, our process will only support your capabilities and elevate your business.

CRM Maintenance and Upgradation

After the implementation process, it is essential to analyze the challenges in your CRM system for small businesses and enormous businesses for seamless operation. Using the best methods, we get a deep understanding of the architecture to solve the problems.

We don’t just provide advice to gain strength for your CRM system but will also offer on-time updates to assimilate advancements, advanced features and remove errors.


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Why choose Nevina?

Nevina Infotech is one of the top IT services companies serving various CRM services. We create user-friendly, robust, and custom-made CRM services that will attract more businesses to your web pages and resolve every issue regarding your websites.

  • Our CRM service developers can manage everything from basic to complex and provide bug-free execution.
  • Our developers provide support and services till the end of the production.
  • If you want to develop a customised CRM, we can guide you to decide on the development framework considering usability, performance, and security.
  • Our expert CRM developers will guide you to ensure creating web applications to overcome all clients' needs.
  • Our vast experience in the industry has empowered us to develop CRM solutions that are easy to use
  • Our professional CRM developers are updated and use the latest technologies to fulfil business requirements.
  • We follow a quick development model to develop features smoothly, test features and clarify them.

Industries We Serve

Regardless of the sector or industry you work for, if you are looking for high-tech web development or mobile app development services, we can provide you with holistic and high-quality solutions. Since our experts have worked with a range of companies and are highly experienced at their work, they can provide customized solutions for every type of business.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our CRM services to us which will help you understand our working methodology better.

When do you need a CRM?+

Ans. Suppose you are not able to keep up with the lead flow and sales team results. In that case, there is a lot of customer data to keep track of, or it is tough to locate, you have a lot of accounts to handle, and you spend a lot of time reporting. You don’t get the required result, and you don’t have any idea about different strategies; these all are the reasons to implement CRM.

What is CRM development?+

Ans. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the basic functions that a company requires. Every online business is unique in its way, and they need to customise the CRM application to achieve its specific needs to manage leads and convert them into sales. Such a thing is widely known as CRM development.

How to create a custom CRM?+

Ans. Many companies sign up for pre-built CRM solutions and fit them to their needs. You can also require an expert to choose the platform which will overcome your requirements and develop according to that. If you want your CRM solutions to be unique, you need to develop a custom CRM solution.

Why should I choose custom CRM development?+

Ans. The custom CRM software development will allow you to get accurate insights into your business, assess your market, create your marketing and sales strategies, automatize your marketing workflow, and use advanced tools for forecasting and analysis.

How much time will a custom CRM software project take to complete?+

Ans. Once you hire a developer or a company, they will start working on your project. The total time required to finish your production and implementation will depend on the client's needs and requirements. We will also provide a timeframe after analyzing your project deeply.

How can you help with CRM implementation and development?+

Ans. Our company provides a wide range of CRM development services, implementation, maintenance, and support. We can help with CRM implementation and development in the following ways.

  1. Development of CRM and communication strategy with the customers and assets.
  2. Working on customer's journey.
  3. Designing the IT solutions required to support all CRM activities.
  4. IT infrastructure development starts from the configuration and integration of instant solutions to the development of custom systems exactly according to your business processes.
  5. Setting end-to-end analytics and user profiles.
  6. Developing content communication management strategy and implementation of strategy.
  7. Maintaining and supporting CRM activity after implementation.

What are the benefits of custom CRM development?+

Ans. Customers are vital for sustaining any business. Customer Relationship Management solutions can consolidate how to handle customer information and services, sales, and marketing functions. By automatizing processes, you can reach more customers in very little time.

How much will it cost to develop a custom CRM?+

Ans. It is challenging to give the accurate cost of developing a custom CRM. It depends on various factors such as features you want to implement, level of automation, and integration, whether it is small, moderate, or complex.

Which CRM tools are typically used?+

Ans. Customer Relationship Manager has its particular Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Its developers are seen using various tools such as Postman, JavaScript, APEX builder, GitHub, and many more other tools.

How could a CRM help grow your business?+

Ans. The Customer Relationship Manager will help your business enhance by providing better customer support, improving referrals from existing clients, identifying and managing leads, increasing sales productivity, conversion of lead, customer satisfaction, making decisions, and revenue.

What are the types of CRM?+

Ans. Customer Relationship Management has three different types: operational CRM, analytical CRM, and Collaborative CRM.

What is the difference between on-premise and cloud-based CRM?+

Ans. The difference between on-premise CRM and cloud-based CRM is that on-premise CRM will run on a computer within the premises of a company. The data will be stored inside the boundary of the organisation. The cloud-based CRM software involves that the software and all the other relevant data are available with the help of the internet and shown in the web browser.

Can I integrate CRM with my organisation's ERP system?+

Ans. In the maximum of cases, you can integrate CRM unless you are using an ancient ERP system related to old technologies.

What are the standard CRM integrations?+

Ans. Some of the most common CRM integrations are:

  1. For marketing - Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp
  2. Customer service - Cases, Zendesk, online support
  3. Sales - Google apps, e-signing tools
  4. Payment gateways - PayPal, Stripe, Braintree
  5. BI tool - Cognos BI, Pentaho BI, JasperReport
  6. Accounting - Quickbooks, CPQ

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