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Algo Trading


Laravel, React.js

Project Overview

Tradetron is an Algo trading platform that allows its users to create strategies and deploy it in the live market. It also allows users to share their strategies with other users as well and allows users to backtest the strategies that they have created all in one place. The automated algorithm punches the orders on the buy and sell signal as per your strategy.

Features of Tradetron Algo Trading Platform

  • Trading Engine: The advanced trading engine executes the trades in Fraction of seconds ensuring the trades are not missed and accurate orders are placed.
  • Strategy builder:- The platform allows you to build your strategy with other users and you can browse multiple strategies that fit your needs.
  • Social trading:- The platform allows to share your trading with other person and you can browse multiple trading which fits your needs.
  • Backtesting engine:- Backtest your strategies as per your need and modify it upon the results
  • Execution ALGOs:- Algo’s that are created on the platform can be directly executed by linking your broker’s account.
  • Reports:- Advance P&L report helps you track your trading progress and other variables.
  • Fund management:- With the help of fund management system you can deploy amounts as per your budget for the strategies made.
  • Keywords:- find out the regrading of trading keywords that help traders.

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Admin Panel Features of Tradetron

  • Stakeholder Management: Stakeholder management allows multiple stakeholders to check the statistics of the platform along with multiple features.
  • Currency management: This Feature allows Users to trade easily in currency segments including forex.
  • Equities management: This feature allows users to trade in equities and unlocks the features of the equity market.
  • Indices management: The Admin can manage the indices in which the trade can be executed and can add or remove specific Indices.
  • Cryptocurrency management: Efficient cryptocurrency management is simplified to ensure seamless trade execution through algorithmic trading development and optimization.
  • Commodities management: Tradetron software optimizes trading development to get exclusive trade outcomes in the custom commodity market.
  • Forex management: Tradetron facilitates forex management to automate trading development for seamless enactment and risk management.

What are the Challenges?

Developing the project from the front end using React.JS was a challenging task.

Managing multiple trades at a time was quite challenging due to multiple traffic.

It was difficult for us to develop the trading web application with limited resources.

Executing the trade-in Mili seconds is one of the major challenges as the prices move fast in the stock market.

Technical complexity evolves to develop robust trade algorithms, data latency, and overall risk in the tradetron system.

Risk management techniques are effectively used in volatile trade ecosystems to handle uncertain trading market conditions.

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Our team ensured that the coding parameters were followed and the technology was selected based on the same. Also, high-configuration servers were used which were set up by server architects to ensure that the application can execute thousands of trades in milliseconds.

Results Obtained

  • Tradetron is one of the most popular trading applications in India.
  • It has more than 1 lakh users who are actively trading at a time.
  • Seamless and responsive product with the capability to process thousands of trades at a time.

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