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Project Overview

Tradetron ALGO is a marketplace website that is developed mainly for the purpose of trading. It is widely used by users who are interested in investing in various places. We will check your trade constantly and as the new price will arrive for any category the trades will be easily taken various conditions are matched.


  •  Trading engine
  •   Strategy builder
  •   Social trading
  •   Backtesting engine
  •   Execution ALGOs
  •   Reports
  •   Fund management
  •   Keywords

key reatures

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Admin panel features

  • Stakeholder management
  • Currency management
  • Cryptocurrency management
  • Commodities management
  • Equities management
  • Indices management
  • Forex management


 Developing the project from the front-end using React.JS was a challenging task.

 Managing multiple trades at a time was quite challenging due to multiple traffic.

 It was difficult for us to develop the trading web application with limited resources.

One more difficult challenge for us was to perform API integration as it is a trading application that needs third-party integration which will be then listed with BSE and NSE stock exchanges.

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We set our hands by getting an abreast knowledge of the technology and by brushing up our skills to get the best outcome.

We managed multiple trades by implementing cross-domain checks.

Results Obtained

  • The project is still in its recurring stage.
  • A highly secured trading website.
  • Seamless and responsive website.

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