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Finding the right retail ecommerce app development services in India can be confusing. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our services that will help you decide.

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What facilities can you provide us with?+

Ans. We can help you with all the facilities we provide, such as analyzing costs, authorizing team roles, building roadmaps, and much more. If you are confused about developing the application, we will guide you by giving various ideas and showing you with similar apps available in the market. Our developers will make wireframes before initiating the app development to create a demo app.

How can I develop an application with you?+

Ans. If you have an innovative app development idea, you can contact us directly and then share your business idea with us. Later we will discuss your vision with our expert team, and they will guide you with further details. After the discussion, we will embark on the process by considering your requirements.

Is it beneficial to create a mobile app or a web app?+

Ans. As per the current scenario, developing a mobile app for your business is beneficial. Although both have their merits and demerits, but it is believed that mobile apps are the most convenient and engaging tool for attracting a wide range of customers worldwide.

How much time does it take to develop the application?+

Ans. It is impossible to give the correct answer to this question because various projects need different times to get completed. However, the time taken to complete the application will be depended on the clients and their business requirements. Following are some of the elements on which the time varies

  1. Customization required
  2. Designing the app
  3. Size of the application
  4. Implementing advanced features
  5. Testing the application

How much it will cost to develop the application?+

Ans. The cost of developing an application will depend on the module you choose; as we provide various pricing modules, it is convenient for our clients to select the suitable module based on their budget requirements and business requirements.

Is it essential to have the technical knowledge to work with you?+

Ans. No, having the technical knowledge to work with our team is not necessary. Because our technical experts are here to guide you in the whole process of app development, we will clear all your queries regarding app development as we will support you in every aspect of app development. You only need to have a clear vision of your goals and requirements.

Will the dedicated developer work only on my project?+

Ans. It is a big Yes! The developers you hired from us are loyal and friendly and will work on only one project at a time. Our dedicated developers will serve you until the completion and deployment of your project.

How can I communicate with the hired developers after assigning them?+

Ans. Once you hire our developers, you will be allowed to communicate directly with them using Skype, calls, or emails. You can ask queries if any, and you can also take regular updates from the developers regarding your project.

Can I change the developer or the entire team if I am unsatisfied with them?+

Ans. Yes, you will have the authority to do that. As client satisfaction is our primary motive, and we have pledged to deliver high-quality products and services, so we allow our clients to change the developers or team if they are not satisfied with their work.

How can I trust you with the product quality?+

Ans. We check the results frequently, test our work regularly, and consider clients' requirements and targeted audiences while testing the application. We also test the code after the completion of the app development step to ensure error-free code and good quality application.

Do you offer support and services after the completion and deployment of the application?+

Ans. Yes, we are a reputed app development company that is well-known for providing after-sales support and services to the application to keep it updated with the trends. By providing regular services to the application, it can also optimize the speed and performance of the application.

Which technologies and programming languages are used by our developers while developing any mobile application?+

Ans. Our professional mobile app developers are versatile and have knowledge of every technology and programming language. Our mobile app developers work with Android, iPhone, Flutter, iPad, Game, iBeacon, Wearable, Cross-platform, Swift, and Xamarin.

What technologies and programming languages are used by our web app developers?+

Ans. Our highly-skilled developers are aware of all the technologies and languages used in developing web apps. Here is a glimpse of some of them: we use PHP, Asp .Net, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, and Laravel.

Do you use any trending technologies while developing the applications?+

Ans. Yes, our developers are keen to learn new technologies, so we use various technologies that are trending. The latest technologies used by our developers are IoT, NFT, iWatch, Big Data analysis, Blockchain, AR/VR, AI, ML, PWA, and much more.

Which development methodologies do you use in app development?+

Ans. The choice of method depends on the requirements of the projects. However, the primary methodologies used by our developers are Agile, Waterfall, and Scrum Master. Our developers are gradually growing and learning a lot due to the client's feedback and the motivation they get. We never lose any opportunity to improve the quality of our product.

Do you sign an NDA agreement?+

Ans.We do have an NDA agreement, but it is not necessary to sign it unless and until you want to. If any client wants to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with us, we are ready to sign it with them.

Which payment modules are used by your company?+

Ans. Nevina Infotech offers its clients with various payment modules that allow them to choose the best option that is suitable to their budget and requirements. Our payment modules are fixed price and hourly basis prices.

What are the hiring modules used in your company?+

Ans. We offer several hiring modules which can facilitate our clients. We have created hiring modules considering the requirements of clients. We have three hiring modules, namely the Hourly module, Full-time module, and, Part-time module.

Does your app development include the creation of prototypes and demos which I can try?+

Ans. Yes, we develop an MVP of the application so that our clients can review the demo of the app and suggest changes or modifications if needed. Clients can also ask to add more features as per their choice. You will also be able to test and monitor your software quickly.

We have an app development idea, but we want to verify it. What can we do further?+

Ans. It is not a smart choice to invest all your time and money in launching the app immediately. If you upload it without analyzing the market needs, your application may lead to failure. As a result, if you have an idea and are sure about it, you need to share it with an expert like us, and we also recommend you to make an MVP of the product and test it before developing the actual application.

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