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Redefine your elearning experience with us as an elearning app development company. We offer you with most innovative e-learning app development and educational software development services. We provide you with dynamic features and advanced services for your elearning app development services.

Education And E-Learning Apps

Nevina Infotech offers you to upgrade your eLearning Application Development

  • Nevina Infotech is a leading education app development company. In this digital era, you will require the best educational software development services to grow in the educational app development industry. We have a team of professionals for education app development who can provide a services according to the trends in the educational software development services industry.
  • With education mobile app development, schools and universities can provide a widening view of learning. Trending technologies such as Augmented Reality can take a far better view of learning app development. Our educational app developers are developing the latest mobile elearning app development services with all the trending technologies such as AR and VR. And making the students’ education system simple. Now the students need not mug things up but just explore a story within the app.
  • As an e-learning app development company, we also promise to deliver educational software development services that enhance the learning experience of students and help them to survive & thrive as education software development companies in the education industry.

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Why Choose Nevina Infotech as your Education App Development Company?

We are one of the most trusted e-learning app development company in India. We provide our clients with the best quality services and smooth education software development services experience.

  • Our educational software development services are all priced at competitive market rates and are thus extremely affordable for our client's convenience.
  • Our education software development company’s tech team members are highly educated, skilled, and extensively experienced in their respective fields.
  • We provide highly innovative and interactive features in our clients' applications, making them unique and more productive.
  • Our creative and unique learning app development and our expert technical team always help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.
  • We provide dedicated resources to all our e-learning and educational software development services projects which helps us ensure high-quality services.
  • We are very punctual and always deliver all our products and services right on time so that our clients don't have to suffer in any way.
  • We provide customized elearning app development services that allow us to build educational apps that are specific to the requirements of your institution.
  • We can also develop or modify customized features in our application in a way that is more suitable to the needs of your clients.
  • Our apps are all designed with state-of-the-art technology which ensures that your app is of high quality and efficiency.
  • All our elearning application development have highly responsive and user-friendly designs and are made to have high speed and an interactive user interface
  • We are an education and e-learning app development company that provides the best services at the most affordable costs.
  • We provide quick and dedicated post-sales services, meaning you can reach out to us whenever you want to and get the required help.

Types Of Elearning App Development Services

As an elearning app development company, we offer an integrated set of eLearning elements, tools, and resources that support knowledge delivery and management for e-learning app development. Our suite of services makes us one of the leading elearning app development companies in the world. Below are a types of educational app development companies;

Corporate Training Apps

Corporate Training Apps

Our education app development consists of an easy-to-follow design concept for corporate learning apps. When we combine our designs with Clients' Learned Content, we can create a training module that helps the team show their present skills with e-learning app development.

Induction and Orientation Apps

Induction and Orientation Apps

Our professionals at our education app development company specialize in the development of custom, brand-specific apps. This can make it easy for HR to onboard new employees and for the candidate to feel right at home with the first swipe, zoom, and click in their educational software development services.

Employee Engagement Apps

Employee Engagement Apps

As an education software development company, we also focus on employee engagement-based education mobile apps. Our elearning app development can be used by our clients for many as a platform to bring and connect all the employees.

Skill Boosting Apps

Skill Boosting Apps

Backed by AR/VR and IoT, our skill-enhancing apps are concentrated on elevating the employee's skills through the medium of gamification in elearning application development. As part of our eLearning app development company, our skill-boosting apps can be available on all required platforms.

E2c eLearning App Development

E2c eLearning App Development

Our education software development services, also include crafting apps for large-scale education ventures. Our professionals understand the details of a large-scale eLearning app. So you don't have to worry about deploying your educational software development services on a broad scale.

Virtual Classrooms and Video Conferencing

Virtual Classrooms and Video Conferencing

With the continuous advancement in the education software development services process, screen learning has increased. We can develop video conferencing apps and virtual classrooms for your education business. Our professionals can integrate features such as presentation, participation control homework management, etc. for more engagement.

LMS Development

LMS Development

As an education software development company, our services also consist of LMS platform design and development that can effectively track online training and learning activities. Your users can easily access the entire study material within the platform of education mobile app development.

eLearning Apps for Disabled

eLearning Apps for Disabled

As an e-learning development company, we also focus on e-learning mobile app development and e-learning app development for our differently-abled audience. Make knowledge accessible to all through our advanced adaptive learning educational app development company based on 3D and Haptic technologies.

On-demand eLearning Apps

On-demand eLearning Apps

Our on-demand educational software development services fulfill business requirements of audio and video learning, lecture scheduling, appointment management, and more with intuitive UI and fast performance.

Key Points to Explore for Education App Development

We include the following and many other innovative features in our education and e-learning apps to make them smarter, better and more productive.

Our apps allow you to provide a lot of different e-learning services to your clients using which they can study from their homes.
Our apps include features that allow you to stream educational content through multiple media like videos, audios, images, etc.
Students and teachers can build specific learning schedules in order to maintain regularity and can follow them to study better.
You can also get interactive features like e-library using which you can help your students study better through our application.
You can provide your students with other interactive features like educational gaming and comic book reading with our app.
You can also provide your clients with a lot of options of personalization like 'dedicated teachers', using our mobile apps.
You can post various information like syllabus updates, exam results, attendance logs, etc. on our application for your students to access.
You can also create various buddy or peer learning sessions which would motivate students to learn and study together.
We provide chatbot features that can be added to the application for enhancing communication between students and teachers.
An individual performance tracking feature can also be included to the app that would allow you to closely monitor all your students.
You can build smart learning management systems through our application that will help you enhance your students' knowledge and education.
Our application development services are available for multiple languages allowing you to work with the language of your target audience.


Below are FAQs that will help you to know more about our elearning app development services.

Which type of education and e-learning apps development services in India do you provide?+

We are a versatile education and e-learning app development company and we provide a range of services in the field making us a one-stop solution for our clients. This means that no matter what kind of app, what kind of features or what kind of services you require, you can come to the experts at Nevina and always expect the best. We develop all different types of education and e-learning apps with a lot of different general as well as unique features to suit the requirements of our clients.

What is the cost of developing an education and e-learning application with you?+

The cost of education and e-learning app development services in India depends on a lot of different factors. The size of the application, the features it includes, the platform used to build it, the extent of customization required and many other factors influence the cost of application development services. Once you share these details with us, we can provide you with a proper estimate of the cost. But one thing that you can be sure about is that you will always get the most affordable and cost-effective services with Nevina.

Can you build apps for start-ups?+

We have over 15 years of work experience in the industry as an education and e-learning apps development company in India. Through these years, we have worked with a lot of different companies, having a lot of different requirements. We have worked with the biggest of the MNCs and we have also worked with recently incubated start-ups. This has provided us with the expertise to understand diverse client requirements and the capability to fulfill them efficiently.

How do I hire an app developer to make an educational app?+

To hire an app developer to create an educational app, start by defining your project requirements, budget, and timeline. Then, research and reach out to reputable development firms or freelancers, review their portfolios, and discuss your project to gauge their understanding and capability. It's advisable to choose a developer with prior experience in educational app development to ensure they can meet the unique demands of your project.

How to make an educational app?+

Develop an educational app as a structured process starting with a thorough analysis of your target audience and educational goals. Here are define design a user-friendly interface, develop interactive and engaging educational content, and choose a reliable tech stack. Partnering with experienced app developers and educators, and iterating the app based on user feedback, will significantly contribute to the success and effectiveness of your educational app.

How long does it take to build a custom education software (Edtech) solution from scratch?+

Building a custom education software (EdTech) solution from scratch can take anywhere from a few months to over a year, depending on the complexity, features, and level of customization required. It's essential to have a well-planned development roadmap and a skilled development team to ensure timely and quality delivery of the EdTech solution.

What are the benefits of outsourcing education app development services?+

Outsourcing education app development to a reputable firm like Nevina Infotech allows you to develop their technical expertise and experience in the EdTech sector, ensuring a high-quality, user-centric app. It allows you to focus on core educational objectives and technical development. You can focus on core educational objectives, ensuring a high-quality, user-friendly app that meets your educational goals.

We already have designs, can you work with those?+

Absolutely! At Nevina Infotech, we can certainly work with your existing designs. Our adept developers are experienced in transforming client-provided designs into fully functional and visually appealing apps. We value client collaboration and are committed to ensuring your vision is accurately realized in the final product.

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What Do Our Client Reviews About Us?

  • Mr. Mohammad Saleem
    - Mr. Mohammad Saleem

    "I felt delighted and overwhelmed to hire the Progressive Web App Development team from Nevina Infotech, and I got the website better than I expected. I strenuously recommend them for developing web or mobile apps according to your requirements."

  • Mr. Favoured Charlie
    - Mr. Favoured Charlie

    "I'm very glad to have such a great team to work with. I tied up with them for a project "Minutes pep" which is a mobile application especially used for communication. I had a great experience with Nevina Infotech and their team, which is very dedicated towards the work according to our requirements."

  • Mr. Aniq Nurani
    - Mr. Aniq Nurani

    "Very Grateful for such a wonderful efforts and support for the solutions of website. We are glad to have such a great team.Great team and they provide us with the best solution whenever we call them. I am fully satisfied with their work and will strongly recommend all to go with them."

  • Mr. Jacques Abou Rjeily
    - Mr. Jacques Abou Rjeily,

    "Nevina infotech is what makes the outcome exactly as desired. They have impeccable attention to their requirements, and we like the delivered LearnHow - App for Student and Teacher. I found a great team, and now I know where to approach when it comes to Mobile Apps."

  •  Mr. Roman Grod
    - Mr. Roman Grod,

    "Not because it's trending but it is what in need and indeed for growing talent. It's about double the business. It is what your customers are waiting for and giving a brand image, leveling up the venture, creating a provision that was never imagined; let schedule a quick meet up, maybe you'd adore it!"

  • Mr. Amir Dutt
    - Mr. Amir Dutt

    "Their team goes all-out to guarantee the best results and easily adapt to change requests, treating the project as if it were their own. Nevina Infotech’s seamless project management, industry knowledge, and ability to work on different time zones strengthen this current partnership."

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