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PHP, Laravel, Android Studio, Swift

Project Overview

Nevina Infotech was approached to develop the application from scratch, and it is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The project was given to us for developing, maintaining, and providing service to the application.

Key Features

The brand owners and users can register or login into the application.

Users will select the language, add their brands to their favorites, and subscribe to the application.

Users will be allowed to register to create a new logo and trademark. They will also be able to see the last visited brands and much more.

Users will be redirected to the detailed screen by clicking on the brand’s icon and will be able to see their page in detail.

They will create a new account on their brand’s page if not registered.

Users will also get a notification regarding the activity on any brand’s page they have subscribed to.

key reatures

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Admin Panel

Admins can handle the profiles of users.

They have to manage the brand details.

Admins will also manage stories and viewers, brand stories, and keywords.

Admins also manage the reports of the application.


The most challenging task was to develop an application in Kotlin instead of Java.

Another difficult task was to implement in-app purchases in the application.

It was a challenge to create a customized graph design.

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Our expert developers learned Kotlin to work on it and developed an application.

Our developers did research and development to adapt in-app purchases in the application.

Professional developers did logical thinking and developed customized graph designs.

Results Obtained

An agile, functional, and productive mobile app.

A highly secure and seamless application.

A glitch-free app for a user-friendly experience.

A smooth application with an in-app purchase.

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