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PHP,Laravel,Android Studio

Project Overview

“Gujarat food Industries” is an eCommerce app that manufactures the product and exports it to dealers. It is the most reliable and authentic organization in the Indian food economy. It is known to provide the best quality products without neglecting their health.

GFI Feature

  • Users can sign to the app with a username and password
  • Users are able to see the pending list
  • Users can filter the pending order data and dispatch data
  • Users can see the cart in which they have added the products
  • They can checkmark the products after verifying and click on order dispatched

key reatures

admin img

Admin Panel

  • Order management
  • Manage product and categories
  • Parties management
  • Managing confirmed and pending orders


Product merging functionality

Tracking daily orders

Parties order management

Speed and order managing API optimization

challenges img



Provided functionality of adding multiple products for a single order

Managed daily orders

Date wise API optimization

Results Obtained

A spectacular app with top-notch quality with all the latest and trendy features as well as functionalities

A multifunctional eCommerce app for handling production as well as delivery

A smooth mobile app that is built with the ideas considering dealers

At last and realistic application that satisfies dealers needs

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