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Project Overview

Let’s Explore the Wonder to Learn & Teach “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai. At LearnHow, whatever your age, whatever you are looking to learn, however regularly and whatever your level, we will help match you with the tutor, teacher, coach, or trainer who best fits your needs.

We connect learners to teachers and trainers with skills and knowledge, experience and determination to inspire them. And because we check all of our tutor’s qualifications, certificates, and ministry approvals, you can be sure that you and your child are in the very safest of hands.

Student freatures

LearnHow – App for Student:

Easy registration: Learn How application makes sure the process of registration for a student is smooth and hassle-free. A simple wizard to enter your Full Name and email ID and you are ready to go.
List of all the Academic and Non-Academic classes available at your fingertips
Can Check the Teachers qualification and reviews before booking a class
Option to choose from On Demand – wherein You can ask the teacher to come to your place and teach you or On Premise – wherein You can go to teachers place.
A single source of information for Students/Parents to track schedules, invoices/payment,Calender to track upcoming classes.
A simple click to connect with the Admin.

LearnHow – App for Teacher:

Easy Registration: Learn How application has a simple wizard of six steps for teacher registration which proves teachers eligibility and qualification to teacher in a particular Country
Calender to track and see all the booking and Classes booked.
Easy to Create new classed and batches by clicking on Managed Schedule
Option to create On-Premise and On-Demand Batches and set the availability for same.
Direct payment into your register bank account
The teacher can track the number of booking done, upcoming class, the payment received, reviews and much more

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Admin Panel

Admin can approve/decline teachers based on the documents submitted, which makes sure qualified teacher are only listed to teach

The admin dashboard highlights real-time data along with KPIs through graphs and charts for all the teachers and students, total earning and booking and much more.

The admin has several analytics tools at his disposal through which he can make strategic decisions.

The admin user can manage the settings of the app to enable or disable a category as and when required.


Application  is launch 4 different countries – Qatar, India, Canada and Australia. We face the challenge with the Payment Gateway which can accept the payment from all countries and transfer to the client countries in Qatar

Make sure the flow of the application is smooth and easy to use for teachers and student

Create Student and Teacher User in a single application and not two different application

To ensure the education law of each four countries are followed

On-Demand and On-Premises Classes are not Conflicts

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Our approach as an App development company was to develop client-centric focusing on what the client needs instead of focusing on popular apps available in the market.

We enabled the best-in-class APIs and location services to integrate geolocation technology.

We used different APIs and SDKs for integrating popular payment gateways as per the requirement of the client.

A popular notification management technology was used to include the push notification features.

Widely accepted SMS notification services were used to enable the messaging facility.

Results Obtained

A world-class mobile app with all the basic as well as advance features required in a Learning Platform.

A multifaceted mobile app with three different variants – Student, Teacher, and admin panel, each separate but working in unison.

A customizable mobile app with the option of configuring it for different markets and different scenarios.

A top-notch mobile app built with ideation of client and technological expertise of ours.

Last, but not least, a mobile app that satisfies all the requirements of the client.

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