Node.Js Vs Golang

Today, Web Development Companies have a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and programming languages to choose from for their projects. But still, when it comes to choosing a perfect backend tool and the best programming language, developers struggle to decide which one is the best choice in Node.Js vs Golang.

Node Js is quite a popular programming language that uses Javascript as a backend. But Golang is also becoming popular since it’s used by popular apps like Uber for its backend.

Node.Js Vs Golang, both are tremendous backend programming languages standing together on the battlefield. Let us see who will win the battle. Here in this blog, we have provided you with the best information covering all important perspectives about both languages, also we have mentioned the companies using both languages for their applications which will help you pick the best one for your project.

Before moving towards the battle let’s have an introduction to both the languages Node.Js and Golang.

What is Node.Js?

Node.Js was first launched in 2009. This is an open-source Javascript engine created by Ran dahl using Google chrome V8 Javascript. Node.js is an appealing prospect for developing data-intensive advanced techniques that operate across dispersed devices because it employs an occurrence, non-blocking input\output model that makes it customizable and effective.

In Node Js writing client-side and server-side is easy as it is designed in Javascript and only needs a single language from Node Js developers. Node Js is a brilliant backend programming language for developing a genuine mobile application that has two-sided integration and also the server does not need to wait for data to come back from API. Nevina Infotech is the most popular Node Js development company in India having highly talented expert developers, hire Node Js developers from us and enjoy the latest and best-performing applications at a competitive price.

The Advantages of Node JS

  • Utilized in constructing web applications.
  • Simple to learn due to Javascript usage.
  • It has an in-built feature named Event loop which supplies fast-executing programs and apps.
  • Communal optimization and development as well as active at daily updates and new feature releases.
  • Its Javascript runtime environment makes it the best for creating streaming applications.
  • Links perfectly with the NoSQL database MongoDB.

Disadvantages of Node Js

  • As Node Js uses Javascript, dynamically-typed language developers will find it difficult to debug it.
  • Variable-related programming errors will eventually arise.
  • Asynchronous programming is beneficial but quite tough. Companies would need highly experienced developers to build scalable apps.
  • Quick updates in APIs and features cause confusion and incompatibility with developers.

Achievements and Highlights of Node Js:

  • According to the survey by Tech Overflow, Node Js achieved the first position for being a popularly and continuously used language in the framework, tools, and library category.
  • Node Js is time-consuming and saves more than 50% of developers’ time as they can create the front end and back end both with the same language.
  • Reduced startup time as well as frequent upgrading and efficient feature releases attracted many big techs like Netflix, PayPal, Uber, etc towards Node Js.

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According to the W3Techs, Popular sites using Node.Js development services:

  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • Github
  • Adobe
  • Cloudflare
  • Medium
  • Spotify
  • Weebly
  • Opera
  • Wsj
  • Wix
  • Hotstar
  • Theverge
  • Redhat
  • Nvidia

What is GO or Golang?

Go, also known as Golang is a versatile programming language produced by Google in 2009. Go is a statically-typed language with syntax loosely driven from C. Go is structured on the basis of Python principle for speed. We can use Golang for creating applications that acquire high security and speed. It also consists of features like garbage collection, and memory safety characteristics and can be used for large-scale distributed systems.

Go additionally places a great emphasis on simplicity, which renders it simple for programmers coming from other languages to grasp and utilize. Because of its limited standard library, several routine activities, such as connecting to a database or sending an HTTP request, call for extra libraries.

Go is a strong programming language utilized by numerous developers for applications along with interconnected software, command-line tools, and server infrastructure.

Advantages of Go Programming Language

  • The prime benefit of Go is that it is fast and easy to use. It is easy to learn as well due to the simplicity of the code.
  • Golang can be used for various applications due to its versatile language.
  • It features simple and speedy syntax that’s why it is more popular among developers.
  • As it is produced by Google, it is used to build all the big tech projects by Google and get its full support.
  • Golang helps developers make the least variable errors as it is a statically-typed language.
  • Another advantage is it doesn’t have to be interpreted and is easily accessible to machine code.
  • Go’s main feature is it supports concurrency that helps developers to build a program with high multiprocessors.

Disadvantages of Go Programming Language

  • Golang’s simplicity makes it less versatile. It requires so much coding to add only a basic feature.
  • Reutilization of code is hard in Go because it does not support generics.
  • It also does not support GUI libraries so if you wish to add liberty you need to work extra for that.
  • Along with time Go also consumes more memory as it has no virtual machine for Go it creates comparatively longer programming codes.

Achievements and Highlights of Golang:

  • Golang has got the fifth position in the programming languages that are loved most according to the survey of Stack Overflow 2020.
  • According to Flexiple, a senior Golang developer charges $97 hourly. According to Upwork, an average Go developer charges $30 per hour.
  • In only 2 years, Golang has reached the 17th most popular programming language from 65th position.

According to the W3Techs, Popular sites using Go Programming Language:

  • Write
  • Atcoder
  • Open Source Musings
  • Spjian
  • Watchtower-security
  • 85sugarbaby
  • Netminusa
  • Turkopt

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Node.Js vs Golang, and the war begins!

Backend development is needed to store and recover traditional data. The backend is developed through coding, and constructing libraries done by programming languages or backend tools. Whether it is Go or Node.Js you must hire a mobile app development company in India for expert developers. As we have got a comprehensive knowledge about two most famous backend tools i.e. Node. Js and Golang. Now let’s compare both tools to analyze which is best suited for your project.

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Speed and performanceNode.Js has always been loved by developers for its efficiency and performance. Indian developers have always preferred Node.Js to develop excellent and speedy applications.Go has left Node.Js behind in case of performance. As it directly assembles machine language it saves much time for the developers and hence is used more these days. Another benefit is the garbage collecting feature which removes unnecessary data and clears memory.
Architecture designSingle Threaded Event Loop is used by Node.Js as an architecture design that helps in managing numerous concurrent projects.Golang uses the traditional clean architecture which is used by software engineers for a long time. It has a separation of layers.
Scalability and concurrencyBy scaling up either vertically or horizontally between multiple servers, Node.js is completely scalable enabling the app to improve performance on a central server.The intrinsic feature of Golang enables software developers to have concurrency and scalability, making it a strong alternative for projects related to web development.
Popularity and CommunityProfessionals hire Node.Js development companies in India as it has more popularity due to being written in javascript. It has made a large community due to this.Go is also quite popular these days and also continuously growing.
Easy to learnAs Node.Js is based on Javascript which is quite favorable to the developers it is easy to learn Node.Js as compared to Go.Golang is difficult to learn for the developers as they will have to learn each and every concept, process, and detail of the coding.
SecurityNode.Js technology is considered to be completely secured by web developers.Golang is also growing and being liked for its security measure but still lagging behind compared to Node.Js.
Development toolsNode.Js is fully equipped with the development tools needed to construct a simple or complex program. It has specific tools for all the chores making the process more quick and easy.Golang is still growing and new in backend development.

Node.Js and Go, Who is the Winner?

So, as you can see that both languages are equally useful and proficient in their specific aspects of developing a great app backend. This blog aims at helping you in choosing the right programming language for your backend project by providing full information regarding both languages.

If you are looking for a Node.Js development company for your web project backend, Nevina Infotech is the best choice for you as it is providing quality Node.Js development services. Hire our Node Js professionals for your simple or complex application.


  1. Is Go faster than Node.Js?

    Yes, Go is faster than Node.Js as it assembles programs directly to the machine. It does not need an interpreter which saves time and effort. It has C and C++ features that make it speedy and light while Node.Js uses Javascript which makes it slower.

  2. What should I learn Go or Node.Js?

    We suggest Node.Js for machine learning if you are already favorable with Javascript as it concentrates on small sets of information. But if you are looking to manage a large amount of data then Go would be a better option for you.

  3. What is the use of the Go language?

    Golang was developed to fulfill the requirements that C++ and Java lack. These requirements were noticed by Google while using them and then Google produced Go. Go is used to handle large technology systems as well as bring out coding for web servers.

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