PWA Frameworks for Progressive Web Apps

Mobile phones have bought the world into our hands. We are now unable to move a step without our smartphones. While mobile phones have become necessary, computers and laptops have decreased with the help of progressive web app development. These apps have made it possible to run all the apps on all platforms from computers to smartphones with or without an internet connection.

These apps have made it easier to access everything on the phone. The rise of modern technology and increased use of mobile apps has made PWA much more popular in the last decades. Popular enterprises after adopting Progressive web app development services noticed a drastic change in their mobile usage.

Progressive Web App development companies saw an approximately 80% spike in mobile sessions, a 134% rise in page views, and a 137% boost in overall engagement (in some cases, up to 400%).

It is important to select an appropriate PWA framework to develop a progressive web app to create a fully-functioning & feature-rich mobile application to compete and hit the cutting-edge market.

In a world where new technologies are emerging, developing an app that runs on all devices and platforms is an outstanding idea. According to a recent report by Emergen Research (According to Global Newswire), the global market for progressive web applications is anticipated to reach an estimation of USD 10.44 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 31.9%.

What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web App is an app that can be used on both platforms i.e. on web pages and mobile devices. It is made to provide you with an app experience like native apps and a better browsing experience even with low internet connectivity. It gives fast conversion with low conversion costs and better solutions for your poor user experience. PWAs have a load time of 2.75 seconds on average. This is almost eight times faster than the standard mobile homepage.

PWA apps are fast, can work online & offline, adopt the features of users’ devices, and send push notifications. They look & perform similarly to the regular website and are written in Javascript, CSS, or HTML. In mobile apps, PWA provides features and functions similar to other mobile apps even with poor internet connection.

What is PWA Framework?

A PWA framework is referred to as a bundle of resources, tools, features, libraries, and a collection of already created codes & components which simplifies the process of progressive web app development. It acts as a foundation for building an app and its pre-built components and APIs work as bricks that help developers with a complete development environment.

The frameworks have an ample amount of tools and libraries in-built which makes them preferable and are used on a large scale in PWA development.

Top 3 Advantages of PWA frameworks:

There are multiple benefits of integrating your mobile app idea with PWA technology. It will result in a more user-friendly, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art innovation. Following are Some benefits of Progressive web apps listed below:

1. Speed and Efficiency

Developers leverage the benefits of PWA frameworks to speed up the development process. Frameworks consist of various in-built components & tools that help developers save time & effort and increase their efficiency.

2. Cross-platform Compatibility

Many Progressive web app frameworks are designed with components that allow developers to create apps for numerous platforms. Hence, using those frameworks can be utilized to create a PWA app that supports a large number of platforms like P.C., laptop, mobile, etc.

3. Enhanced Performance

Speed is essential for progressive web apps to deliver an outstanding user experience. Your progressive web application’s performance can be optimized using a PWA framework, improving user experience.

Top 5 PWA Frameworks for Progressive Web Apps

There is a wide range of frameworks introduced in the market for making the development of PWA apps quick and effective. The best PWA frameworks used popularly for creating a progressive web app are listed below to help pick one for your PWA application:



Google began building polymers in 2015. One of the best documentation is offered by the polymer. It is a clearly defined framework that utilizes web technologies including HTML, Javascript, and JSS. An open-source web application featuring many PWA capabilities and a variety of templates is called Polymer. These frameworks are often used by web development companies.

Polymer provides easy implementations and APIs. it also gives web app stack support due to responsive layouts and routing. Although, it is less SEO-friendly but provides better optimization as it uses the PRPL pattern. Are you thinking about making a PWA app using a polymer framework, you will need to hire a progressive web app developer to create an application with trending technologies.

Angular JS

Angular JS

AngularJs is one of the oldest and best PWA frameworks developed in 2010 by Google. Among other Javascript frameworks, Angular is considered the most mature and complete package of utilities and tools that can help developers in the development procedure.

Angular 5 was the first to support PWA, launched in 2017. It is well-known for its wide community of developers and is maintained by Google. As a result of its complete modularity and outstanding interoperability with all components, it is a fantastic framework to work with. By preventing you from boring and repetitive activities, this framework can make the process of building a web application simple and easy.



Ionic is a progressive web app framework along with a hybrid framework. It was created in 2013 as an open-source with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Unlike other frameworks, it is capable of utilizing other frameworks like React, Angular, etc. It has a flexible tech stack and a large library of 250 in-built components and plugins. In this case, cross-application development is used to create both mobile apps and online applications.

It is made up of a big library of components for iOS and Android. Ionic also makes use of AngularJS for many of its essential features. When it comes to app development Ionic is the best choice if you approach the best progressive web app development service providers for assistance, development, and maintenance support as well.



React was established by Facebook in 2013 as a front-end open-source library. It consists of a broad community of developers as compared to other frameworks. React is highly flexible, renders fast, and is error-free. This is the reason why React is being used popularly by progressive web app development companies. It also has some amazing features like baking up, documentation and has done large projects like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

It enables reusable UI components, supports apps’ scaling, and can develop single-page apps as well as multipage PWA apps for all platforms and devices. It allows quick & flawless rendering using DOM or Document Object Model.

PWA Builder

PWA Builder

PWA builder is an open-source framework established by Microsoft. It is used to convert a currently working website to a progressive web application. The user only has to put their URL on the input line of the PWA builder and press start. The builder does it all by itself but you will be notified in between in case of any changes required.

The main objective of the PWA builder is to accelerate the adoption of instinctive and fast-moving PWA technologies. Do you have a website? Want to make it a PWA app? PWA builder is the best and most effortless option for you to convert your already-existing website to create a progressive web app and enjoy watching your website work on all platforms flawlessly.


Which is faster, PWA or Browser?

PWA is faster than all others and waits for feedback from the market before ongoing. If you are thinking of creating a simple app that doesn’t need advanced features or testing one, do it with PWA. It is fast and easy to share an app to various channels as compared to others.

Can we convert a web app into a Progressive Web App?

Any modern or legacy web application can be converted into a progressive web app. There is a process you need to follow step-by-step and if you are creating a modern web app and thinking to convert it later, we would instead advise you to make it PWA from the beginning.

What is PWA, a mobile app or a website?

PWA is a mobile app and a website altogether. You can open it on a laptop, PC, or a smartphone. It doesn’t require different app development to run on every platform. It is a single app for all platforms.

Describe the Progressive Web App framework.

The applications leverage service workers, manifests, and other web-platform characteristics in cooperation with progressive improvement to provide users with an experience similar to native apps are termed Progressive Web Apps.

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