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Remember those days when we split bills incurred with buddies and kept records of them long gone? If you travel in a large group with relatives, companions, or coworkers, it may seem not easy to cover your expenses, search for a guide to help you with detailed information about creating an app like Splitwise.

If you live in a shared home with friends or corporate partners who are far apart, splitting the costs could be a challenge. Some people prefer to handle their pooled expenditures via text message or email
messaging while many folks these days consider using apps designed especially, for this reason, to make the process quicker and simpler.

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Mobile app development companies have simplified the job of splitting bills by creating apps like splitwise. These apps have eliminated the time-consuming and embarrassing process of calculating and dividing bills. In this world of smart technology, no one will remain empty-pocket or out of money due to the improved transaction procedure and quick payment systems.

Your search ends here! This blog will provide you with all the necessary concepts of a bill splitwise app, how much it costs, its features, tech stack, and tips. Scroll down to explore.

Before moving directly toward the creation let’s have a look at the definition of a bill splitwise like apps.

What is a bill-splitting Application?

With the help of a bill splitting or split bill app, you can maintain a monitor, administrate, and divide bills among roommates, friends, coworkers, and others. Many applications even allow you to link your bank accounts to make payments in the app.

Bull-splitting applications are designed with easy interfaces because they are typically used by students, children groups, or coworkers, in contrast to mobile transfer apps or banking apps.
A bill split app can help you with all the bills like shopping bills, electricity or restaurant bills, and travel expenses.

How does Splitting App Development Work?

Bill-splitting apps were mainly developed to eliminate the inconvenience of payment division. With these apps, people can enjoy exchanging a certain amount in a couple of seconds. The finest feature of such apps is that they alert all participants involved about the split and give the most recent data on who has been paid and who has left.

A better experience with apps is only possible by hiring mobile app developers. Up-skilled developers will use all important components like wallet, and dashboard as well as different translation methods to provide you with the best.

How does splitting app development work
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The comprehensive guide for understanding the application’s workflow:

  • Invite your friend to the app: You can introduce your peers to bill-splitting applications and allow them to install one by sending invitations to them. Ensure to include a straightforward login and a free registration process when developing an app similar to Splitwise App.
  • Create Groups: Once they join the app, you can create a group of friends with whom you regularly go out, share rooms, or have night outs by sending an invite to them to experience an easy and trouble-free splitting of bills.
  • Add bank account\ card details: Once the user adds their bank account and credit\debit card details the user is free to go cashless. You need not provide your card details again. You can take smooth cash-free advantages of the apps for an extended period.
  • Flawless calculation and payments: This is the basic feature of bill split apps. Users are required to enter the amount and the number of users between whom they want to divide. These apps enable users to calculate and pay for several things like traveling expenses, rent of rooms or food parties, etc.
  • Settlement: After calculating the amount it’s time to collect the amount. There are 2 ways in which users can exchange the split amount offline as well as online. It also provides a sharing facility if you want your friend to pay for you now your app will inform him about it.

Development Process:

Choosing the development technology stack

When choosing the development technology stack for an app similar to Splitwise online, custom mobile app development is crucial. Opting for a stack that aligns with your project’s requirements and scalability needs is essential. Prioritize technologies like React Native or Flutter for cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a wider user reach while minimizing development efforts

MVP( Minimum Viable Product) development

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development phase is pivotal. Begin by implementing core features such as expense tracking, user registration, and basic group management. Focus on functionality and usability, enabling quick testing and user feedback.

UI/UX design considerations

UI/UX design considerations should prioritize user-friendliness and visual appeal. Create an intuitive interface with easy navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for users while maintaining the app’s visual consistency.

Beta testing and user feedback

Beta testing and user feedback are vital for refining your app. Invite a select group of users to test the app, gathering insights on usability, and performance, and identifying bugs. Continuously iterate based on this feedback to enhance the app’s overall quality.

Finalizing the app

Finalizing the app involves rigorous testing, bug fixing, and performance optimization. Ensure compliance with design guidelines and app store requirements. Prepare a comprehensive launch strategy to introduce your Splitwise-like app to the market with confidence.

In-Built Features of the Bill-Splitting App:

User panel:

There should be a user panel in the app that enables the user to log in. The login panel needs to be easily accessible on the homepage which aids the user in enjoying the services provided.

User-engaging design:

In order to draw people and make the application easy to operate for them, the design must be distinctive and creative. The very first appearance of an app determines whether consumers will stick around or not. So, it needs to be visually pleasing and simple to navigate.

Push notifications:

The Split app saves us from that awkward situation when we need to remind our peers about the payment. Just after the creation of the group and calculation of the amount It notifies the user to pay their split amount. 


Another amazing feature of split apps is they contain a reminder option. Users can put solo or group reminders for their monthly payments so that the app will remind them all together to pay.

OCR system:

This is the most important feature of any bill-splitting mobile app. It should automatically scan and read the bill eliminating the trouble of inserting a single amount. This feature saves the time and effort of the user.

App wallet:

App wallet helps users to pay their bills directly from the wallet not debit it from the account or cards. This is a basic feature any split app consists of.

Connect to bank account:

This is an extremely beneficial feature of split bill apps that it gets linked with the bank accounts as well as credit or debit cards to aid users in paying online effortlessly. These features are the reason for the split apps’ popularity.

 Create group:

This is a basic feature of any split app. Every split bill app must have a group-creating feature so that users can create a group of desired users for splitting. It should also have an edit group option to add or remove users.


as this is a payment transaction app security is a must-have feature. When it comes to money security is always a big concern. To save this app from any theft or fraud Bill Split must have heightened security measures.

Add Expenses:

Using bills splitting software, consumers ought to be able to see all of their spending as well as their income for the chosen date. Users will be able to see all of the revenue and expenses in this manner.

Marketing and Promotion

Pre-launch Marketing Strategy

Teasers and social media campaigns:

Teasers and social media campaigns play a pivotal role in creating anticipation for your app for traveling expenses. Utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase sneak peeks and highlight its benefits. Don’t forget to hire Android app developers to ensure a smooth launch.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO) is essential to ensure your app ranks well when users search for terms like “splitwise online.” Employ mobile app development services to optimize keywords, visuals, and descriptions, increasing your app’s discoverability.

Post-launch Marketing:

For user acquisition tactics, educate your audience on how Splitwise works compared to competitors. Collaborate with a custom mobile app development company to implement targeted ad campaigns, influencer partnerships, and referral programs to attract new users.

App reviews and ratings:

Encourage app reviews and ratings by providing a seamless user experience. Leverage the credibility of a mobile app development company that specializes in apps similar to Splitwise. Respond promptly to user feedback to foster a positive reputation.

Partnership opportunities:

Explore partnership opportunities with mobile app development services to expand your app’s reach. Collaborations can include joint promotions, integrations, or co-branded campaigns, enhancing your app’s value proposition.

User Engagement and Retention:

In-app notifications

Implement in-app notifications effectively to keep users engaged. Regularly update content and features in collaboration with an Android app development company to maintain relevance and offer valuable information.

Feedback channels

Create user-friendly feedback channels for users to share their experiences. Hire Android app developers and hire iOS app developers to ensure a seamless feedback process, addressing concerns promptly and showing your commitment to user satisfaction.

Regular updates and improvements

Regular updates and improvements, especially in a competitive market like Android app development in India, are vital. Continuously enhance your app to meet evolving user needs, providing an edge over competitors like Splitwise online.

Teasers and social media campaigns play a pivotal role in creating anticipation for your app for splitting traveling expenses. Utilize platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase sneak peeks and highlight its benefits. Don’t forget to hire Android app developers to ensure a smooth launch.

App store optimization (ASO) is essential to ensure your app ranks well when users search for terms like “splitwise online.” Employ mobile app development services to optimize keywords, visuals, and descriptions, increasing your app’s discoverability.

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Maintenance and Support

Bug Fixing and Updates:

Maintaining an app for splitting travel expenses or bills requires vigilant bug fixing and regular updates. Continuously monitor user feedback to identify and address issues promptly, ensuring a seamless user experience. Regular updates should not only fix bugs but also introduce new features and enhancements to stay competitive as the best app for splitting bills in the market.

Customer Support and Feedback Management:

Understanding how does splitwise work and improving upon it is crucial. Offer robust customer support channels, including FAQs, live chat, and email support, to assist users with queries and concerns. Efficiently manage user feedback by actively seeking input, addressing issues, and incorporating user suggestions into your app’s roadmap for constant improvement.

Scaling and Future Enhancements:

As your app gains popularity as the best app for splitting bills, scalability becomes a priority. Collaborate with a dedicated team to handle increased user loads seamlessly. Additionally, plan for future enhancements to stay ahead in the competitive market, ensuring that your app continues to be the go-to choice for users seeking efficient bill-splitting solutions.

Monetization Strategies

Monetizing an app similar to Splitwise requires a well-thought-out approach that balances profitability with user satisfaction. Here are some effective strategies:

Free vs. Paid Version Options:

Offer a free basic version of your app for users to experience its core features. Simultaneously, introduce a premium or pro version with additional functionalities and enhanced user experience. Users can then choose to upgrade for a fee, providing a revenue stream.

In-App Advertising:

Other than online advertisement also includes incorporating non-intrusive advertisements like banner ads. Ensuring ads align with the app’s theme and do not disrupt the user experience. Consider partnering with relevant advertisers for higher revenue potential.

Subscription Models:

Implement subscription tiers, such as monthly or annual plans, to access advanced features, enhanced support, or an ad-free experience. Subscription models provide a steady income stream and encourage long-term user engagement.

Premium Features:

Offer individual premium features within the app, allowing users to purchase specific functionalities on a one-time basis. For instance, custom report generation or advanced budgeting tools can be premium features.

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Affiliate and Referral Programs:

Partner with financial institutions, travel agencies, or other businesses relevant to your app’s user base. Earn commissions through affiliate marketing or referral programs when users make transactions or bookings through your app.

Data Monetization:

Aggregate and anonymize user data to provide insights to businesses seeking consumer trends. Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and gain user consent before implementing this strategy.

White Label Solutions:

Offer white-label versions of your app to businesses or organizations looking to provide expense-tracking solutions to their employees or members. Charge a licensing fee for such tailored solutions.

How much does it Cost to Create an App Like Splitwise?

In this cutting-edge technology development era there is a new feature daily added to the mobile app development services. To meet the current demand of the world you need to hire a well-experienced and innovative developer who always remains updated about the latest trends and technology. Appointing advanced developers costs a lot. Nevina Infotech provides you with the best developers for split bill app development at a very competitive rate. 

The average split bill mobile app development costs around $12,000 to $15,000+ while a state-of-the-art mobile app development costs $20,000 or 25,000+ approximately.

The technology stack used in developing an app like Splitwise:

  • Tech stack used for Android app development:
DatabaseMySQLFirebase Sqlite
LibraryGoogle maps SDKGoogle push notification
  • Tech stack used for iOs app development:
DatabaseFirebase MySQLSqlite
LibrarySwiping cardsGoogle maps SDKGoogle push notification


Can we monitor the expenses on the split bill App Platform?

Organizing all shared spending is possible with the free app Splitwise. To split the costs, a group needs to be formed. Enter the necessary amount and describe how it should split as one group has been created. You may keep track of your cash activities and personal finances online.

How does a bill-splitting app Create Revenue?

Almost every split bill app provides mobile app development services free of cost. So as it takes a lot of investment to create, maintain, and update the app it generates revenue through the following:

Advertisements: The bill split app develops to earn revenue by advertising. Ads of different applications are displayed on the Bill Split app platform. When a user clicks on the ads it benefits the developer.
Premium membership plan: Premium membership plans consist of paid services for the users. Users can take advantage of premium services and goods for a month or a year flawlessly by paying for them.
Transaction fees: Some applications also take charges for transactions from users for paying their bills or any other payment.

Which are the top 6 Bill Apps like Splitwise?

The are numerous bill-splitting apps in the market we have searched hard for the top-notch payment-sharing apps mentioned below:
Google pay

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