In the olden days when our parents got married, they were not even allowed to date anyone, but now as the generation is changing and becoming smart, every person wants to date, and it has become a new trend of dating online.

The online dating app market is expanding with the passing years as the new generation of people is finding their perfect ones online. As the urge for dating apps increases, there are many new dating apps being developed over the past few years. The main thing about the dating app is that all ages can use it.

There are many dating apps, but Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder are highly demanding and used apps across the world; the reason behind it is their new and innovative ideas and features that make them unique from all.

As dating apps are being successful many business owners and startup companies, and mobile app development companies are planning to make dating apps like bumble and hinge. As they use advanced features and unique techniques, business owners are willing to develop apps like them.

If you are also planning to make an app like bumble and hinge, this blog is a perfect fit for you as this blog will give you complete knowledge and guidance about how much it cost to make dating apps like bumble and hinge.

Before moving further on the cost and features of developing a dating app, let us once go through the list of successful dating apps except for bumble and hinge below, which are ruling the dating industry.

Top Dating Apps like Bumble and Hinge


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There are plentiful amounts of dating apps available in the market, like bumble and hinge. Here is the list of some best bumble alternatives

  • Tinder
  • Happn
  • OkCupid
  • Grindr
  • eHarmony
  • Her
  • Badoo
  • Zoe

After we have gone through the list of apps like bumble and hinge, we will move forward toward what is bumble app.

What is a Bumble App?

bumble app development

Bumble is a free dating app that runs on both platforms Android and iOS. The bumble app’s great idea was Whitney Wolfe also worked for tinder previously and can be considered one of the founders. She left tinder in 2014, that in the same year, she developed a bumble app like tinder.

The most unique feature of Bumble that makes it more popular and useful for the young generation is that it also provides the perfect match for same-sex. In that case, anyone can initiate the chat and date.

Bumble app got a massive amount of positive ratings and reviews through which it took over the dating industry and became one of the fastest-growing dating industries in America.

Later in 2017, a mobile app development company known as Match, which owns the apps like Tinder, Match, Hinge, and Plenty of fish dating platforms, offered $450 million for Bumble, but Wolfe declined the proposal.

What is a Hinge App?

hinge app development

Hinge is a dating app that works based on location. Its primary focus is on finding the right person who perfectly fits them, and their relationship lasts forever, not just fun and casual relationships like other dating apps.

Hinge uses a well-planned algorithm that makes it unique; this is one reason that, amongst four dates, almost three dates will reach a second. It sounds good.

In Hinge, creating a profile is not just uploading a picture, it includes more important information like your beliefs, religion, height, and other virtues and vices. It also asks you about your dating intentions which is an important part of your profile.

How does a Bumble App Work?

Dating app bumble work


When you open the app’s page and can see the different profiles are related to the distance you have adjusted in your profile and the age you have mentioned.

Once you have correctly mentioned everything and log in to your profile, you can swipe right for the profile you like and swipe left for the profile you don’t like or which is not relevant to you.


Matchmaking depends on the swipe you make. If the profile you swiped right also swipes you right, it will show you that “It’s a Match”.

In other words, the profile you liked also likes you back then you will match them.


In this part, if both of which were matched belong to the same gender, then anyone can message first.

But it is different for the profile which is matched and has the other gender. In this case, only females have access to initialize or start a conversation. She has the option for messaging their matched profile within 24 hours, or else the profile will be deleted automatically.

This thing also applies to males. If a male profile does not reply to the message within 24 hours, then the message will disappear naturally.

Due to this special female-centric feature, bumble has become the most successful apps in the dating industry.

This app also provides an additional feature of increasing 24 hours if the person you want to date hasn’t messaged you, although you need to pay extra for it.

Match queue

This is mainly a list of the matched profiles that have been matched through your profile, which is seen at the top of your conversation page and a yellow circle that will disappear within 24 hours.

There is also a green circle that indicates the people who have swiped right on your profile. But this feature is only available if you have purchased bumble boost.

Before making any dating app, you must be aware of the algorithm it uses to match the users. Once you are familiar with the algorithm, it will be an easy task for you to develop a dating app.

How does a Hinge App Work?

Dating app hinge work

The working of hinge apps is almost similar to the working of popular apps like Tinder and Bumble. It is a dating app that is used to make matches with the preferred location.


In hinge apps, it is compulsory to have 6nphotos or videos in the app once you create your profile. This is the main point that makes hinge apps different from other dating apps, which allow just one photo or video.

By this line, hing claims that they are focusing on relationships. Providing more detail about the person helps other profiles understand the different profiles deeply, which helps them better understand the person they want to date.


Prompts is the series to start a conversation that hinges has provided for you to include in your profile. It is an excellent way to provide you and your match to start the conversation in the right way.

I found that in hinge the small conversations and boring talks are skipped in the app compared to other apps.

This also helps to understand your match in a better way. This is a testament that hinge provides and expects you to answer a minimum of 3 answers.

My vitals are about the basic information about you: your age, height, weight, gender, location. But this goes a little bit deeper in this app, and it also asks you about your family plans. But you can keep it private if you want to.

My vices

Hinge has added this feature in the app, which helps you know your match more appropriately. This includes smoking, drinking, drugs, marijuana.

This is not compulsory to answer, but you can choose the options provided to you in the app.

Features of Bumble and Hinge App

Features of bumble app and hinge app

  1. Logging in:-

    Login is straightforward in a bumble app or hinge app; you can directly log into the app with the help of a phone number or any google account.

    If you login from any social media account, you don’t need to add any details to it; the app can easily fetch the data from your social account.

  2. Profile:-

    It imports all your profile information from the social account you have logged in to; otherwise, you can also add it manually.

    This feature app allows people to add information about themselves, photos, and descriptions of them, which is about 300 characters size limit.

    A profile displays the following things:

    • Age
    • Location
    • Description
    • Gender
  3. Location:-

    Closeness is very important in the case of bumble and hinge apps. This app will display the only profiles which are nearby your location and within the km of area, you have selected in that.

    Geolocation is highly needed in this app through which it can fetch your location and show the profiles to you accordingly.

  4. Discovery settings:-

    All the users can set discovery settings based on age, gender, and distance. Its free version allows the user to set the distance to 10 miles. They can also set a default distance pattern where you don’t need to set the distance.

  5. Swipe:-

    This feature is the same as in tinder. If the user likes the profile they can swipe right for and if they want to dislike they can easily swipe left.

    The suggestions occur according to the location you mentioned and according to your mentioned information.

  6. Matchmaking:-

    This feature occurs after the profile which you liked likes you back. Matchmaking depends on the swipe you make. If the profile which you swiped right also swipes you right then it will show you that “It’s a Match”.

  7. Real-time messaging:-

    After matchmaking, both profiles can chat with each other.

    But there is a case that if the profile matched are from the opposite gender then anyone can start the conversation first otherwise if the gender is opposite only females have the liability of starting the conversation.

  8. Video calling and video chatting:-

    You can get this feature once your profile is perfectly matched. Women can video call directly if she wants to but the men can video call only after the female starts the conversation.

  9. Push notifications:-

    This is a very important feature for any dating app. Because this is the feature which will remind you constantly. It will give alert messages to the user if there is any new match or any messages.

  10. Backtrack:-

    There is a new feature added in the dating apps that is backtracking. Users can backtrack and un-swipe the profile which they have accidentally swiped left. But this feature is available in the premium version only.

  11. Super Swipe:-

    This application provides a super swipe option to show that you have swiped the profile directly. This can be possible by clicking on the heart button.

Features of Dating App Admin Panel

Dating app admin panel features

Admin panel features can vary with the requirements of the client but here is the list of basic features of the admin panel.

  • User management: This feature can help you to see all chats and reports for a user. This is the main feature of the admin panel.

  • Chat history: This feature allows you to see the whole chat history for all users.

  • Reports: See details of reported users to quickly identify the user and remove the abuse.

  • Content management: This feature allows us to ban users and remove junk and inappropriate content from the app.

  • Analytics: This is the feature that allows you to get detailed knowledge about the app usage in firebase analytics.

  • Notifications: It allows you to easily send push notifications to your user.

Important points for developing dating apps like bumble and hinge

For dating app development like bumble and hinge you can get a clear idea about the app development process, technology stack, and monetization strategy.

App Development Process

If you want to create your own dating app for the first time then first you must upload its MVP version if the MVP gets success then you can create a fully developed app.

Ideation and market research:- First of all you need to make a rough idea about creating a dating app like bumble and hinge. Research about the other latest dating apps and analyze the preexisting features of competitive apps and their lacking features that you can implement in your app.

Unique features:- It’s just for suggestions that don’t exactly use the clone features of the bumble and hinge app but also add some unique features into it that can make your dating app look attractive and unique.

Target audience:- You should do good research on a targeted audience. One should never develop any app before knowing your audience. This will guide you to add elements in your app design. For instance, the basic step is to know the age group of your target audience. If they are young they would prefer colorful designs while older ones are more practical and sophisticated.

Documentation:- You should mention all the features and functions of the app inside the MVP version of the application. Firstly, create a comprehensive layout of the app’s characteristics, components, and user interface.

Design:- Every application needs to have a unique and attractive design through which users get attracted to your app. Create an innate and engaging UI design with the most talented designers.

Development:- After the proper design has been done of the app you must start developing the app. You can develop your app on different platforms like Android and iOS. The development process includes proficient developers who are capable of building the front and back ends of the app.

Q&A testing:- You should not directly launch the app after the development is over but you should hand it over to your testing team. The testing team should check whether the app is running properly or not and if there is any error or not.

Debugging:- Debugging is the process of removing bugs from your app. Starting errors will occur in your app which needs to be solved by you until your app becomes bug-free.

Collect feedback from the audience:- After launching your app you will start getting feedback in a few days about your app features and functions. Consider the user’s feedback and improve accordingly. Enhance user experience for extended engagement.

Upgrade your app:- Remain updated about the latest coming features in the market and update your app regularly adding new features which are in trend. Optimization, maintenance and upgrading are the magnets to attract users.

Technology Stack used for Developing a Dating App

Here is the technology stack which will help you in developing dating apps like hinge and bumble.

Android App Development

Tools: Android Studio Java Autolayout Kotlin
Database: Firebase Sqlite
Library: Swiping cards Google maps SDK Google push notification

iOs App Development

Tools: Xcode Swift Storyboard Autolayout
Database: Firebase Sqlite Realm Core data
Library: Swiping cards Google maps SDK Google push notification


Monetization Strategy for Dating Application

Any dating application can get revenue using the methods mentioned below

Advertising: Advertising is often used by dating apps to earn extra revenue. Ads can appear in interstitial form as well as in banner form. This approach frequently performs well for the platforms with the largest user population as it allows them to provide their offerings at no cost.

Subscription: dating apps consist of paid features so the visitors need to pay for obtaining all the benefits of the app. As the user can be entertained only with the continuous service for a long period, a subscription must be on a monthly or annual basis.

In-app purchases: There are numerous features available in the app for regular users in cost-effective range including the private option to hide your profile from undesired traffic. In-app advantages also involve gift coupons and premium memberships.

B2B services: Business-to-business services are also being provided by the dating app platforms business are able to offer advertising services to companies so they can place their data and apps on the platform.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dating App?

Cost to Develop a Dating App

The dating app development cost depends upon the type of app, features, and tools we add to the app. The cost of developing an app depends upon the features added to the app. Cost also develops on the platform on which you want to develop the app.

If you want to develop a dating app on just one platform then the cost will be comparatively low and if you want to develop apps on both platforms then the cost will be high.

The total cost and hours for developing an iOS dating app is given below

  • Mobile development- 619 hrs
  • DevOps and meetings- 122 hrs
  • Demo preparations- 90hrs
  • Release to production- 22hrs
  • Design- 100 hrs
  • Total time- 1623 hrs
  • Total cost- $24,345

The total cost and hours for developing an android dating app is given below

  • Mobile development- 622 hrs
  • DevOps and meetings- 122 hrs
  • Demo preparations- 90 hrs
  • Release to production- 22 hrs
  • Design- 100 hrs
  • Total time- 1626 hrs
  • Total cost- $24,390

The cost and hours for developing apps on both the iOS and Android platforms.

  • Web (back-end, admin panel)- 670 hrs
  • Mobile development- 1241 hrs
  • DevOps and meetings- 244 hrs
  • Demo preparations- 180 hrs
  • Release to production- 44 hrs
  • Design- 180 hrs
  • Total time- 3249 hrs
  • Total cost- $48,735


Mobile app development cost

Suppose you want to develop a similar dating app like bumble or hinge and search for a company. In that case, you can contact Nevina Infotech Pvt. Ltd. as it is the leading mobile app development company and has dedicated, passionate, and highly skilled android and iOS developers to develop mobile dating apps. You can also quote us for knowing the dating app development cost.

Why Choose Nevina for Dating App Development?

choose Dating app development company

Developing any mobile app is cautious work that needs expertise and professional developers. It is good to hire mobile app developers who are experts in developing mobile apps. Creating an effective dating app includes technical coding since a solid structural foundation is crucial. The success of your mobile dating app development depends on choosing the correct tech stack and incorporating suitable functionalities. It is good to hire android app developers who are masters in developing mobile apps.

Nevina infotech is in the limelight in the field of mobile app development for the past few years and understands the technical and commercial aspects of the app. The company believes in sticking to a fixed time and budget and following different project management processes. The estimations of Nevina Infotech are the best in the industry resulting in minimum changes from the decided budget. Nevina is a name to look upon in the dating app development company that doesn’t need any introduction. Hire us for your dating app and we ensure you provide amazing solutions and cost-effective results.

Final point

As a business owner or dating app development company owner, you must be thinking of developing dating apps like bumble and hinge. However, we suggest you not develop a clone dating app instead you should make some unique apps. You can easily get an overview of the features and costs of developing dating apps like hinge and bumble.

If you want to develop a dating app then you can contact our company which will provide you with the best mobile app development services also. We have the best professional and expert developers who will understand your requirements and develop the app accordingly.

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Is the submission for the App Store and Play Store included in the development process?

No, the submission process is not included in the development process. You should submit the app externally after it is developed. Play store costs only $25 approx for launching your first app. Rest submissions will be free of cost. The Apple app store doesn’t provide any free submissions. It costs $99 for Apple developer programs approximately and also takes In-app purchase revenues share.

How much does it cost to create a dating app?

The cost of developing an app depends upon the tools and features you add to the app. When you develop an app for one platform then the cost is low compared to the cost of developing an app on both platforms.

The cost to create a dating app on iOS platforms can be around $2,04,345.

Which programming language is used in developing an app like bumble?

Bumble uses different programming languages to work on like Swift, Object C, or Java. Different apps use different programming languages but dating apps like hinge and bumble use the given programming languages.

How long does it take to create an app like bumble?

The time taken to develop any app is not fixed but we can give you the estimated time on which also the cost depends.

The estimated time taken to create an app like bumble is different in different parts. All the sections included in creating the dating app take individual time and after that, the estimated time is created it almost takes 1623 hrs to develop a dating app.

How long does it take to create an app like bumble?

The time taken to develop any app is not fixed but we can give you the estimated time on which also the cost depends.
The estimated time taken to create an app like bumble is different in different parts. All the sections included in creating the dating app take individual time and after that, the estimated time is created it almost takes 1623 hrs to develop a dating app.

What are the severe technical challenges we face while building a dating app? 

The most severe challenge in the development of a dating app is security. Security is always a big concern especially when it comes to securing the sensitive personal information of users.
Other challenges we might face are user authentication, scalability, user experience, connectivity with the payment system, cross-platform adaptability, etc.

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