Developing your eCommerce website is the best way to sell your products online that can also increase your return on investment. But for the development of any eCommerce website, one needs to invest in it for once.

Before developing an eCommerce app, you need to have knowledge about some of the factors that can affect the eCommerce website development cost. Unfortunately, it is a challenging and tough task to know the rough estimated cost of developing an eCommerce website.

Developing a custom eCommerce website is difficult and expensive, so it is better that you hire a Magento eCommerce development company like Nevina Infotech that will guide you to develop your eCommerce website with the help of their dedicated developers.

The crucial thing about Magento eCommerce development is that there are many factors because of which the overall cost of an eCommerce website for your business gets affected. So we are here to help you so that you don’t overspend on eCommerce website development.

In this blog, we will break the cost based on different factors that occur in eCommerce website development so that you can quickly get an estimated eCommerce website cost.

How to calculate the actual cost of developing an eCommerce website?

A great way to calculate the cost of developing an eCommerce website is to compare various eCommerce platforms, their tools, add-ons, and all the other additional services you need based on your business requirement.

This is the most appropriate way to get an approximate cost of an eCommerce website.

Although there are plenty of ways for Magento eCommerce web development, most online eCommerce websites make use of website cost calculators that can end up being inappropriate. So it is not an excellent choice to use it.

Moving forward, we will break down the eCommerce website cost based on eCommerce cost analysis.

Ecommerce cost analysis

Ecommerce Website Development Cost

In this section, we are going to further analyze the cost of an eCommerce website development by dividing the significant expenses into an individual.

    The primary expenses are:

  • Hosting cost
  • Payment processing cost
  • Design cost
  • Add-ons and extension costs
  • The total amount costs of an eCommerce website

There are many different eCommerce platforms in the market that one can easily use for purchasing products online. We have provided eCommerce website development services on the following three platforms such as:

  • Magento platform
  • WooCommerce platform
  • Shopify platform

So here, we’ll start to calculate the total cost of an eCommerce website.

Hosting cost

Every website that is going to be published on the internet will need web hosting. This is the place where all your website files will be stored. You will also need an appropriate and unique domain name through which your website will be defined and recognized. This domain name can also be said as your website address—for instance,

When it comes to having a domain name for your eCommerce website hosting, you have two options from where you can select, and each has its own cost and technical requirement.

Hosting cost for self-hosted eCommerce website

Hosting cost for self hosted eCommerce website

When we talk about self-hosted eCommerce platforms, we refer to a collection of open-source applications that require web hosting for functioning. Then you think of purchasing a hosting package and installing it. Self-hosted eCommerce platforms are a similar thing. Instead of setting a blog, you will be installing a platform for an eCommerce website. There are two most popular self-hosted hosting platform that is Magento and WooCommrece


Magento is the best self-hosted eCommerce platform famous for its various advanced features. With the help of Magento, one can quickly bring their retail store online and grow their business.

Magento is a leading open-source platform that can power over $50 billion in transactions per year. It is the most robust platform among the other self-hosted platforms. Magento is one of the most secure platforms. Therefore, many eCommerce websites run on Magento. Magento eCommerce developers are so highly skilled that they will make your eCommerce website flawless.

The starting website hosting plan in Magento is $19.95/ month, the cost of a domain name in Magento is $15-$500/ year, and the cost of an SSL certificate begins from $30/ year.


WooCommerce is also one of the most popular and trendy eCommerce platforms worldwide that is also powering millions of small and big online stores.

WooCommerce is available as free software that means that you can easily download and install it and develop as many eCommerce websites as you want to build.

The starting website hosting plan for WooCommerce is $ 7.99/ month, the cost of purchasing a domain name is $15/ year, the cost of an SSL certificate begins from $30/ year.

So these are the approximate cost of self-hosted hosting plans that can affect the total cost of developing an eCommerce website.

Once you select one of the hosting plans you are not free, you need to keep updating your hosting plan to control heavy traffic.

In other words, it means that your hosting plan cost can change depending upon the increase of viewers on your website.

Hosting costs for SaaS eCommerce platform

Hosting costs for SaaS eCommerce platform

Ecommerce platforms available as SaaS do not need to install software, manage it, or host it by themselves.

Even your website hosting price will be included within the software. So you don’t need to worry about managing the hosting regularly.

Shopify is the most popular SaaS eCommerce platform among any other media.

Shopify provides an astonishingly easy and highly scalable eCommerce platform that will allow you to sell your products online through your eCommerce website. Shopify will already provide you with an SSL certificate, but you need to buy a domain name independently.

The cost of the Shopify SaaS eCommerce hosting plan can start from $79/ month.

The estimated cost of developing an eCommerce website can be:

The hosting cost of a self-hosted eCommerce website can be $2.75 – $241.67/ month.

The hosting cost for the SaaS eCommerce platform can be $29 – $299/ month.
The price, as mentioned above, is for starting a medium-level eCommerce online store.

Payment processing cost

Many beginners mistake not looking at the payment processing fees when they choose an eCommerce platform. Unfortunately, this can seriously affect your business because it will gradually increase the cost and decrease your profit percentage.

Let us look at how various eCommerce platforms handle payments and how much it can cost you to accept payments from your customers.

Payment cost in Magento

The Magento payment provider gateway allows you to accommodate your Magento eCommerce development with service providers. So you can create and handle transactions that are based on order details.

Online payment gateway will work by providing secure links between the web store server and bank. Whenever a customer makes any purchase with a credit or debit card, they provide their admissible data. Then further, the gateway takes the submitted data and then presents it to the bank that replies with a response, whether it is accepted or not. This response is then transferred back to the bank by the expected payment gateway.

Magento maintenance services provides a series of organized, secure payment gateways that can be automatically activated by entering some data that you can find from your provider.

The first thing to decide is to determine what markets you are going to work with, which payment methods and providers will work with it, and which payment providers will work best for those particular markets. Many excellent payment gateways are provided for Magento that can be accommodated with your online store by different extensions available on Magento Marketplace coded by Magento development company in the USA.

Magento supports payment gateways, but the most popular payment gateways are PayPal and Authorize.Net, which are also supported.

  • PayPal: 2.9% + $0.3
  • Authorize.Net: $49 + $25 monthly gateway + $0.1 per transaction

Payment cost in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is mainly an open-source platform so that it can have many payment platform integrations. This means that a self-hosted eCommerce website that uses WooCommerce is free to use any payment gateway they like.

By default, WooCommerce supports PayPal and stripe payment that accepts credit card payments. You can also select from plenty of other payment gateways that are available as extensions.

You will only have to pay the processing fees to the payment gateway platform you choose. Each payment gateway platform will have different regions, currencies, and services.

One of the advantages of using WooCommerce payment processing is it has extensions and integrations available even for some lesser-known regional payment services. This can be a massive advantage for eCommerce websites that are catering to the customers of other countries.

By using WooCommerce, you can easily compare the rates of various payment services, and you can select the best among them.

Payment processing fees can vary depending upon the payment gateways, currencies, and regions. Here is the overview of some popular gateway in US dollars.

  • PayPal: 2.9% + $0.30 for transactions over $10
  • Stripe: 2.9% + $0.30 per every transaction
  • 2.9% + $0.30 per purchase + $25 monthly fee.

Payment cost in Shopify

Shopify’s eCommerce platform provides innovative payment solutions known as Shopify payments that will let you accept credit card payments on your website. It will also offer many third-party payment gateways that include regional and cryptocurrency payments services.

You can use Shopify Payments in over 13 countries. However, before selecting Shopify payments, you need to read the terms and conditions for your country as you won’t be allowed to sell some products in some specific countries.

If you choose third-party payment gateways, you need to pay a certain amount of fees +2.0% additional fee to Shopify. You might not find this much initially, but it can become a significant amount in the long term.

Let us consider that most payment services charge 2.9% of the transaction amount on average; this can mean that you can end up paying 5% in a total transaction as payment processing charges.

If you are in one of the 13 countries, the rates will be almost equal to PayPal. If not, you will need to pay an extra 2% additional charges to Shopify for each transaction; this can decrease your profit margin.

  • Shopify payment: 2.9% + 30$ per transaction
  • Third-party payment services: The payment gateway fees + 2% additional fees paid to Shopify for each transaction.

Design cost

Magento design cost

The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid and unbelievable rate. Each day new online stores are being developed and launched. Because of this, there is massive competition between the eCommerce development company to look unique and attractive among other eCommerce websites.

To look unique among all the other existing store’s design of the website play a vital role.

When you give your website a professional and user-friendly design, you move one step forward in the competition.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to design a professional and user-friendly website, then you can hire an eCommerce development company or search for online website templates that you like. That can be later customized by the store owners or the company you selected just by using simple drag and drop tools.

The eCommerce store developers can also purchase a premium design with advanced features and unique layouts. In addition, you can also find a web developer for designing your website who can design a complete custom template with custom and advanced features.

Let us know in detail how much website design can cost based on various platforms.

Magento design cost

Most of the developers ignore the website’s design, thinking that it is not essential in the process of development, but they are wrong. Designing is a necessary part of the process of website development. Because of the design, your website can look different from other websites.

It also gives an identity to your business. With the website’s designing and development of the website, it is also important to provide Magento eCommerce services to maintain the website, and the website’s design must also be maintained well and updated.

You can hire a Magento web designer who can help you design your eCommerce website as per your choice. Select such a designer that is dedicated and knows about conversion optimization, better user experience.

One can also go through Magento themes, but some are free, and some can be paid. You can even customize the theme as you like and add the features you want, or you can hire a designer to customize your theme.

The paid theme can cost you around $0 – $200, depending upon your choice of design and features.

The designing cost of Magento can cost anywhere between $10,000 – $1,00,000.

WooCommerce design cost

WooCommerce design cost

WooCommerce is said to be the most malleable option in terms of website design and appearance. It is built with the help of WordPress, which is one of the most popular website builders, which means you can easily choose any WordPress theme to make use of WooCommerce.

You have to select a WooCommerce specific theme for perfect results.

There are thousands of WooCommerce themes that you can select from. Many of the themes are completely free and are available with less fee that starts from $30.

Here is the list of some top themes that have plenty of customization options:

  • Astra
  • Divi
  • Ocean WP

WooCommerce will also give you access to amazing WordPress page builder plugins. The theme consists of drag and drop tools that allow you to create custom product pages and custom landing page layouts in a few minutes.

If you don’t want to use any theme or template, even free or paid, you can also hire a WordPress developer for custom WooCommerce website development.

There is an advantage of using a custom theme because it will be unique and according to your choice. In addition, it can help you to turn your imagination and ideas into reality.

But a custom theme can be a bit expensive depending upon the features you need to add and the expertise of the developer you hired. The overall predicted rate of a custom website development can be around $1500 to $6000 for a medium-level eCommerce business.

A business-level custom theme with its plugins can cost around $10,000 to $30,000.

Shopify design cost

Shopify design cost

Shopify will provide you with ready-made templates that you can use as a beginning point for your eCommerce store. It also can offer built-in tools to customize layouts, colors, and many other settings.

Presently 10 free and 65 paid themes are available on the Shopify website. This is a petite figure when you compare it to thousands of templates available for WooCommerce.

The average cost of the paid themes of Shopify starts from $160. YouIt is possible that you may find a cheaper template on third-party theme marketplaces where the themes will be available for less than $59.

You can also hire a developer to develop a custom Shopify theme. Although Shopify is not as famous among developers as WooCommerce, the hiring is less, and the rates will be high.

A custom design development for Shopify can cost around $20,000 to $50,000.

Add-ons and extensions cost

An eCommerce platform can’t provide you with all the features that you need in one software. Even if they try to do so, they will get things messy, and the software can become more difficult to use.

To solve this problem, most eCommerce websites are made with the help of a modular approach. This enables the core software to be extended using add-ons and apps.

These add-ons and extensions allow you to add new features to your eCommerce website and can easily extend its functionality. Many of the add-ons or extensions are paid, but buying them can increase the cost of developing an eCommerce website.

Let’s further compare the cost of add-ons and extensions among popular eCommerce platform.

Magento extensions and add-ons

Having a Magento website means making use of its extensions. You can use thousands of Magento ready-to-use modules, but selecting the right is a challenging task. In most cases, there will be an exact extension that will suit you. So you will have to develop a custom Magento Module.

You can also contact a developer to develop your Magento website and provide you with Magento maintenance and support services. If the developers chose to make any changes in the website’s core, it would affect the Magento version to keep it up-to-date and install new modules.

Some Magento extensions can be free of cost, and some extensions can be paid that can cost thousands of dollars. For free extensions, you need to pay for the developer’s time. But you must know that free extensions have basic features.

Extensions are separate modules that extend the functionality of the Magento platform.

Before selecting any extension, connect the developers to verify the version compatibility and possible clashes with the existing extensions. There is a chance that the extension will create an error and affect page loading speed. So it is advised to keep the Magento extensions limited to stores that must be minimum.

The cost of Magento extensions can be around $50 to $500; it can vary with the Magento price from company to company and the features you want Magento eCommerce development services.

WooCommerce extensions and add-ons

When we talk about extensions and add-ons, no other eCommerce platform comes to mind other than WooCommerce. There are thousands of free and paid extensions and add-ons available for WooCommerce that you can use.

It would be best to keep in mind that WooCommerce works on top of WordPress that gives you access to the 55,000+ free plugins.

There is a plugin or add-on available for every feature that you think.

The rate of paid WooCommerce begins from approximately $19 and can go high to $299 but depending upon the plans and features of plugins.

If you want custom features, you are free to hire a developer to develop a plugin. However, it can cost you nearly $500 to $10,000. This also depends upon how much work is required or even the rates of the developer that you hire.

WooCommerce add-on can cost for free $299 and custom plugins cost $500 to $10,000.

Shopify extensions and add-ons cost

Shopify is mainly a SaaS platform, and the core software is tightly unified to provide maximum possible security and stability to the users.

They also offer APIs for developers to coordinate their eCommerce platform and provide services and solutions to Shopify. These add-ons can be available as a third-party app on the Shopify app store.

There are thousands of add-ons available, from which some are free, and some are paid. The price of the paid add-on can vary from the monthly cost of the subscription plan.
Shopify also enables you to add personal apps that are made especially for your store. But, of course, the app needs to be stored and run anywhere, and you also generate Shopify API keys to manage the app’s access permission.

Shopify add-on cost can be free depending on the monthly subscription plan, and for a custom app: $5,000 depending on developer rates and skills.

The total amount of developing an eCommerce website

cost of developing an eCommerce website

Now, as we have covered all the different areas of spending for the development of an eCommerce website, let’s look at the total cost of developing an eCommerce website.

As said above, all the eCommerce platforms provide you with the flexibility to select how much money you want to spend. So naturally, this affects your overall cost of eCommerce app development.

Following are the estimated costs known eCommerce platform can’t develop an eCommerce website depending on various platforms.

  • Magento basic site: $10,000 – $30,000
  • Magento custom site: $30,000 – $50,000
  • Magento enterprise sit: $50,000 – $1,00,000
  • WooCommere starting: $1000 – $3000
  • WooCommerce custom site: $5000 – $10,000
  • WooCommerce enterprise site: $10,000+
  • Shopify eCommerce website: $1,000 – $10,000+


It will be possible to develop and launch an eCommerce website for nearly $1,000, but it depends on the features you want to add to the website for your business to grow. As there are many aspects of an eCommerce store, you select what you want to purchase and only pay for that particular product.

In this blog, I have separated the process of developing an eCommerce website and the cost according to the development process so you will know the exact cost of each process involved in the process of an eCommerce website.


How much time will it take to develop an eCommerce website?

We can’t say the fixed time to develop an eCommerce because it varies depending on the features and any changes you need to make. The time to create a website starts from 3 to 6 months. This time represents the website that has essential functions and features. If you want a website with more features and functions, the time can be 6 to 9 months.

How much does eCommerce website development cost?

The cost of developing an eCommerce website depends on the needs of the business and anything extra you need to add to the website. As a result, some eCommerce website development may cost you hundreds, and others can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.
The cost can also vary according to the parts involved in the process of website development. You can go through this blog to know in detail about the cost of eCommerce website development.

Does it cost us to maintain an eCommerce website?

Yes, maintaining your eCommerce can cost you some amount because when you talk about the maintenance, you need to keep the whole website and update it as per the updates that occur. So the cost also depends upon the things that you maintain.

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