We live in a world of smartphones and the internet. Due to this, the usage and development of mobile and web apps have increased as we all know that in today’s time how much health is important to us. Many of us had a horrible experience with this COVID pandemic; this pandemic has taught us the importance of health and immunity, which we forgot due to our busy lives.

So a thought came to my mind why don’t we develop a “Doctors Appointment Booking App”? As we all know nowadays who would like to stand or wait in a long queue waiting for our chance to consult a doctor when everything is possible online with just one touch why not this thing?

The growth track that the prepared healthcare app developer economy has placed in the industry has not just made healthcare more accessible and real-time but has also accomplished the complication of bridging the gap between the patient and the doctors.

The way digital healthcare I.T. industries are moving and have now made it possible to handle functions like booking appointments, cancellations, online reminders, follow-ups, and much more is possible with just one touch. We can also develop a doctor appointment reminder feature or doctor appointment calendar feature to manage reminders and dates.

In this blog, you will get the exact idea about the total cost, features, and working of the “Doctor Appointment Booking System Development”.

Overview Of The Doctors Appointment Booking App

Change is very typical in today’s world; if we want to survive in society, then the difference is essential. Whoever can change with the situations and face them, then only they can deal with the opponent.

The healthcare app business faced many changes because of the changes in mobile application progress.

The mobile application plays an essential role in the progress and improvement of the healthcare industry.

People are so busy nowadays that they don’t even have time for their health and don’t have time to book appointments.

In this situation, the doctor’s online appointment booking apps came into the limelight to solve this kind of situation, and everyone can take care of their healthcare.

Using this kind of app, anyone can easily find the answer to how to book an appointment with a doctor; it is easy and convenient to use.

Some Essential Factors To Know Before You Start Developing Your Custom Doctor Appointment Management Application.
More than 50% of patients use mobile phones for getting information related to health.

The income of all the healthcare apps increased to almost $60 billion in 2020 from $25 billion in 2017.

According to the researchers in 2022, 67% of patients booked doctor’s appointments online. We were using simple and useful mobile apps.

Now it’s time to look at the features included in developing your doctor’s appointment app.

Before developing the mobile app you must need to know the minor details of the app before delivering it to the people.

Doctors Online Appointment Booking Apps

Doctors Online Appointment Booking Apps

There are many apps developed for doctor’s appointments for both Android applications and iOS applications.

Here the list is given below of the best apps for booking doctor appointments:

  • Practo
  • DocsApp
  • Tata Health
  • DocOn for Patient
  • Lybrate


Practo is one of the most popular and most used apps for doctor appointments. It is a handy app used to provide facilities to patients like managing patient appointments and many other tasks.

It was established in the year 2008 by Shashank ND and Abhinav Lal.

Recently, this Practo app has been serving more than 15 countries and 55 million patients yearly.
This app allows users to search for doctors, diagnostic labs, clinics, and hospitals, book appointments, chat with doctors, etc. It provides better doctor searching and booking appointments for patients. It also doesn’t take money to search for anything or to book doctor’s appointments.


DocsApp provides consultation services to all age groups, whether it is old age or infant age, in several fields.

It is a healthcare app founded in 2013 and was launched in 2015 in Bangalore by Satish Kanan and Enbasker D.

It is a Healthcare mobile app that acts as a bridge between patients with specialist doctors through booking appointments or by calling or chatting. This app gives attention within 30 minutes. Users can also buy medicines or book diagnostics tests using this app.

Tata Health

Tata Health app is a healthcare app android developer app. It was founded in 2018. Currently, the app portfolio contains two apps. It is highly ranked and has almost over 100 thousand installs. It is one of the most popular apps in the Android environment.

The 1st app is “Tata Health-Online Doctor Consult, labs & Clinics”. The 2nd app is the “Tata Health Doctor App”. The 1st app is related to medical health, and the 2nd app is related to health & fitness. Both of the apps are free of cost and updated.

DocOn for Patient

DocOn for patient apps is India’s best practice management app built accurately to serve the needs of the modern doctor. We have made it easy to transition from a pen-and-paper state to a fully digitalized clinic.
We have 4000 plus doctors who are registered with our app. This app helps doctors deliver healthcare in less time and increases revenues by using reminders and managing patient appointments.

We provide video consultation, appointment booking, and healthcare records.


Lybrate is a mobile healthcare technology company whose motto is to connect patients and doctors. This app allows the patient to communicate with the doctor through video calls or book an appointment and get the medication.

This app was founded in 2013 by Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang. In 2016 Lybrate launched “Lybrate Lab+”, which is an online testing lab service that collects patients’ samples right from their houses and provides reports online.

It also provides services to manage patients for doctors and remote doctor-patient consultancy. The service currently has more than 1 lakh doctors who connect patients with medical care professionals.

Custom Doctor Appointment App Template

The online appointment booking app is used in both Android applications and iOS applications. One can create a doctor’s appointment booking app using their smartphone. Anyone can register and book appointments using this app. The user can ask for a meeting on whichever date he/she wants to visit if the selection for that particular date is already booked, the doctor will cancel that appointment, or else he will accept the work.

Log in:-

  • Social Media Login.
  • Normal Login.
  • One Time Password(OTP) Login.
  • New User Registration.
  • Forget Password.

Book An Doctor’s Appointment:-

  • Book for the user or other
  • Current location of the user
  • Confirmation from a doctor

Doctors Details:-

  • Doctors profile
  • Doctors’ reviews and ratings
  • Manage patients
  • Edit schedule through doctor appointment scheduler software

How To Use Doctor Appointment Mobile Apps?

Doctor Appointment Mobile Apps

The doctor appointment mobile app is used to connect patients and doctors. The patients can book an appointment with a doctor using their doctor appointment software. Whenever a user books an appointment, the doctor first checks whether that time slot is empty or not; if the time slot is empty, then the doctor will accept the appointment; otherwise, he’ll reject it.

Users can also buy medicines or can book diagnostic tests. If sometimes, a doctor is not free or available, in that case, if there occurs an emergency, the doctor can attend to the patient through phone calls, video calls, or chat.

Users can book appointments for free; he/she has to pay only after consulting a doctor. All types of checkups will be available in the app. Users can also give reviews to the doctors if they like.

Features Of The Doctor Appointment App

The structure for the decision of all doctor online appointment booking apps is expected to be a set of features available in healthcare appointment mobile apps.

Because of those features, Doctor booking apps analyze the demand and steady growth from doctors, patients, and stakeholders.

The custom doctor appointment apps consist of two different features, one for patients and one for doctors.


You can install any doctor’s appointment booking app from the Play Store or iOS. If you have already created an account in the app, you must log in, or else you can register if you are a new user. You can register through any social account or by standard login.

While expanding your app for doctor’s appointments, you must make sure that the registration method is easy and convenient for all.

One thing you should keep in mind while developing a doctor’s appointment app is that there should be multiple booking options for the patient to book an appointment.

User Profile

The healthcare industry is very personalized, so users should provide their personal information like name, age, gender, address, medical disease, and other details, if any, that will help in the process of appointment and medication process.

Appointment Booking

It is the main point of the doctor’s appointment booking app so that patients can book an appointment with the doctors in their convenient time slot.

By adding this feature, you can check the availability of doctors, and accordingly, you can book their appointment.

In this feature, you can also add a doctor appointment calendar app and an interactive timeline feature.

Location Tracking

By adding this feature, you can ask for real-time tracking of the doctor’s place. This feature is important for the patients to find the exact location of the doctor, and this feature can make it easy to reach the doctor.

Electronic Medical Reports

While developing this type of mobile app, make sure that you add this feature to it. This feature allows the patient to download or upload the medical reports necessary for the treatment process.

For improving quality care for patients, this feature is safe and stable.

App Messenger

This feature is also vital for the patients to stay in touch with the doctor and easily communicate with them. While developing this app, make sure to add this feature to the app.

You can also add more features of video calling or phone calling the doctor in case of an emergency.

Clinic And Doctor Search

Another important feature for adding in an appointment app is to add elements of clinic and doctor search. By adding this feature to the app, users can search for nearby clinics and specialized doctors according to the disease.

By adding this feature, a patient won’t have to go far for treatment; he/she can go to nearby clinics to consult a doctor.

According to us, there should be three main features used in developing doctor’s appointment booking apps.

  • Patient Panel Features
  • Doctor Panel Features
  • Admin Panel Features

Patient Panel Features

  • Signup, login, and logout features.
  • Various options to upload documents.
  • Advanced filters to conduct a successful search.
  • List of appointments, upcoming and previous ones.
  • List of prescriptions provided during consulting doctor.
  • Payment transaction history.
  • Push notification alerts via email or message.

Doctor Panel Features


The elementary feature of a doctor panel is registration or login. The doctor can register through a phone number, email ID, or any social account.

Doctor Profile:-

If any patient requests the doctor for an appointment, firstly, the doctor will go through their profile and analyze what disease they are suffering from, later if the doctor is free on the requested appointment date, he will accept the request otherwise he will reject it and will suggest a new date.

The doctor’s profile shows the doctor’s name, picture, specialization, certificates, location, and available appointment dates.

Manage Patients:-

This feature guides doctors to handle all the patient bookings booked, approved, canceled, or follow-ups.

Accept\Reject Appointment:-

This feature allows doctors to look at the appointments that are booked or canceled.

It is in the doctor’s hand whether to accept an appointment or reject it according to their suitable timing.

Edit Schedule:-

This feature allows doctors to edit their schedules according to their time. This feature is based on the doctor’s decision.

Apart from this feature, the doctor also has an app messenger, the same as patient panel features, to communicate with the patients.

Admin Panel Features

It is a society where everything related to patients and doctors is handled. Apart from having your doctor and patient app, you must also have admin panel features.

Let’s have a look at the admin panel list given below:

  • Doctor’s Control
  • Patients Control
  • Report Control
  • Add-on or Special Features
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Marketing Tools
  • Tracking of Health
  • Online Payments
  • In-app Camera
  • Video-calling Meeting
  • Chatting
  • Phone Call

It also includes the time for developing doctor’s appointment apps. It also involves the total cost of developing doctor’s appointment apps.

Method of Documentation:-

The method of documentation further splits into three parts:

Business Summary

One should first make a good business summary on creating an app, what the cost should be, what should be included in the app, and much more should be there in the business summary before developing any app.

To make a good app, the business summary should also be useful.


The specifications of the app which you are developing must be clear and understandable to all. Specifications must be mentioned in the business summary.

Design Models

This is one of the important documents while planning to develop an app. The design of the app should be decided earlier before formulating the app so that you will have an idea about how your app is going to look like.


This designing part includes UI\UX design models.

Development Step:-

The development step includes front-end & back-end development.


Testing is related to helping and maintenance. This part includes an error or bug fixing and polishing.

It is also related to the testing of apps after design and development, and it checks whether the app is working correctly or not without any errors or problems.

Blockchain in Healthcare Challenges: Ensuring Security and Privacy

Tech Stack For Doctor Appointment Mobile Application:-

  • Push Notification Feature
  • Authentication SMS, phone, and voice
  • Payments
  • Databases
  • Cloud Environment
  • Real-time Analytics

App Platform

The most used platforms in the world are iOS and Android. The cost of adding increasing consequences by the platform you prefer.

As the number of platforms increases, the cost of app development also increases and vice versa.

It depends upon the app development company on how many platforms they want to develop, whether a particular one or multiple platforms.

App Complexity:-

The app complexity depends on the level of the doctor’s appointment app value.

Mobile apps are classified according to their complexity stages like easy, medium, and high.

The primary alternative of mobile apps costs very slightly linked to the other two. So, select according to your app functionalities and specialties.

App Development Team:-

Among all the assets, this features much of your app cost as well as your development of the app.

The team used for healthcare app development:

  • Project Manager
  • Android Developers
  • IOS App Developers
  • Q.A. Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Requirement Analysis
  • UI/UX Designers

You must select your healthcare app development according to your demand and budget. If your budget is not much, you can choose a company that is a start-up or multi-level. But whichever company you choose, you should select the best healthcare app development company.

While selecting the company, see whether the company is the best mobile app development company or not.

Select the company that has the best app developers and that provides the best mobile development services.

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Why Will Patients Love Doctor Appointment Booking Apps?

Patients Love Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

Nowadays, smartphones have made our lives easier in almost everything, whether it is ordering food, hiring a cab, etc. We can get to every facility just by tapping on our phones. So, healthcare should not be an exception.

Patients are also now becoming customers. They don’t like to stand in a long queue or wait for their turn to come; they just want all things easygoing, whatever it is. They check the specialist, reviews and all, and only book the appointment.

They will encourage the idea of developing an app in healthcare to book doctor appointments. They will be happy by getting this facility. But patient benefits do not just stop here. Besides the convenience, patients get value from:

  • Round-the-clock access to scheduling choices.
  • Expanded list of available professionals.
  • Automated reminders of appointments and integration with their digital calendars.
  • Capability to submit any health reports before the consultation.
  • Secure payments through the app.

Doctors will have more than an advantage when it comes to online dr. appointment booking app development. When any business develops a doctor appointment application, they expect that the operational price will decrease, but the number of patients will increase.

Here are some advantages that the doctor appointment booking app will provide:

  • Upgrade the use of front-desk resources.
  • Deduct no-shows.
  • Upgrade health data monitoring and reporting.
  • Streamline billing processes.
  • Increment efficiency and earnings.

7 Steps To Build The Best Doctor Appointment Mobile Application

7 Steps To Build The Best Doctor Appointment Mobile Application

The idea of designing and developing an online doctor appointment booking is not a minor task. It takes much effort and top app ideas to build excellent and useful help for booking doctor’s appointment apps. So, here are some opinions to help you develop good doctor’s appointment booking apps.

1. Get Your Database Ready

If you look for it, the development of healthcare apps is analogous to on-demand doctor appointment app development. From the user’s viewpoint, what you offer is a marketplace, and doctors are the product. The way a customer orders a product is by scheduling a meeting.

So, firstly you need to ensure that you have the product. If you have some list of clinics with whom you are working, then check whether you have the doctor’s database or not, and will you be able to access it through APIs?

Before developing any doctor’s appointment booking app, make sure that you have a database of various doctors and various clinics. And if you don’t have one, you create the database and then start developing the app.

2. Verify A Prototype

Once you have assured the app data sources, the next step in developing doctor’s appointment apps is a prototype. You need to build the visuals of all screens in the app and verify its features with the look through a prototype.

Please note that the driving force of the iterations should be the feedback from your medical staff and test users.

You should verify the prototype before developing any app, whether it is a healthcare app or any other app. Verifying your prototype will help you to design and develop your website quickly and in less time.

You will need a prototyping instrument at this stage. You can choose any of the prototyping tools, for example.

Adobe X.D

3. Review Off-The-Shelf Scheduling Tool.

When you create an app, the most time-consuming portion of the app will be developing a scheduling engine. In the development of healthcare apps, the most time-consuming part will be developing scheduling engines. That’s if you built it from scratch. A better option is to pick an off-the-shelf-scheduling API like Acuity, TimeKit, or OnSched.

Using this or similar types of API you can significantly speed up the custom mobile app development process but note that this choice will influence your U.I. The thing with scheduling APIs/SDKs is that they do not provide the proper flexibility with the look and feel of a calendar.

That’s not to say, though, you can’t use these tools to make your app look unique. It will just take the simple plug-in integration.

On-Demand App Developers Benefits

4. Code

The tiring things still need to take place for your app to materialize. As for us, we love that part, and we know how to turn it into an exciting experience for you too. Our development team moves with quick iterations and keeps the whole coding part translucent for you by holding regular meetings. By doing this you can see the progress of the app and make the right call time.

As you’ll need to code web and mobile parts of your doctor’s app, we advise you to do this sync to avoid prolonged code refactoring later on.

5. Factor In HIPAA Compliance.

As you start creating doctor’s appointment booking apps, make sure you are making it with secure architecture aligned with the HIPAA regulations, especially HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and messaging. List some things you need to consider.

  • PHI data encryption
  • SSL connections
  • HIPAA-as-a-service cloud platform
  • HITECH Act, GDPR, and other regulations

6. Test

After the final making of the doctor’s app, it is necessary to test whether the app is working properly or not. Everything needs to be tested first after its making is over. You need to test the doctor’s appointment app thoroughly.

Testing begins together with coding and follows every development sprint.

Final testing covers all functionality and includes such things as testing, security, and unit tests.

7. Release and Maintain

The last and final step is releasing the app to make a dr. appointment booking app. However, adding mobile apps to app stores and moving the web dashboard to ‘live; is not the end of the story.

You need to update the app regularly to support new mobile O.S. versions and enhance its functionalities, depending on the user feedback.

Key Features of Successful Doctor’s App Development

Stakeholder’s Profile

Developing the doctor and user profiles are two elementary parts of a doctor appointment healthcare app development. The user profile will be drawn around the user’s name, age, gender, and necessary medical data like height, weight, blood group, hereditary diseases, etc. The doctor’s profile will have details like their area specialization, location of their clinic, the timings, name of the hospital they are associated with, and the charges of consultation. What we advise is to treat the user’s profile page as their health chart and doctor’s profile as a section where their specialization, degree, photo, their clinic photo are present.

Doctor And Clinic Search

The next must-have most crucial feature is the search bar feature. Your patient’s site of the user group should be provided with an option to search for the doctors and clinic-based on different parameters like the specialization, the clinic’s name, the doctor’s name, wait for timings, consultation charges option for having a vast search filter menu for offering the best services to the user.

GEO- Location-Based Search

Another addition to the list of features is geolocation-based search functionality to enable patients to look for clinics that are near their location. You can use Google Maps or Apple Maps functionality to add to the location-based search in your doctor appointment booking mobile application.

The benefit of this would be that the usability factor of your healthcare app will increase.

Appointment Booking

The most basic and essential feature of this app is appointment booking. The appointment booking facility should have a straightforward interface. The whole process of finding a doctor and confirming a time slab for booking the appointment is easy and problem-free.

You should give the patients the option to select a future date according to their availability while giving the doctors the functionality of accepting or rejecting the appointment as per their availability.

Doctor’s Review

Doctor’s ratings and reviews are some of the features that will make the patient side of the user get engaged in your mobile app for finding doctors. You will have to ensure that you have good and genuine ratings and reviews for your healthcare app.

The case with doctor appointment apps is that the patients only believe in other patients’ reviews and ratings. If there is a page where there is no rating or reviews, patients won’t prefer to go there for consultation.

Business Model For On-Demand Doctor Appointment App Development

The cost of developing an On-Demand doctor mobile application is eventually satisfied when the revenue generation is recognized.

The top three models for the On-Demand Doctor Mobile App are:-

Commission Based

This model grants the application’s owner to allow some commission on every transaction that occurs on the app between the doctor and the patient. The app would be a platform through which doctors can reach patients and provide the treatment they require and provide more patients. Hence, a small amount of commission reduces their fees in the commission-based app.

In-App Advertising

In-app ads are the most common and widely used business models. Other medicine-based companies can pay to get their ads to show in your app for advertisement.

The app would act as a platform on which doctors can provide services to patients and increase their sales.

Featured Listing

A platform like this can have a massive listing of doctors providing their services to several patients. The doctors connected to this kind of platform are experienced, and qualified, and patient feedback will make it hard for them to stand in long queues.

Hence, the doctors can invest in featuring themselves on top of the lists, so by reviewing other people’s reviews, the patients will come across them first because of the good reviews.

On-Demand App Ideas For Startup

Cost Of Doctor’s Appointment Booking Mobile App

The cost of developing a doctor’s appointment booking mobile app depends on the features and facilities you add to the application. Depending upon the platforms you have chosen like IOS, Android, Windows, or all three of them, the app’s design, size, and many other add-on technologies. The cost of developing a doctor’s appointment booking mobile app may go from nearly $40,000 to $50,000 if it is MVP, and if you want your design to be advanced, then your cost will be almost around $1,00,000 to $1,50,000.

Application Platform or Operating System

Any estimation of mobile app development cost depends upon the platform you choose. There is a massive difference between the development costs in different O.S.

Doctor development app development on Android O.S. is larger than iOS development since the Android application requires testing against multiple devices.

Application Design

If you want your doctor booking appointment application to run as smoothly as other applications, you must prioritize design over money. It’s that simple. The more the budget is, the better the will be user design, and that much higher will be user retention.

It is not easy to keep users engaged unless and until the design is attractive and unique. Some developers can create a good strategy at an affordable cost in your budget, but you will have to do some research on that.

Application Size

The overall cost depends upon the application size as well. The app size depends largely on the total number of features added, for example, articles, patient database, doctor’s database, continuous queries and reviews posted by the patients, and the suggestions given by the doctors.

There can also be some features like app messenger, phone call, video call, etc, which are known as advanced features that can add extra cost to the application.

Addon Technologies

Again as said earlier the features/add-ons will be the cost of developing a doctor booking app. Doctor development applications can have add-ons like mobile wallets or car rides.

Third-party integration allows add-ons, They bring tangible benefits, but the development cost will automatically bounce up.

Application Developers

There is no fixed price for a doctor’s appointment application. I can’t say that you have to set your budget to develop your dream application, but you have to.

The amount depends on the developer you choose; depending on their experience level, expertise, and geography, the cost will vary.

It is more beneficial to go for the mobile app development team from India or European countries for a user-friendly budget.

Statistics About The Cost Of Developing The Custom Doctor Appointment App

Upon deciding to develop a doctor’s appointment booking app, the business will face the impasse of choosing the right Android app development company. The most important factor that will be considered in this case is cost. We suggest choosing the best Android app development company in India as Indian developers are known for their technical expertise. If you want to develop your app in iOS then you need to select the best iOS app development company. Another benefit to learning from Indian Developers is a low development cost. The following tips should be noticed while selecting the best mobile development company in India.

  • The company should have a considerable record of developing the best mobile apps.
  • The company should have a mixture of technical as well as technical experts.
  • After-sales service provided by the company should be one of the essential factors.
  • The company working on the feedback-based development approach should be preferred.
  • The company should first hire for the MVP version, and if the work is satisfactory, you can further extend the contract to the full product.
  • One should first review the existing customer’s feedback on which one can trust and plan to give the deal.
  • You should go to a company that can immediately include new features that are developed to go live.

Developers Team Location

Apart from the development corporation, choosing their location also varies in making the doctor’s appointment app.

The cost of app developers varies from country to country.

  • Developers in India may cost up to $15-$80/hr.
  • Developers in Eastern Europe cost up to $40-$150/hr.
  • Developers in the United Kingdom cost up to $50-$70/hr.
  • Developers in Australia cost up to $90-$110/hr.
  • Developers in North America cost up to $100-$170/hr.

Hence, based on various factors, the cost to develop a doctor appointment booking app can vary. Also, as per the latest technology trend, this app runs on both platforms IOS and Android. You can look for well-versed & smart iOS app development services for iPhone apps and the same for Android as well.

Factors Affecting App Development Costs:

It is fundamental to comprehend the elements that influence the application development costs since it includes a few basic factors that can affect the entire project of the company. It is necessary to understand these factors for healthcare providers and entrepreneurs looking to embark on such an app development journey. Here, we focus on the key considerations that influence the financial aspects of creating a successful online doctor appointment booking system.

Platform Selection:

By keeping in mind the target audience, the development company has to develop the app, which is a primary decision in app development. The reason behind this is to choose the platform on which it will run, but developing for both Android and iOS may cost more compared to focusing on just one.

Design and User Interface:

Making a natural, easy-to-use point of interaction is pivotal for drawing in and holding clients. High-quality design elements, graphics, and an engaging user experience can increase development costs but are vital for the app’s success.

Backend Development:

The complexity of the backend infrastructure plays a significant role in determining costs. Features like appointment scheduling, data storage, and real-time notifications require robust backend development, which can add to the overall expense.

Third-Party App Integrations:

Third-party App Integration such as electronic health records (EHR) or payment gateways, can be both time-consuming and costly. Ensuring seamless communication between the app and these systems is crucial for functionality and security.

Security Considerations:

In the healthcare sector, data security is paramount. Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive patient information adds an extra layer of cost, including encryption, secure data storage, and compliance with regulations like HIPAA or GDPR.

Regulatory Compliance:

Doctor booking apps often fall under healthcare regulations and privacy laws, necessitating compliance efforts and associated costs. Making sure that the app meets these legal requirements is non-negotiable.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

Testing and quality assurance are essential to eliminate bugs and ensure a smooth user experience. The cost of testing and the time required for bug fixing can impact the overall project budget.

Ongoing Maintenance and Updates:

App development is an ongoing process. Factoring in the costs of regular updates, bug fixes, and improvements post-launch is essential for the app’s sustainability and relevance in the market.

Understanding these factors and their potential impact on costs is vital for budgeting and planning when it comes to doctor appointment app development. While each factor may add to the expense, strategic decision-making, such as opting for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, considering offshore development, or leveraging open-source software, can help mitigate some of these costs without compromising on quality or functionality.

Cost Breakdown for Developing an App to Schedule a Doctor Appointment

To develop a doctor booking app, there are various expenses charged which can affect the overall budget of a company. Understanding the cost breakdown is essential for healthcare providers and entrepreneurs planning to invest in such an application. Here, we provide insights into the key components that impact the financial aspects of building a successful doctor appointment app and help us understand the cost breakdown for developing an app to schedule a doctor appointment.

Development Team:

The foundation of any app project lies in the development team. The team includes front front-end developer, a backend developer, a project manager, a UI/UX designer, and a quality assurance team who all are responsible for completing the project successfully.. The cost of hiring skilled professionals in these roles constitutes a significant portion of the budget.

Technology Stack and Tools:

Selecting the right technology stack and development tools can affect both the development timeline and costs. Licensing fees, if any, for specific software or frameworks should be considered. Additionally, ongoing subscriptions and maintenance costs may apply.

App Design and User Interface:

Making an engaging and easy-to-understand configuration is vital for drawing in and holding clients. Costs connected with visual communication, wireframing, prototyping, and client testing ought to be considered.

Server Hosting and Cloud Services:

To ensure the app’s performance and scalability, expenses for server hosting and cloud services are necessary. These costs may vary depending on the expected user base and the chosen hosting solutions.

Third-Party Integrations and APIs:

Many doctor appointment booking apps integrate with external services such as electronic health records (EHR) systems or payment gateways. Costs related to coordinating and keeping up with these administrations ought to be remembered for the financial plan.

Security and Compliance Expenses:

Ensuring the security of sensitive patient data is paramount. Costs connected with carrying out safety efforts, for example, encryption, access controls, and consistency with medical services guidelines like HIPAA or GDPR, should be thought of.

Marketing and Promotion:

Building an app is only part of the equation; marketing and promotion are crucial for its success. Costs for marketing strategies, advertising, and user acquisition campaigns should be allocated in the budget.

Strategies to Reduce Development Costs for a Doctor Appointment Booking App

While developing a doctor appointment booking app, cost efficiency is a critical consideration. Implementing smart strategies can help reduce development expenses without compromising on the app’s quality or functionality. Some strategies can be used:

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Approach:

Start with the core features that are essential for the app’s functionality. Launching an MVP allows you to get the app to market faster with lower initial costs. You can then gather user feedback and gradually add more features based on demand and budget availability.

Offshore Development:

To reduce the expenses one has to outsource the countries which are having low labour costs resulting in reducing expenses. It is not easy to choose a developmental team that can provide you with quality and reliability.

Open-Source Software and Frameworks:

Utilizing open-source tools, libraries, and structures can save money on authorizing charges and decrease development time. Many well-maintained open-source solutions are available for various aspects of app development.

Agile Development Methodology:

Adopting an agile approach allows for flexibility in project management. It enables you to adapt to changing requirements and priorities, potentially reducing development costs associated with rigid planning.

Reusable Components:

Encourage the development team to build reusable components and modules that can be used across different parts of the app. It is effecting in saving time and maintenance costs as well as it ensures consistency.

Lean Development Principles:

Apply lean development principles to eliminate waste and focus on value-adding activities. Continuously assess and optimize the development process to reduce inefficiencies.

Appropriate Technology Stack:

Choose a technology stack that aligns with your app’s requirements and budget constraints. Opting for well-established and widely adopted technologies can reduce development costs by leveraging existing expertise and resources.

Cloud Services and Scalability:

Use cloud services to scale your app as it grows. With a serval approach, you just have to pay for the resources you use, and eliminates the need for large upfront investments.

Cross-Platform Development:

If budget constraints are a concern, consider cross-platform development frameworks like React Native or Flutter. These permit you to construct applications for the two iOS and Android stages utilizing a solitary codebase, lessening improvement exertion and cost.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization:

After the app’s launch, closely monitor its performance and user feedback. Identify areas for improvement and focus development efforts on features that provide the most value to users, thus optimizing development costs over time.

Common Misconceptions About Doctor Booking Apps

Common Misconceptions About Doctor Booking Apps

When you start analyzing the topic of doctor appointment booking app development, you’ll be shocked by the difference in views on such apps. The main reason is that still, doctor appointment booking apps are growing in trend. Not every company has experience in developing such solutions.

So, they describe you as a bunch of features that belong to an entirely different category of healthcare apps.


When people imagine such features to add to healthcare apps, they don’t have an idea about the fantastic imagination.

Let’s just say that a telemedicine app that offers video calls or chat is a thing of its own, and adding this feature to your app can lift your cost to develop a doctor appointment app to $59,000 minimum.


Let’s think about why people use such types of apps over scheduling meetings over phone calls. It’s to avoid waiting in line, so patients just want to book their time slot whenever they are free and only come at that time without waiting in a long queue.


I hope that you got all the information about the doctor appointment booking solutions that I have mentioned in this blog and help you to develop your doctor’s appointment booking app and find the best mobile app development company or doctor appointment app development company for Android and iPhone app development company for iOS.

We, at Nevina Infotech, can provide the best experienced mobile app developers. They can help you develop your dream app as you want with all the facilities and features mentioned above and any others you’re going to add. Don’t think before contacting us feel free to contact us to develop a doctor’s appointment booking mobile app.

We’ll provide you with expert and well-knowledged developers who won’t give you any chance to complain. So, you can trust us and contact us.

We will be glad to help you to develop your dream mobile app. I will be glad to know that your doubts about how to build an on-demand doctor appointment app will be solved through this blog.

You can contact us through email or phone for more details, guide you on developing a doctor booking app.


  • What Is Doctor Appointment Booking App And How Does It Work?

    A doctor appointment booking app is a type of app where you can book your doctor’s appointment through mobile without standing in a long queue.
    This app consists of all the features and functions that should be in a doctor’s appointment app.
    This app is used based on Google Maps. Users can search on a map for nearby clinics and can book appointments online. Users can also share their location, through which the app can show nearby clinics.

  • How Much Should The Cost of Building a Doctor Booking App?

    The cost of building a doctor’s appointment booking app is based on two different ways, and it depends on which methods to choose to develop your app.
    The first option is to pay as you start developing, where you can rent the service from our organization.
    The other way is to develop a licensed application, where our developers will design and develop a customized on-demand doctor for you.

  • How Much Time Does It Take To Develop A Medical Appointment Booking App?

    It takes between two to four months to develop a medical appointment booking app, from prototyping and designs to uploading a customer’s ready app to app stores and deploying a web dashboard to a production environment.

  • What Is The Cost to Build a Healthcare App In 2023?

    The cost of developing any mobile may vary depending on the features you choose to add to it. It depends on various factors like platform, and features that are going to be included in the app. The cost can be calculated based on per-hour wages, including the team.
    The hourly wages may range up to $30-$350 per hour, depending upon the location and the developer’s experience. A mobile app that includes a back-end server may be expensive compared to one without it.
    A small app can cost around $5000 to $25000 minimum. A medium-sized app can minimally cost about $50000. The cost of a large and complex app that has all the latest functionalities and features can be $60000 to $70000 on the minimal side. It can also increase if you add any features to it.

  • What Platforms Do You Recommend For Creating Such An App?

    We prefer you to work with React.JS, Node.js, and React Native to expedite the time to market for iOS and Android Apps. However, depending on the particularity of your app, we might need to stick with native development.

  • What Is The Standard Team Composition For Building A Medical Scheduling App?

    We need a full-stack web developer to build a dashboard, two mobile developers to create iOS and Android apps, a designer and Q.A. engineer, plus a project manager to keep you updated on the app’s progress.

  • Do You Provide Android, iOS, Admin Panel, etc.? What Will Be Included In The Package?

    Yes, we provide a User and Booking app for Android and iOS, an Admin panel, and all the features mentioned in the blog are included in the package.
    You can also add other features except those that are mentioned, and if you add some additional features, the Best Doctor Appointment app development cost can increase depending upon the number of features added.

  • Do You Provide Customization Services?

    Yes, we do provide customization services for apps, Its features and designs also change. We can customize your app as per your needs; we can add anything you want to add to your app.

  • Are There Any Latent Charges Apart From App Development?

    There are no hidden charges for app development; the costs that will be charged are mentioned clearly before developing your app. The payments will be added if you add another feature to it; otherwise, there will be no change in the charge.
    We explain and clear all the clients’ doubts once they choose the type of model they wish to develop. Apart from the development charge, we don’t charge for anything extra.

  • Do You Provide Support Service After Distributing Of The App?

    Yes, we provide deployment service for the apps that we have developed. Our after-sale services support you in any situation. If the app is giving any bugs or errors, we provide after-sales services.
    Our after-sales services are also good. Even after the app has been deployed and you want to customize your app, we can provide you services to customize your app.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

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