Fintech stands for financial technology when any finance merges with technology for good performance and more efficient process when word fintech is used. For fintech, there is no specific definition for banking departments such as the personal finance section, mutual funds, and all other finance departments; from all these things, it evolves and sounds like fintech.

For making it easier for the people, financial software development company are trying to be accessible by using smartphones with the help of mobile banking, borrowing services, and many more other things; moreover, finance company consist of establishing financial institutions and startups they are also trying to replace technology companies.

Fintech companies use different types of technology such as big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), blockchain. In contrast, AI algorithms can watch client spending habits, and it allows the financial institution to know their clients. There is also one thing that has been used: a chatbot is a tool that banks are using to help with customer service.

Other fintech companies such as Clair create technology and plaid company. These companies supplement technology and improve existing financial services such as augmenting payroll services or consumers and transferring funds between a bank with companies; from all these things, you can get an idea about fintech.

Why should I invest in fintech?

invest in fintech app development

Nowadays, many businesses are running through fintech compared to past years. There are four main reasons to invest in fintech app.

  • Easier payment process
  • Evaluating risks
  • Faster investment
  • Lower cost
  • Easier payment process

    In this modern era main reason to develop fintech is to make the payment process more manageable. Fintech app has saved your time by using credit cards, and digital wallets and online banking app can make debit card payments by the fintech transaction.

  • Evaluating risks

    When an online payment system has come at that time, people fear getting their money at risk. Still, when a fintech app development company has come to the market, individuals have overcome the risk and make their payment more quickly. Then it comes to lending loans for any transaction in which they fear fraud and risk of error payment.

  • Faster investment

    Fintech app development has provided financial advisors and 24/7 consultation and extensive advice via mobile app. This can enhance the process and give better suggestion options. Moreover, they open new doors for entrepreneurs for investments and loans by creating banking and non-banking platforms.

  • Lower cost

    To register in the financial business, money is taken in the market, where financial services are accessed on a device such as a smartphone. Fintech has improved the (POS) point of sales system and reduces the charge of the business; moreover, they added analytics data to keep their client busy.

Here are some features which you need to know before you invest in a FinTech app:

  • Build a secured platform
  • Introduce innovation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Changes the dynamics of customer experience
  • Reimagining the future with blockchain services
  • Robust notification system
  • The easy and secure registration process
  • Chatbot
  • Push notifications
  • Fingerprint login
  • Voice banking app

Types of fintech app

When you start developing a mobile app for fintech, it is the most important thing to know about the different types of fintech app that are launched in the market. So to make a successful fintech app, you should choose the right financial software development company. Here are 7 types of sources.

Types of fintech app

  1. Digital payments
  2. Digital banking
  3. Digital lending
  4. Digital investment
  5. Insuretech
  6. Regtech
  7. Consumer finance
  1. Digital payments

    Digital payment is the largest source of fintech industries; digital payment addresses the need for cashless, secure money transfer, and fast transferring. For all these things, e-wallets and digital currencies are available. There are two popular platforms available for all these things Paypal, Payoneer.

    Paypal is a digital platform for performing payments online. It enables a fast and secure transaction between vendor and customers without any financial details. Paypal also supports debit cards and credit card. From that thing, you can register with a Paypal account.

    Payoneer is also one online payment process that permits more easily know cross-border and domestic money transfers. For this financial transaction, you need to use a prepaid Mastercard among all free-lancing platforms. Payoneer is the most popular freelancer.

  2. Digital banking

    Digital banking is the best source for customers who want to open their bank accounts digitally and do financial transactions digitally without the involvement of a third party. To fulfil the needs of the customer, online mobile and digital-only banks have been involved. To compete with the growing market, traditional banks had to build financial apps. Here are the two best examples for such kinds of banks that are N26 and Revolut.

    N26:- It is a digital bank that fully provides online transactions with the help of its N26 mobile app. It is safe because N26 allows linking your account with just one smartphone at a time, and before payments or any transaction, you need to allow offline and online transactions with the help of a secure PIN.

    Revolut:- It is also a type of digital bank whose aim is to link globally. With the help of Revolut, one can use their already existing bank account to convert the funds deposited into various currencies. It enables free international money transfer and allows access to the cryptocurrency exchange.

  3. Digital lending

    Digital lending has dramatically changed the process of renewing and new registered loans; however, simple loan apps and websites like a comprehensive automated platform for this digital lending software give efficient handling of loan requests and impact interactions between borrowers and landowner. Here is some guideline that will help you to develop a fintech app for digital lending.

    Kabbage:- Kabbage is a digital lending app that gives facilities to payment services to do business by the credit most attractive about Kabbage because it doesn’t require additional fees. The business user can apply for a loan, and immediately they can get the rates and fees so that they can start using their funds in some time.

    Calyx point:- Calyx point is the best mortgage solution provider for banks, especially for brokers, mortgage landowners, and credit unions. It has been designed in such a unique way for all phases of the loan process. You should also know about this digital lending tool.

  4. Digital investment

    Digital investment is a platform that allows investors and retail to get more details to invest in different types of digital platforms. Investment apps nowadays give you a chance to invest your money in the stock market with the help of an online process. By getting the support of the finance mobile app development team, users can improve their performance by providing legit analytics and data. If you want to develop your fintech app, then here are some following things you should do to develop a better fintech app.

    • Hedgeable
    • Addepar
    • Hedgeable:- In the Hedgeable most crucial feature is that the help of Robo-advisor gives wealth management to the investors. It also offers to customize features and options for automated investing. Its annual amount fees are based on the amount of the investor account.

    • Addepar:- Addepar gives solutions to investors and advisors, so it is also known as investment management. This Addepar main aim is a global financial system for different types of currencies of the world with the help of Addepar businessmen get a clear view to communicate for financial decisions.

  5. Insuretech

    Insuretech and other digital insurance company make a deal with technologies which used in insurance industry field these two companies have set their goal to do claim processing and increase the speed of the policy administration as fast they can. Insuretech company differs from other basic websites offering insurance sometimes for the people who borrow the car CRM complex system. You can also develop your fintech app in smartphone here are the solution which can help you create an app for this insurance sector BIMA and TROV.

    BIMA:- It is an app that gives mobile delivered insurance. They tie up with mobile network operators and financial businesses to provide low-income individuals with insurance. BIMA policy covers health insurance, accident insurance, come life and personal insurance.

    TROV:- TROV provides a single property item from their mobile phone, so this TROV demands an insurance app. It also gives facilities to store the essential details about their property in this TROV app and back up their TROV cloud account data.

  6. Regtech

    Regtech helps to solve issues and challenges by employing innovative technology. Regtech solution company gives solution by observing their company closely with ongoing process and carry out the details to solve the complaint with requirement guidelines. There are two different ways to reduce the risk of human error provided by the Regtech app.

    • 6 clicks:-
      6 clicks mainly stand for the compliance platform and global assessment phase. It also helps manage risk identification and gives reviews and assessments for stakeholders for the risk management lifestyle cycle.

    • password:-
      Password is a platform that allows doing automatic KYB, KYC, AML, and other compliance cheques. It also provides to translate your compliance policies into a digital automated task which is based on onboarding.

  7. Consumer finance

    Consumer finance enables a financial branch that more easily provides a user with the help of managing their expenses. With this type of fintech app, clients can use their spending in advance by making some plan; by this, their account balance can be forecasted in the future from spending more on making a plan. For consumer finance management, the fintech app has also developed an application mentioned in the following steps.

    • Mint:-

      Mint is a free budgeting app that keeps its eyes on the client to maintain their outgoing money and incoming money. This app can also be synchronized with a different bank account such as PayPal and a credit card.

    • Money patrol:-

      Money patrol is a tool that securely observes client financial accounts, so it is called personal finance. From this app, you can see the whole transaction overview of your spending in all categories.

7 things to understand before starting a Fintech app

fintech app development services

To create a successful Fintech app, you need to solve specific problems of the user. Solving the problem and building a Fintech app is like applying butter to bread for a financial software development company. However, fintech has many drawbacks, so to overcome the drawbacks and make your Fintech app successful, here are the 7 things to know about.

  1. Get to know the regulations
  2. Identify your niche
  3. Find your competitive advantage
  4. Hire the team
  5. Choose the tech stack
  6. Get funded
  7. Built and improve
  1. Get to know the regulations

    Banking and fintech are highly demanding industries, so you need to know about the ups and downs of this whole industry, including loss, regulatory authorities, limitations, and requirements. General data protect all business regulations that had been interacted with user data. This policy is the tip for all companies who are supposed to be in the finance industry. Moreover, Fintech rules include anti-money laundering known as AML and know your customer known as KYC you should also need to operate other standardized mechanisms and digital certificates.

  2. Identify your Niche

    Here is some Fintech domain to be aware of lending, mobile banking, personal finance management, payments, and international money transfer, Insuretech, trading an investment, crowdfunding, data analysis and financial decision making, financial product for small business, blockchain-based solution and cryptocurrency instead if you want to select some additional domain out of this that your product has to target some particular audience, for example, demographic group or country but if you launch your startup first and then expand to the market globally then it should be better for you o firstly focus on this domain time rather than selecting some others.

  3. Find your competitive advantage

    As your niche has been selected, you should get to know about your competition. While doing this will help you find what will differentiate our product from the existing solution, so you have to be aware and get a competitive advantage or unique value. This can ultimately reveal a new product and target a particular Niche mark, although it can improve the quality of offers existing in the market.

    Now have a look at how fintech is increasing dramatically and know more business opportunities. However, this Fintech industry is getting more dominating by well-known significant software such as Microsoft and Ventures that are extremely successful. To stop this and control this Fintech market app, you should start betting stellar execution on which you have an idea in most of the cases.

  4. Hire the team

    First, you have to choose the right person to be on your side because it indirectly seems the key to success if you take the right person. To startup your financial app, you should attract finance app development and grow your team to face all the challenges to make it easy. If you hire some experienced developers, your app will not find significant obstacles, but experienced developers will not accept your deal at a cheaper value. For a better startup, you should hire a financial software development company and choose the perfect location. By doing all these things together, you will create a powerful team with the specific domain and specialist and have the knowledge and legit experience for your app within medium cost.

  5. Choose the tech stack

    For superior Fintech products, heavyweight customized software is mandatory. Tech stack that most of the software is provided in the market for Fintech app are mentioned for you:

    • Python
    • Java and Ruby
    • JavaScript
    • C/C++

    These are mainly used programming languages for Fintech app development moreover framework is also used such as:

    • React
    • Spring
    • Django
    • Node.js

    Some of the databases are included to develop are:

    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • Redis
    • MySQL

    These are the main things you should know to develop a Fintech app, but the second thing you should have to give equal attention to how you will create your Infrastructure and a cloud platform because it gives better and robust offers towards DPOS. It also helps to recover the data online if any network issue has occurred.

  6. Get funded

    There are many different ways to get money to startups, such as capital to crowdfunding, bank loans to make power, and many other things. Moreover, you can also take money from your relatives and close friends. Still, if you choose the right way, then you can show your skills more powerful and get efficient investors; by doing all these things together, you will get more fund and also, you can create an attractive visual prototype. Nowadays, a visual prototype is the best way to prepare a powerful pitch that can help you collect more funds faster.

  7. Build and improve

    I hope you got knowledge and guidelines about creating a fintech startup from all the points mentioned above. Still, if you create your fintech startup with the minimal viable product(MVP), it should be good and more efficient for you to develop. Secondly, create the features as per the need and try to improve the user’s complaint by daily checking the feedbacks then slowly and steadily increase the growth of your product. Using your brain smartly, launch your fintech app in the market where you can not find any risk factor.

What makes the Fintech app a future of the business

Fintech app a future of the business

As fintech is growing fast daily, this fintech is proving aggressive itself for other business field and financial field. Indirectly, it is also helping other fields get more improvements in their particular field and reduce the risk factors such as lending process, online payment, management regarding wealth, and much more other finance that are internally connected.

On the other side, fintech is adding one unique technology for customer experience by adding the value of higher side and also adding some strategies towards the market to reduce the time of risk in future if the business world by using some techniques and tactics here are some factors of fintech that gives surety to be taken care.

  • Rise of millennials
  • Payment app and digital wallets
  • Rise of millennials
    The first and foremost reason that made fintech more dangerous and in the limelight is the world of business taking interest and adding millions of new generation people; this all-new generation of people depends mainly on a platform like social media to gain financial advice or getting more information to become more involved in financial institution moreover they are pretty demanding and less loyal for some personalized services at the ray of light. As per the survey, 5 out of 2 million individuals change their bank account in every 3 to 4 months to get more information and experience by that drastic increment is needed to advance their technologies in the financial sector.

    Fintech is following some rules before starting and developing the companies as compared to other financial institution because fintech provides to customize the option as the client is giving services for data utilization with using technologies such as AIF Artificial Intelligence Finance which can make more satisfy and gaining more revenue by helping in millions of business.

  • Payments app and digital wallets

    In this payment app and digital wallets, P2P payment app and digital wallets have not brought any success because Fintech app has proved itself more aggressive in the market. These all digital wallets and payment app gives secure and quick access to the client to send their money and to receive their money at ant time an not facing any problem regarding the amount from that individual can pay their electricity bill, phone bills, travel bookings and any payment and transactions can be done without carrying wallets in their pocket by doing this all thing they are gaining more trust and encouraging other business to create their finance app.

Different sectors where fintech is bringing changes

sectors where Fintech is bringing changes

After evaluating and knowing the various process of the banking sector in detail, fintech technology has decided to create a significant impact on other platforms and businesses. Still, before going into detail, we should explore and get details about each business. Here are 5 various things that we should know and get about it.

  • On-demand economy
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Government ruled banks
  • Crowdfunding
  • On-demand economy

    Fintech is trying to provide an on-demand economy in many multiple ways for drivers and customers; both try to make one payment process. Users can connect their bank account with sharing app without suffering any difficulty while doing this process. They are also giving drivers that more small business tools like automatic invoices and expense management, which will make the more easy financial process and upgrade more productivity by doing these things together with different insurance companies and fintech startups can also invest in the taxi sector and can offer all services together with such as they can give some platform to that user moreover fintech app such as coin based will increase their interest in promoting and making transaction to e-gift cards in the on-demand application.

  • Healthcare

    This fintech company is also trying to provide new opportunities in the healthcare industry by helping the patients and healthcare sector with facing current challenges and proving experiences to them. Financial technology gives seamless payment solutions; moreover, there are new ways for several lending and insurance purposes. Many medical technology startups have added fintech in their services to give all the medical services come under one wall. However, one significant rise has been observed in adopting blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. Payment can be done and possible via virtual with taking care of data security with smart contracts.

  • Retail

    Here retail structures are enjoying the new transformation with finance app development unique customers with payment experience providing more experience to the user trying to make more possible interactions with a customer via retail stores and different platforms. They are also trying to make simple payments and checkout processes to help retailers get satisfied. They are also trying to boost their strategy in the market by empowering retails to know what things should be done to know your customer. However, they are also giving knowledge about the loyalty program, paid and written program policy. Besides this, there are social messaging app and digital payment app to make it possible for the retail payment process via all payment app and social media apps.

  • Government ruled banks

    Fintech is trying to merge the government banks by offering multiple digital services and platforms to connect with delivered transport users and give impact-full solutions. They have got one way to do and achieve this. They have also started to introduce open banking. Open banking is a thing from which banking data can be shared among two or more independent users with APIs’ help. These APIs permit to enhance customers’ experience, create a sustainable service for the market and generate revenue via approaching data sharing and lending. These all things are empowering fintech in multi innovators as various one-off bank agreements cannot be possible with the financial industry, especially with the traditional model.

  • Crowdfunding

    Comparing with before time, it was complicated to gain trust in the market and raise funds potentially because due to lack of platforms, historical data and resources are establishing brands and startups from getting out of the frauds. Still, with the help of the fintech app, the crowdfunding process has become more accessible. Moreover, technologies are trying to bring more effective approaches to P2P payment and ease the process of investors with the fundraising process. It is also establishing a financial institution like NBFC and banks by encouraging fundraising platforms to make better services and offers in the market by following all this fintech technology to build a bridge with private investors and the public from which they get more fund new avenues.

Cost of developing a FinTech app

Cost of FinTech app development

Before developing any website, one must fix their budget before developing it; this will help you decide which type of app to create and add to it.

The cost of developing a fintech app can vary depending upon the platform, features tech stack, and the number of members included in the team. Before selecting any financial software development company, one must fix the budget and price for developing the app, so this won’t create a problem in a long time.

The future will be depended upon the Fintech app as people are moving towards online transactions, so the demand for it will also increase. The cost of developing a fintech app can be $20,000 to $50,000 approx.


As mentioned above in this blog, you will get to know the information and knowledge about the need for businesses to invest in fintech app. In this blog, you will get to know about the advantages and ideas about what to know about fintech app and the future of fintech apps, and if you want to develop an app, you can also get an idea about the fintech app design.

Nevina Infotech is one of the leading mobile app development companies that will guide you to develop your fintech app with the help of its fintech app developers as per your requirements.


How to create a finance app?

The answer to your question about creating a fintech app is mentioned in this blog; not only you will get the knowledge on the app development, but you will also get an idea about the steps one should keep in mind while developing the app and also about the finance app development cost.

What does a fintech app development cost?

The fintech app development cost depends on many factors like the platform you choose to develop the app, the tech stack of the app, the team to develop the app, the features you want to add to the app, and much more. If you want to develop an MVP app, then the cost will not be much, but if you want to develop an app with more features and advanced functionalities, then the cost will be more.

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