Best Innovative Web App Ideas for Startups to Make Money

In this digital era, anyone can build a mobile app or website but people now look for two-in-one offers. Web apps are that 2 in 1 package that helps businesses create websites and mobile applications simultaneously saving time, effort, and money. These apps are preferable for startups because they have limited budgets and resources.

Nowadays, there is an app for everything from dating to shopping. Still, web app ideas for startups should be unique and innovative because making a completely different app will only let you stand in the crowded market of competition or else you will be lost.

Hundreds of app ideas are available online, but finding one out of hundreds is quite difficult. That is why for those who are in search of creative web app ideas a few app suggestions are being gathered here to help you pick the best & remarkable web app ideas that suits your requirement and budget. Before diving directly into the web app ideas let’s understand web apps and the way it works in brief.

What is a Web Application?

Web applications is a software program that operates from a web browser and can be stored on remote servers. web apps are created using a language that is supported by a web browser such as JavaScript, HTML, etc as these languages depend on the browser to make the app effective. Some apps need server-side processing because they are flexible. Other apps don’t need server processing as they are entirely fixed.

How do Web Applications Function?

  • Initially, An Internet request is sent to the web server when a user visits a web application through a web browser or mobile application. keep in mind that load balancers & security controls may be present.
  • The request is received by the web server and forwarded to the web app server. The web app server then performs the task as per requested and generates the required data.
  • The generated information is sent back to the web server by the web app server.
  • The web server then sends this information to the user interface to display it on the user’s device.

Top 10 Web App Ideas for Startups

Blockchain-based applications:

Blockchain-based applications

Blockchain is the most frequently used technology for potential security nowadays. Many businesses are adopting blockchain for privacy and safety concerns. Therefore, blockchain-based applications are the best web app ideas for startups as it is going to be profitable in 2024 and after. The benefits of blockchain like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and smart contracts encourage all-scale businesses to leverage the benefits of this technology for growth.

You can create a fintech web app with blockchain technology that provides better security compared to traditional banking services. With the assurance of complete privacy and security people can transfer and receive money in the form of digital currencies along with an investment tracking facility.

Blockchain in Healthcare Challenges

eCommerce Web App:

eCommerce web app

Online shopping is not a trend but a necessity in this busy world. No one has time to go out shopping neither shop has enough varieties of products to satisfy a customer’s choice. eCommerce provides unlimited options, price variations, and filters for a better experience.

Building an eCommerce store is one of the top web app ideas for startups. You can sell your goods online using an eCommerce store. Platforms like Magento web development are now used for building an online store simply using ready tools and templates.

Blog Web App:

Blogging is recently trending as it makes money and is a fantastic idea to make your brand identity. bloggers can informally express their views and earn money. It is an amazing web app idea for startups you can make money through advertisements, sponsorship materials, etc on your blog web app.

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money from blogging. The affiliate earns money by advertising the goods and services of the merchant in this business model. It provides appropriate information that leads users to affiliate links. The money you may earn from affiliate marketing depends on the number of people visiting your website and the traffic it sends.

A Virtual Classroom Web app:

Virtual Classroom Web app

Since the eLearning sector is growing after the pandemic creating a virtual classroom can be a profitable web app idea for startups as it can be beneficial for both teachers and students. Along with the classroom, you can include study material and teaching resources in your web app to make it more useful.

A virtual classroom is the best place to connect students with their teachers and learn in a self-paced environment for better understanding, comfort and flexibility. While Virtual classrooms depend on educational apps you can either go for creating an eLearning app by approaching custom web app development services in the market.

Portfolio Web App:

Portfolio web app

it is hard to combine all your graphic work to create a portfolio. this can be made easier by building a portfolio web app that displays all your work in one place. it will also increase the chances of getting work offers, making it one of the easiest web app ideas for startups to implement and make money.

A portfolio web app can be easily modified and its content and design can be changed & updated with the latest trends. There are many web app development solutions available in the market that can create a portfolio web app for you and also provides maintenance & support.

Global Language Learning Web App:

Global Language Learning Web App

As we all know that globalization is trending in the current times. Creating a language web app is necessary as many people move to foreign countries for studies or jobs they need to learn the local language to connect with locals easily and that is why they need this application. You need a custom web app development strategy to create a global language app as it will have languages from across the globe along with the videos or content necessary to make the learning process easy.

Hence, creating a global language learning app is the best and most beneficial web app idea for startups. Some features of the learning app like various modes of learning and gamification features will make your app more interesting along with a dashboard showing scores and achievements you can also add social media feature to connect with friends to make your app more engaging.

Cloud-meeting App:

Cloud-meeting app

In today’s digital world, a cloud meeting app can be one of the great web app ideas to connect users. Companies and institutes can connect to employees or clients with the cloud meeting app. You can create a custom app by outsourcing a web application development company.

A cloud meeting app enables the user to become a meeting host and conduct virtual meetings with any around the globe. Big companies have a large team of employees working remotely in different countries they can connect with them via cloud meeting web app.

Future Predicting Web App:

Future predicting web app:

An app that can end the tradition of looking hands for predicting the future can be among the most unique web app ideas for startups as everyone is interested in knowing their future predictions. By incorporating trending technologies like AI and ML you can provide a more accurate prediction of the future to the users.

A future predicting astrology web app can make revenue beyond limits making it an amazing web app idea to accomplish. You can also add paid membership plans to the apps or ads to earn more from the app.

Best Money-Making App Ideas For Startups

CEO Dashboard Web App:

CEO Dashboard Web App

Whether it is a startup or a large company, CEO has a lot of work to do not having time to analyze large amounts of data. It is easy to collect data but to manage it is quite difficult. Creating a CEO dashboard web app can be considered an amazing web app idea for reducing the burden of CEO.

The dashboards can break down large amounts of data and let you look at it in a different location. With the CEO dashboard app, the CEO can independently examine several items while their staff focuses on other important responsibilities.

Online Gaming Web App:

Online gaming web app

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular today. However, many gamers find it overwhelming to physically install numerous game software on devices to sate their gaming urge. A web app can be beneficial as it will not consume space.

Having a web application that offers a selection of online games from various genres and enables players to enjoy them online while not doing any physical installation is so advantageous. It call also helps people connect on a gaming platform and make new friends online.

On-Demand App Ideas For Startup

Child Tube Web App Ideas:

Child tube web app ideas

Children these days rely on mobile phones for everything from eating to studying. Other video apps have so much stuff that is not preferable to children. Here comes the need for a child tube web app that has colorful and engaging content only for kids.

Busy working parents often struggle with their child’s engagement and happiness. Creating such web apps for startups can be beneficial for such parents as well as businesses as it will earn great revenue. It will not only engage their child but also he will learn without being distracted by inappropriate content.

Fintech Web App Development:

With the growing advancement in financial technology, fintech app development has been increasing. According to research, $130 billion in money has been transferred via fintech apps internationally. This proves that these web app ideas are going to earn a lot of revenue.

If you are a startup, wondering which app will be beneficial to make a triggered start go with an international fintech web app idea that can transfer money to all parts of the world and is not limited to a country. Some successful mobile fintech app examples include PayPal, Moneygram, etc but these are mobile apps, not web apps.

VR-based Travel Web App:

VR-based Travel Web App

Many people are not able to travel due to many reasons like lack of money, medical reasons etc. for them an application to provide them with virtual tours of places similar to reality can be amazing web app ideas for startups. These applications will provide them with a travel experience in a budget-friendly and accessible way.

It can be cost-effective for users but not for startups, if you create it with your team it will cost a lot as it will require VR technologies and developers with knowledge and expertise. We suggest you hire a custom web application development company that has knowledge of VR technology and can implement it in your app to make a unique piece.

Mobile Application Security

Voice-to-text Converter Web App:

Voice-to-text converter web app

A web application for converting voice into text can be helpful for people with hearing disorders, students to record lectures in texts, etc. for a better understanding afterward. This app should work in real-time to improve availability and communications in many situations like meetings, conversations, lectures, etc. It can also be used by writers or script writers saving their time and efforts on writing.

You can approach top-notch web development solutions to make your innovative dream a reality. A real-time voice-to-text web app will make you earn a lot of revenue as it is really useful for a wide range of people throughout the world.

On-Demand Flower Delivery Web App:

Flower delivery web app on-demand

Occasions or birthdays are all greeted with flowers and bouquets. Arranging them at the right time sometimes becomes difficult and attending these occasions is also not always possible. For making it easier for users to send flowers or bouquets to their friends or relatives an on-demand flower delivery web app can be one the most unique and innovative web app ideas.

You can also order flowers to bring to an event if you are in a hurry & don’t have time to buy one. Flower delivery at the right place at the right time is not the only benefit but ensuring that it will be fresh and beautifully packed according to the occasion.


With the advancement of technology and high demand for innovative and best web app ideas for startups creating an app can be easy but making it stand out in the crowd of the app market might be difficult. The above web app ideas can set you apart from the competition and achieve the desired success only with the help of custom web app development and services.

There is a pool of opportunities in the web app development market, picking the right web app ideas that are trending is the only effort you have to make leaving other things to the web application development company. An experienced & ruptured company like Nevina Infotech can create an interactive and engaging web app that will secure a permanent seat for your startup in the competitive market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best web app example?

There is a pool of amazing web apps but Google Drive is at the top o the list giving tough competition to Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. It has been observed that the majority of users prefer Google Drive as compared to others as it is suitable for Android and iOs both and enables users to store, share, view, and provide access to others with complete security and privacy.

Will web apps replace apps in the future?

With increased demand and interest of users in web app ideas for startups along with the increase in technologies and capabilities of web apps, it can be said that mobile applications might decline with the growing popularity and use of web apps for businesses and individuals.

What are the reasons for a web app failure?

There can be many reasons for a web app failure. The major reason is the lack of demand for the product in the market, lack of marketing promotion, inappropriate UIUX, competition with big brands, technical problems, and low budget.

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