We are living in a world of transformation where the popularity of on-demand applications is increasing rapidly. Enterprises are acquiring mobile app development services because of their enhanced requirements.

In the modern age of digitization, flight ticket booking app development has become a need for travel agencies and airlines. With the advancement in technology, the ticket booking process for flights has become user-friendly & convenient.

The travel sector has recently been driven by an increase in travelers from all over the world. The size of the global market for online travel booking services was estimated at USD 519.1 billion in 2021 and is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 9.0% by 2030.

With this technical revolution, the traditional flight booking system is getting outdated. User expectations are increasing as we can see everything is now available on mobile phones, this has uplifted the need for flight booking app development. A significant amount of air travel is currently booked through mobile applications, and this fashion is expected to continue in the future.

In this blog, we are going to discuss every aspect of the flight ticket booking app from its benefits & features to its costs. If you are planning to build an app for flight booking you must go through the blog till the end to know all the important details that are essential for creating the same.

What is a Flight Ticket Booking App?

Flight ticket booking applications enable the airline industry to automate the booking process. Users across the globe can book their flights anytime, anywhere with the help of these applications. Also, it has useful features and functionalities such as a quick search for reasonable flights, downloading tickets, checking and revising booking details, and so much more.

Along with the booking, users can also look at the prices of different airlines and flights for comparison and make informative and budget-friendly decisions. It has now become easy to construct these feature-rich apps with the help of mobile application development services provided by a wide range of enterprises worldwide.

Benefits of the Best Flight Booking App

No.BenefitsDetailed Description
1.Convenience in ticket bookingThe foremost benefit of a flight ticket booking application is the convenience it provides. You can book your flight wherever you want to at home or in the office, in bed, or while traveling. Anytime according to your convenience.
2.Transparent pricesYou may easily compare the rates of the flights to find the best deal for you. Additionally, all pricing is clear, so there is no need to charge additional for booking online.
3.Time-savingThese apps are more convenient as they eliminate the effort and time used in standing in a queue for booking tickets at airports or travel firms. Booking tickets becomes fun with just a few clicks on your smartphone.
4.Cancellation and RescheduleWith the help of these apps, you can reschedule your flight anytime without bothering customer service for reschedule requests and cancellations as well. Also, if there are any changes in the flight schedule due to weather or airline issues, they can inform us through these applications. If the flight has been canceled they can update it on the apps for updating users in real-time.
5.Quick processOnce you are registered with the application it remembers you. Later, whenever you book tickets on it you don’t need to fill in the personal information repeatedly it auto-fills your data and quickens the process.
6.Loyalty points or discountsWhen you book tickets on the application you receive loyalty points. The more you use the app for booking the more benefits you might get. These points are the offers, discounts, and cashback that would help you save a lot on ticket fares.
7.Easy check-insRushing to the airports before 2-3 hours of flight just for check-ins now ends with easy online check-ins through flight booking apps. You can check in with your mobile phone no more need to stand in long queues for it.
8.Travel informationInformation regarding luggage allowance, flight schedule, times of check-in check-out, travel alerts, weather alerts, and many more are provided via applications before or after booking flights to prepare you for the coming circumstances positive & negative.
9.Seat selectionThis is the best feature of the application if you ask for the preferable seat while booking a flight for comfort. You can choose a window seat or a seat near your friend or in the middle or anywhere. The choice is yours.
10.Payments EaseFlight ticket booking apps offer easy payment options keeping in mind user comfort. You can pay with cards like credit/debit cards or net banking, also nowadays UPI payments are very common and comfortable. You can choose anyone as you wish.
Flight Ticket Booking App

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Must-have Features of the Best Flight Booking App

The features that must be present in a flight ticket booking software can significantly improve user experience and accelerate the booking procedure. Users may find the best flight choices that suit their wants and requirements fast by applying a range of factors and filters in their search for flights. To create an application with all the features you will need a number of resources and expert mobile application development services to help you develop what you have dreamed about.

Customer Panel Features of Flight Ticket Booking App

User-friendly interface: an easy user interface is the key to a better user experience. It should be simple and easy to access all the features of the app like the option to search, book flights should be on the homepage for easy accessibility.

  • Profile verification:

For the validation of data gathered from the user, a profile verification by sending a code via email or SMS should be done.

  • Secure payment gateway:

A flight ticket booking app should have secured payment methods, it should offer multiple payment options like payments using cards or UPIs and net banking.

  • Loyalty program:

There are many airlines that provide discounts, and loyalty offers to their constant or frequent customers. Also, offers free flights or 50% off on booking with the app, lounge access, etc. There should be easy reward accessibility and also a guide to help users redeem them.

  • Easy sign-up:

For customers to have better access to services, a simplified login process is essential. Either use a social media login method to make it effortless or have a regular login and signup process.

  • Flight search:

The search option should be easily reachable and it should include options like price range, dates of flights, etc to make an informed choice.

  • Flight Status & Notifications:

This feature will provide assistance to travelers in planning and avoiding last-minute surprises by updating them about the flight status (current status with arrival & departure details), delays, cancellations, and terminal or gate changes with the help of notifications in the app.

  • Ratings & Reviews:

In recent times, users are cautious, they first visit reviews before taking any decision. Also, they are very much interested in giving reviews about their flight experiences so this feature is mandatory.

Admin Panel Features of Flight Ticket Booking App

  • Booking management:

This feature helps service providers in managing reservations, cancellations, and reschedules.

  • Information management:

Information like flight details, client information, and more helps the admin to manage information easily with other additional features.

  • Customer support:

The customer support option should be there on both panels. Customers should easily question their concerns and queries in a few clicks and the admin should reply in real-time to help them. Also, you can add AI chatbots to assist customers and engage them.

  • Payment management:

Admin must have accessibility to checking payments and manage them. Also, they can check information regarding the customer who paid, and in case of cancellation, they will have to manage refunds as well.

Top Advanced Features of Flight Ticket Booking App:

  • Live Tracking:

Today users ask for the live status of the flights. Live tracking updates them regarding delays, cancellations, etc in real-time.

  • Push Notifications:

Push notifications might not be advanced but essential to alert the users regarding emails received or discounts and packages that they might like.

  • Virtual Travel Agents:

In the flight ticket booking app, this feature is added that guides you about the things you must do, suggestions for places to visit, and other services.

  • Virtual Reality Tours:

This is the best feature of travel apps as this makes users more excited for their journey by providing a virtual view of the destination via videos and giving them a brief look at the places they are going to visit there.

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  • Social Media Integration:

Today’s generation is more interested in sharing their experiences with the world through live videos, stories, etc. Social media integration makes flight booking apps more interesting for them.

  • Third-Party Integration:

Third-party integration enables an app to obtain several features and serve better users with multiple features. Also, the AI and VR connection requires third-party integration.

  • In-built Calendar:

There should be easy access to dates and times for the user. For this, there should be a built-in calendar so that the user doesn’t struggle between opening the calendar and the travel app simultaneously to decide the travel dates and see availability to book tickets.

  • Holiday Packages:

Those users who love to travel frequently always look around for cheap and budget-friendly holiday packages. To engage those customers on your app you must integrate exciting holiday packages into your app.

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Flight Booking App?

There is no exact estimation of the cost of a flight ticket booking app development but still an anticipated amount varies between $40,000 – $500,000 based on the complexity of the features in the application. The more advanced features you integrate into the app the more it will become complex. The complex application needs more design and development which will ultimately increase your app’s development cost.

Let’s divide the estimated amount into three parts – simple, complex, and highly complex. If your flight booking app is simple with basic features it might cost between $40,000 – $60,000. If your application is moderately complex then it will cost between $60,000 – $200,000 and the highly complex app will vary around $200,000 – $500,000 approximately. It can be completely developed in 3 to 6 months or a maximum of 9 months.

Since every enterprise mobile application development costs and prices are different, and its development process and time frames are also different, to know the accurate estimation of the development cost of the best flight booking app you need to look for a cost-effective mobile application development service provider for your app.

To conclude,

With growing consumer trends, a flight ticket booking app offers a good opportunity for companies to expand which makes it worthwhile to invest in these apps. Additionally, it provides a simple platform for everyone to utilize a flight booking service online. Businesses are now looking for the best mobile app development company that can guide them to leverage the growing market in the travel sector along with fostering user demands and needs.

You can get all the above features integrated into your flight booking app at cost-effective rates. Join us for the best deal on mobile app development services at Nevina Infotech. We are committed to excellence and deliver our clients outstanding and satisfying end products to enjoy a successful launch.


Which are the best flight booking apps?

The top 10 flight booking applications that offer flights at an affordable rate are as follows:
* Momondo
* Kayak
* Expedia
* Priceline
* Orbitz
* Agoda
* Hotwire
* Skyscanner
* Travelocity
* Google Flights

How to earn revenue from a flight ticket booking app?

Following are ways in which you will make money from these apps:
* Bookings and reservations
* Sponsored places
* Premium listings
* In-app ads
* Affiliate programs
* Commission

How much time does it take to develop a flight booking app?

Typically, these apps take 222 hours to create. But it can be created in only 67 hours if it’s that simple or can take 400 hours as well. The precise timetable relies mainly on the complexity of your application.

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