Education Technology

Education Technology has proved very helpful during times of pandemic, when everything was out of reach in lockdowns education was one of our figure tips with these applications. According to the market value of EdTech is supposed to extend at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6% from 2023 to 2030.

EdTech application development companies are continuously developing novel and inventive methods to bring forward all the learners who are willing to gain and grow. Looking for an app development company to create an EdTech application for your enterprise? Nevina Infotech is here at your service.
There are many EdTech applications in the market. It seems difficult to find the best one. We have listed some popular Edtech applications in this blog to help you pick the best one of your choice.

What is an EdTech Application?

EdTech applications are made up of two components: IT and education. Education technology is an innovative platform for students to gain an education in their comfort zones.

EdTech apps are equipped with features that contain all learning materials along with animations, images, and videos related to them. Personalized classroom experience with live video sessions with teachers.
Education technology is a network that brings learners and knowledgeable instructors to the same platform from all over the world to provide and obtain education anywhere, anytime.

Most Popular Apps in the EdTech Industry

1. Byju’s

Byju’s is a Transnational Education technology that started its journey in 2011 in Bangalore. In 2016 Byju’s was the first Asian company to receive the investment from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. It gained investment from many big companies and became a popular and top-notch EdTech company worldwide.
It offers a platform for scholastic study for classes 6 to 12, as well as for tough graded courses like the IIT-JEE, CAT, UPSC, GMAT, and GRE. It offers multiple-choice quizzes, mock tests, as well as in assessments for digital and iPad classrooms.

The originator of Byju’s e-Learning Platform is Byju Raveendran.

  • Byju’s first and most unique feature that makes it stand at the top is two teacher advantages. One explains the concepts of the topic and the other helps in problem-solving.
  • The feature that comes next is the quality of the content it provides for students.
  • It also provides 24\7 face-to-face sessions which help in visual learning.
  • Students can record the live sessions to get their advantage later.
  • Provides Practice tests and revision sessions. Also, conduct parent-teacher meetings.

2. Vedantu

The Byju’s have quite a straight adversary in Vedantu. You can enroll to be a teacher and generate income by instructing pupils. Similar to Byju’s, Vedantu began instructing K–12 children and eventually broadened its repertoire. Last year, Vedantu served over 200,000 students, a 300% increase compared to the prior year. Its rise was followed by a 4.5x gain in earnings well over the former year, which rendered it the second-biggest enterprise overall and the extremely incredibly quick eLearning provider in this market.

Characteristics of Vedantu

  • Long-term courses are being provided.
  • One-to-one live sessions are being provided with the teachers for better understanding.
  • Expertise in any specified topic like spoken skills is available that too in just 1 rupee. It is the cheapest platform ever.
  • Also provides courses for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, etc.

3. Unacademy

Unacademy, an EdTech firm with headquarters in Bangalore, serves as an online learning arena for a variety of curricula. It was first launched in 2010 as a straightforward YouTube channel by Heemash Singh, Sachin Gupta, and Gaurav Munjal. Their YouTube channel was converted into an online learning platform in 2015. There are nevertheless plenty of clips on Unacademy’s YouTube platform. One of the leading EdTech companies in the nation, it’s a renowned e-learning venture.

Core Features of the Unacademy

  • With a paid membership, anyone can avoid making a hefty payment instantaneously.
  • Offers instruction to tackle the more difficult tests.
  • Streaming lectures that benefitted the children.
  • Students also speak well with educators by speech or text.
  • A portable app that allows learning 24/7.
  • Simple to operate functionality.

4. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has education accessible to aid you in acquiring crucial competencies like team leadership, working virtually, discovering employment, and navigating fresh challenges. Reid Hoffman, its co-founder, publicly debuted LinkedIn Learning on May 5, 2003. Hoffman had formed the business in his living room in 2002. If you are looking for a mobile app development company for your e-learning app like LinkedIn Learning, contact Nevina Infotech.

Key Features of LinkedIn Learning

  • Functional features:
  • Evaluation of capabilities
  • Examination of shortage of skills
  • Tool for Endorsing Courses
  • Training strategy


  • Bilateral contents
  • Video sessions

Digital training

  • Content Bibliotheca
  • Social Studies
  • Evaluations and praxis
  • Zones for Content Production Supervisor
  • Distribution and monitoring of data
  • Retention and Administration of Content

5. Coursera

In striving to provide versatile, cheap, and vocationally online courses to folks and companies around the globe, Coursera collaborates with far more than 275 prestigious universities and businesses. We provide a variety of learning options, ranging from case studies and classes to graduation and vocational programs that qualify pupils for employment. Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng launched Coursera in 2012 intending to offer individuals all over the realm educational opportunities that would enhance their lives.

Attracting features of Coursera

  • Gain knowledge from professionals at 275+ top colleges and businesses.
  • Enjoy a demo version or browse numerous free courses.
  • On request, seminars are available for PC and mobile devices.
  • Pick amongst free online courses, practical assignments, diploma courses, and certifications that can be piled.
  • Utilizing extensive aptitude information, key card employment traits. With internships, develop your career and private abilities.
  • Grasp professional abilities as well as equipment quickly.
  • Learn a skill set.
  • Prepare yourself for a career that’s in vogue.

6. IQuanta

iQuanta has surpassed just what cost prior rivals 15 years to accomplish in just 4 years of existence in Education Technology. A genuine divine intervention has occurred with 10,521+ IIM calls and 1000+ IIM conversions in just 4 years. Although a newcomer to the scene, iQuanta has become acknowledged as the leading Indian CAT Digital Tutorial. In addition to assisting learners in realizing their goals, iQuanta has also excelled in fostering trust in its followers.

Features of iQuanta:

  • Study QA, LRDI, and VARC along with their concepts.
  • Previous year papers with their topics and the year mentioned are available on iQuanto.
  • Mock tests for CAT and quizzes are available.
  • Counseling sessions are provided through MBA professionals.

7. IIM Skills

The industrialist and digital marketing pro Vaibhav Kakkar established IIM Skills in 2015. This education technology offers CAT coaching and four different courses. In contrast to other Ed-Tech marketplaces on which you can find hundreds of modules, IIM Skills seems to be more focused on its instruction. They place more emphasis on the latter than the former. The four courses consist of content writing, a technical writing course in digital marketing, and a GST practitioner course.

Advantageous features of IIM Skills are

  • Tiny cluster for efficient learning.
  • Professional and well-informed instructors having experience of 12+ years.
  • Collective practical sessions.
  • Lifetime content approach to its students.
  • Provide certificates of the specific courses.
  • The best thing about it is the lectures are scheduled on Sundays so time arrangement is no longer a major concern.

8. Simplilearn

An Ed-Tech undertaking in India named Simplilearn first appeared as a blog site. Simplilearn ranks among the fiercest opponents in the overseas markets because of the endeavors of the app’s creator Krishna Kumar. It is hardly shocking that the platform will surpass $500 in core sales in 2021. That’s the reason; the framework of Simplilearn has relied on establishing credibility as well as preserving its products secular. Some of the courses available on this platform are digital marketing, cyber security, data science, cloud management, project management, etc.

Features of Simplilearn

  • Interactive graduate degree programs
  • A study from professors at worldwide universities.
  • Certification
  • In several courses, EMI policy also exists.
  • Digital education technology.

9. Udemy

Three partners, Gagan Biyani, Oktay Caglar, and Eren Bali, started Udemy in 2009. The founders’ first intention was to offer online learning, but they eventually realized that consumers like to study at their ideal rate. Udemy became a popular online learning site for Indian citizens looking to pick up additional knowledge in their spare time as a consequence of the EdTech introduction to the country.

Ultimate features of Udemy

  • The portal Udemy appeals to those who wish to pick up a new skill for a reasonable fee
  • Its one key selling point is its well-organized information.
  • Udemy emphasized further abundance, however, you may leverage their filter mechanism to select courses with decent ratings.
  • It has cost-effective rates for courses.
  • Provides availability of course material forever.
  • And the most basic feature is self-paced learning.

10. upGrad

The designers of upGrad possess industry expertise, knowledge, and experience. With upGrad, you can choose an ample amount of study programs, although they don’t have nearly as extensive modules as Udemy. Simplilearn and upGrad are quite equivalent. There is one clear distinction, and that is the appraisal. Despite a potential of 1.2 billion, upGrad is a unicorn, although Simplilearn is not even close. To increase its legitimacy, this Ed-Tech company has collaborated with several colleges.

upGrad is noteworthy since this goes beyond educating alone. This Ed-Tech business organizes personalized mock interviews and facilitates job boards. Because upGrad only considers applicants who are permitted to partake in interview sessions, they have an excellent track record in placing their graduates.

Important Feature of upGrad

  • Affiliation with individuals who concur with you.
  • Superior education.
  • Additional assistance about careers.
  • Practice with modeled interviews.
  • Virtual classes.
  • Possibility of being hired by the ideal employer.

11. Toppr

Toppr is a portal for online school exams for K–12 students. Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Goteti are the founders of Toppr. The company’s primary topics of fascination are enrollment tests such as SAT, JEE, UPSC, NEET, etc., and academic courses. Toppr has a well-versed and experienced team of 2,253 employees working together for the betterment of students.

Spotlight features of Toppr

  • It offers scheduled classes with online virtual sessions, mock tests, and experienced query explanations.
  • The Toppr app offers preparation materials for board exams, Olympiads, and engineering and medical exams.
  • They focus on academic courses in addition to assessment tasks for engineering and medical recruitment exams.
  • The Toppr app offers target learning, responsive question training, progress reports, theory papers, and the prior year’s practice tests.
  • They provide implementation plans for academic and board exams, JEE as well as PMT, and other competitive exams.

12. edX

The Ed-Tech venture edX is relatively known in India and is owned by Anant Agarwal. According to the Freemium business model, the website offers both free coursework and premium online courses. We are grateful that elite universities like Harvard and MIT collaborated to establish this network. edX is also a renowned enterprise, the reason behind its unpopularity is the lack of advertisement and unaffordable rates. The courses that are premium may range too high but the quality of study material is tremendous.

Features of edX

  • There are both free and charged course options.
  • The top-notch school offers courses with certification.
  • The study from knowledgeable instructors
  • Tasks and homework in paid courses
  • Remote learning.

13. Next Education

Beas Dev Ralhan and Raveendranath Kamath are the two originators of Next Education in 2007 headquartered in Hyderabad. For learners in grades K–12, it offers innovation-oriented educational suitable alternatives. Next Education provides market-leading services like TeachNext in its marketplace. For mobile app development services, you can hire app developers from us and create your app like Next Education.

Next-level features of Next Education

  • Through its app, Next Education offers technical breakthroughs like a speaker and pristine audio.
  • International standards-compliant engaging content.
  • Courses for writing novel scripts.
  • 2D and 3D character designing.

14. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a desegregated Ed-Tech application constructed by Google for educational app corporations. To make this transition between pupils and instructors smoother, it brings together a variety of Cloud services for academia, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, and Google Calendar, into a common network. Google Classroom’s key objective is to generate, deliver, and score projects.

Fantastic features of Google Classroom

  • Instructors can either simply add learners or send their class a password to enroll. It takes only a few seconds to set.
  • Improves efficiency since educators can rapidly produce, assess, and score homework everything in one spot thanks to the straightforward, seamless task procedure.
  • Pupils may view all current projects over a tasks screen, and all instructional strategies (such as documents, images, and videos) are dynamically organized into directories on Google Drive.
  • Classroom enables instructors to put out bulletins and jump right into the learning process. Pupils may pose inquiries on the broadcast or swap materials among themselves.
  • Unlike other Google clouds, Classroom doesn’t pop up any adverts on the screen nor uses any identity material of learners for digital marketing use.

15. Aakash Byju’s

Aakash Institute is integrated with Byju’s and serves panoramic educating schemes in IT, Medical, and employment-centered courses. The most reputable brand in exam prepping in India provides pupils with unparalleled in-person and virtual learning opportunities, providing them with a competitive advantage.

Aakash Byju’s provides an assortment of fellowship exams to identify and award dedicated and outstanding pupils all over the country. Learners who pass these incentive exams can obtain a stipend of up to 100% and get enrolled in the course of their preference to bring their career off to a successful season.

Features of Aakash Byju’s

  • Provides you with individualized care in a hostile environment.
  • Enhances productivity on academic and board exams.
  • Develop your intellectual and thinking abilities to be successful in Olympiads and Scholarship competitions like NTSE.
  • Offers a solid foundation for entrance exams like the NEET, JEE, UPSC, IAS, IFS, CAT, and MAT, among others.
  • Focus on cognitive and information learning, which disproves the effectiveness of traditional memorization techniques.
  • Indulge in activities other than academic curricula.

16. Chegg

Chegg is a top-notch American EdTech startup based in California that was established in 2005. It offers educational amenities like virtual teaching, literature leases in a solid sense, substance masters, and more. Along with study materials Chegg also has new DashPass memberships for students that have joined Chegg. It is now available for students to order food from it and that too with zero delivery charges. Studying becomes more interesting with your favorite meal.

Amazing features of Chegg

  • Learning with the help of expert instructors.
  • Get the sequential support of course books.
  • Provides meals to the students who join DashPass membership.
  • Provide extra courses and job opportunities.

17. Classplus

Classplus was developed in 2018 by Vatsal Rustagi, Mukul Rustagi, Bikash Dash, Bhaswat Agarwal, and Nikhil Goel in Delhi. Training corporations, tutorial institutes, and private instructors can streamline the delivery of content, finances, conversations, and formative quizzes for their students with a single piece of education technology program Classplus. Through our enterprise-centralized model, coaching centers may conduct all of their chores via a separate app and connect countless pupils nationwide.

Features of Classplus

  • These online stores give teaching institutions the ability to provide learners with access to video content and virtual exams since they serve as a slashing online streaming network for learning materials and services.
  • An energetic team of more than 600 experts is serving a wide range of tutorial centers across the nation.
  • Through the apps built by Classplus, more than 1 lakh coaching centers are flourishingly getting going covering 1,100+ cities in India.
  • Apps that enable the execution of the classroom with a single click make it simple and less time-consuming for the teacher.
  • Also, constructing apps through tutors can provide digital lessons to well-organized students.

18. Orion Edutech

Orion’s story began with the ITES/BPO sector professional growth in 2006, and thanks to that company’s explosive growth, we were capable of effectively training workers for a variety of sectors, spanning nursing, transport, commerce, clothing, and hospitality, among others. Orion announced its next positive venture into CSR leveling up by collaborating with a variety of major conglomerates in the nation. Orion has an absurdly excellent employment track throughout all industries.

Features of Orion Edutech

  • Revolutionary flexible hiring provides clientele with all-encompassing options for selecting the ideal workforce.
  • Via government and public gearing initiatives, approximately 400,000 teenagers have received training in a variety of vocations.
  • If you wish to study abroad, Orion Edutech helps you to choose and go to the world’s best universities and fly high.
  • It provides diplomas in various featured courses like hospitality management, corporate management, business communication, etc.
  • The Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) Japan has designated Orion Edutech Pvt. Ltd. as the Sending Organization.

19. ExtraMarks

Atul Kulshrestha is the founder of ExtraMarks which was established in 2007 in Noida, India. With the skillful blending of curriculum and technology, Extramarks is indeed a digital learning site that concentrates on the preschool, K–12, higher education technology, and Testing Method areas to enable learning anywhere, at any time. Via animated video segments on the Mobile Platform, we guarantee theory retention.

The group of exceptionally competent professionals in the field that created these courses gave every notion swiveling exposure, creating the opportunity for interactive digital training that promotes improved understanding and recall throughout exam preparation. Educational resources for the CBSE, ICSE, AP, NCERT, and UP Board are offered by ExtraMarks. They offer a studying app and even a coaching app, and the training resources enable learners to fully understand both basic and complex ideas.

Features of ExtraMarks

  • Learn from top instructors through practice and analysis
  • Self-Study App with Complete Learning Resources and Face to Face Learning Path.
  • Syllabus Covered in Full
  • Coursework Modeled education technology
  • Expertise with Gamified Studying
  • To create our program, the greatest digital educational tool that aids users with their academics and test series, we employ a tri-edged strategy of Lesson.

20. CultureAlley

Language study is made enjoyable through CultureAlley. With the help of our fantastic immersive practice and logical tutorials, you can overcome all language learning difficulties. We are your go-to resource if you want to learn Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, or Punjabi.

For hand-crafting each session for you, CultureAlley adheres to a straightforward principle: we decompose every subject into a readily understandable component so folks are not required to “memorize” a term but can instead comprehend the way it is put together. Our goal is to prepare our pupils to make them capable of interacting with one another, not only by memorizing sentences.

Features of CultureAlley

  • Tutorials that are simple to grasp, expertly spoken, and crafted with interactions, terminology, and keywords.
  • To minimize any compelled remembering, each topic is clarified and made as simple as possible.
  • Intervention practice exercises that provide real-time feedback and assist you in mastering your subjects.
  • To help in grammar, It provides daily life instances.
  • The sessions will provide you with enough to speak like natives but not overwhelm you to make you confused.
  • All the terminology that you read is saved automatically in your tailored word stock.
  • As the name suggests, CultureAlley also provides you with knowledge of the traditions and beliefs of a particular region along with language education so that you do not make any cultural impropriety.

21. Imarticus Learning

A top-rated educational technology company called Imarticus Learning provides training in advertising, software, statistics, and economics. We are a digital learning academy that offers accreditations, employment opportunities, and administrative, and college admissions courses. Established in 2012 by Nikhil Barshikar. Hire dedicated e-learning app developers from an experienced mobile app development company, to add your Edtech app to this list of popular e-learning apps like Imarticus.

Features of Imarticus Learning

  • Recognize career possibility
  • Enhance job opportunities.
  • Construct tailored plans for both career and training.
  • Warrant crucial learning and capability evolution.
  • Metamorphose employees by commensurate count.

22. EduRev

Education Revolution popularly known as EduRev is an online learning institute helping thousands of students in preparing for competitive exams in India. Their educational scheme consists of audio-visual learning, study records, course sheets, and practice tests for students. UPSC, CAT, JEE, NEET, CLAT, GATE, GMAT, IIT JAM, CA EXAMS, Banking, Defense, SSC, Police exams, railways, IELTS, GRE, State PSC, and Teaching. Also, EduRev assesses you, identifies your abilities and shortcomings, and offers advice regarding how to strengthen each.

Features of EduRev

  • Revision of lessons provides pertinent information to aid pupils in their optimum exam preparation.
  • Audio-video sessions help in problem-solving and clarify complex aspects.
  • Polls, freebie Papers, tests for particular topics and chapters, prior-year Question Papers, Simulated Tests, and Sample Test Series with all-important questions for you to answer.
  • Experts and professional educators answer every query and assist at every step.
  • Essential characteristics include education and assessment practice: a 2 million plus strong network Blotches for regularity, Mind maps for simple understanding, and group analysis for introspection and self-evaluation, synchronization, and monitoring.

23. Cuemath

Manan Khurma, a mathematics teacher is the founder and chairman of Cuematch started it in 2013 on the birthday of the great mathematician Ramanujan. For children, math always seems to be a monster. Cuemath aims to help every pupil to transform their fear into a love for maths. 80+ countries and more than 200,000 learners around the globe are utilizing Cuemath to develop math skills and get future-ready.

Features of CueMatch

  • Parents can pick teachers according to their choice and their child’s requirements.
  • By speaking well with parents, our scholastic counselor learns about the child’s particular requirements.
  • In their own chosen atmosphere children grasp more efficiently and Cuemath provides a different pattern of education for specific children.
  • There are no recorded lectures, face to face live sessions to provide special attention to the students.
  • Teachers educate students according to their school syllabus and also assist with homework and queries.

24. IIDE- The Digital School

IIDE is the most reputable source of digital marketing education and certification in Asia, established by Karan Shah in 2016, helping students change their livelihoods and become prospective. We offer individualized programs to meet the needs of every person and encourage a beneficial educational environment. We aim to reach the highest peak in producing digital marketing geniuses for that we recently partnered with the Government of India’s endeavor to equip India, the National Skills Development Corporation (N.S.D.C). The NSDC has acknowledged our courses as offering marketable skills.

Features of IIDE

  • One of the best digital marketing agencies consisting of talented digital marketers for the most talented pupils.
  • IIDE has ductile strategies and plans to train students in digital marketing according to their interests and objectives of learning.
  • IIDE also organizes cultural and educational events to not only boost students’ knowledge but also entertain them.
  • Along with long-term courses like post-graduation in digital marketing and advanced digital marketing training, it also provides short-term courses.
  • Short-term courses are weekly or around 5 days of training.
  • Provides audio-virtual live sessions.
  • Certified courses and guaranteed placements in reputed companies.

25. Meritnation

Meritnation is India’s most loved online learning tutorial working since 2009 which is a unit of Aakash. It is an interactive EdTech application catering digital education to the learners of grades 1st -12th. It is much better tuition as it provides 1-1 attention and complete support and guidance.

Features of Meritnation

  • Bilateral lectures with expert educators.
  • Live online sessions, theory explaining videos, and syllabus-related abstract notes.
  • Study associated games for leisure.
  • Can get back to your teacher for any query even if the lecture time is over.
  • Lecture recordings can be watched unaccountably.
  • Learning materials are available according to the syllabus and mock tests for every chapter and topic are to shore up the content.
  • Solving problems with the help of charts.

26. WhiteHat junior

Courses are available at WhiteHat Junior in subjects like coding, math, music, art, animation, and videography. The music classes are divided into two groups: children and adults. Furthermore, you can plan additional free lessons at your discretion. In this AI-driven age, our juniors need to learn to code. This will help them in thinking more logically and sequentially.

At WhiteHat Jr. We make your children creative coders and make them ready for the animated world coming toward them.

Features of WhiteHat junior

  • The first app across the globe provided 2 types of live sessions one for the group and the other for solos.
  • It consists of a fixed schedule for classes of both types.
  • Individual projects are being given to all the students of both types.
  • Customized one-on-one learning sessions only for the solo classes.
  • Recorded sessions, revision classes every month, and team projects all are provided to private batches or group classes.

27. Exotic Learning

Exotic Learning is the globe’s earliest and most rapidly expanding technology-based educational technology organization, primarily focusing on teaching methods and skill sets for the twenty-first era. Including all classes, we offer Special curriculum resources. We offer top-notch training that prepares you to rule the twenty-first decade.

Exotic Learning’s Chief of Business Management and the initiator of TeenWithSign, Mohammad Rashid Nazir. Exotic Learning strives to create a network of intelligent scholars that, from a young point, get a solid grasp of the ideas behind shaping the future. Whatever motivates us to execute, achieve, and flourish is the desire to be a partner for every pupil, wherever they may be.

Exotic Features of Exotic Learning

  • At Exotic Learning, we provide technology that helps our high-tech students analyze themselves at every stage of education.
  • Practical session to make smart learners future-ready.
  • Prepare children for social and rational intervention by enhancing their skills at every early stage.
  • Making them physically and mentally fit to face the real world.
  • Confidences build up pieces of training along with education to make them stand fearless in front of the outside world.
  • Developing the Jr., Sr., and Future professionals to make India stand first in standard and prowess education.

28. Kidzee

Kidzee is a fantastic internet resource for young children. Playgroups, nurseries, kindergarten, and teacher preparation programs are among the available offerings. In keeping with our ten-year tradition of developing each child’s “natural capacity,” we have created an emerging fetish of preschool education in both urban centers and the outskirts. Via Pentamind, we assist the kids in identifying their unique learning preferences and achieving the intended learning results following indispensable communication, interpersonal, sentimental, and other growth processes.

Features of Kidzee

  • The largest kindergarten franchise in India is what we are. We give children’s civil liberties top priority.
  • Our participatory versatile design approach is university-certified.
  • Programs and strategies for customized education are planned yearly along with quick and organized workshops and sessions from experienced professionals to train kidzee teachers to make them experts.
  • We through determined to make the kids proficient in understanding their capabilities, and personal interests make them organized, and develop their way of learning in a self-paced atmosphere.
  • Our learning programs equip instructors with strategies that are effortless to implement with kids, realistic, and productive.

29. Talentedge

Talentedge is an EdTech organization founded by its CEO Aditya Malik. Talent Edge is the first in introducing a digital format of education via live communication. It serves numerous courses collaborated with the top universities and enterprises across the globe.

Features of Talentedge

  • Certifications appreciated by leading enterprises, hands-on practical internships, coaching from CEOs and executives, and individualized learning guidance.
  • AI-driven training for students at their preferred pace and at their preferred time.
  • Live sessions with trainers and study material for students are available.
  • Job assurance at the right and most suitable company for you.
  • Provides you with the best educator.

30. PlanetSpark

With the help of cutting-edge technology, the PlanetSpark platform offers students live virtual lectures on topics including English communication, public speaking, grammar, creative writing, debating, Vlogging, and other “postmodern” skills. Via its virtual learning environment, PlanetSpark aims to render conventional and chaotic education costs redundant.

Features of PlanetSpark

  • Artistic and competence-based study materials and live interactive sessions.
  • Activities like storytelling and self-introduction will help them in speaking with confidence and fluency.
  • Students of bigger grades are made to write stories about their surroundings to improve their writing skills.
  • Daily discussions are being held to see the impact of voice, debate, and socialization. Also improves listening skills and vocabulary.
  • Podcasts: students can get training in podcasting and can start their channel.

31. is a comprehensive search tool for those pursuing knowledge of colleges and universities in India and overseas who are students, parents, or officials of the education system. For the most succinct and pertinent information on educational institutions, is the best choice. Information on BTech, MBA, MBBS, design, law, and scientific courses is available at Collegedunia. Also, they assist you in choosing career goals, whether you want to pursue engineering, management, commerce, the arts, medicine, or anything else, and they provide details regarding popular colleges and universities.

Features of

  • We want to be the prestigious educational platform that provides an engaged customer journey and the highest quality verified material.
  • Upwards of 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses are accessible through the website, which is divided into several diverse disciplines including management, engineering, medicine, the arts, and numerous others.
  • Universities can be categorized based on their location, popularity, reviews, cost, as well as criteria scores for various competitive tests.
  • The app’s data apartheid technology enables us to separate the data on numerous layers, giving clients searching for highly specialized and dynamic databases an advantage.
  • The website ideally responds to the worries of parents trying to find the right institution for their children. It offers a panel with multiple channels for filtering data in a customized way that helps to make the decision easily.

32. Dost Education

An EdTech nonprofit organization called Dost Education emphasizes preschool learning and adaptive childcare. Dost assists parents in providing a lively and caring surrounding in which a kid can grow, progress, and prosper via short voice messages provided by phone. Dost Education was established in 2016 by its co-founder Sneha Sheth. Dost Education assists in providing knowledge via the Internet to individuals that desire to study but lack the means to upgrade their skills. They strive to raise the literacy rates of millions of people living in India using their brief, simple lessons that are beneficial for pupils to acquire and retain.

Features of Dost Education

  • Endure parents by providing the tools they need to encourage preschool growth at home.
  • We translate the well-established research on initial children’s learning into concrete recommendations that parents of every literacy level can include in their everyday life.
  • We send parents a brief friendly voice note on their phones.
  • Dost Education is affordable to the parents providing the best and tailored content to the parents.

33. Doubtnut

Educational software called Doubtnut was created in India by Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar in 2016 headquartered at Gurugram. Doubtnut can be accessed via its website or as an App through the Play Store. A well-known Education technology business in India, Doubtnut, offers courses in mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry.

Features of Doubtnut

  • The organization offers regular lectures, heavy assignments, demonstrations, and transparencies, among other things.
  • They provide online classes, and various curriculums can be downloaded as PDF files.
  • Chapter-wise tests for the students are available
  • Problems and doubt-solving live sessions.
  • Learning schemes and programs organized for language and other exams, English speaking classes, and content writing practice to improve English.
  • Training programs and live and recorded lectures for students of grades 6-12.

34. EduBridge

EduBridge is an inclusive vocational rehabilitation organization that was founded in October 2009 by IIM students and educators. It influences the full career growth journey of the nation’s job seekers. We assist jobless people in identifying their talents, cultivating the abilities that employers will demand in the future, and securing employment with them. This creates long-term professions for our participants.

Features of EduBridge

  • Peerless focus on quality: a strict surveillance and auditing system is in place, ISO certified.
  • Employment and support provided to the pupils in the center of attention. Provided jobs at high salary rates to more than 70% of students who were job seekers in their hometown as well as out-of-stations.
  • Sustainable use of technology.
  • Marvelous accomplishment and background.

35. ConveGenius

ConveGenius is a charity organization that collaborates with CSRs, NGOs, municipalities, institutions, and donors to actively engage at the community level to make a lasting effect on learning in the K–12 area. Through our accessible customizable technology platform and creative crossover programs, we want to close the disparities. 5+ lakh youngsters in 16+ states throughout India have been affected by it.

ConveGenius is unwavering in its commitment to eliminating India’s barriers to a budget.

Features of ConveGenius

  • Eradicating the disparity of education and skills.
  • Robust technology, educational programs, instantaneous information control panel.
  • Absence of relevant data inputs.
  • Exposure to excellent stuff.
  • Inconsistent quality of instruction.

36. iDream Education

iDream Education was started by two co-founder Puneet Goyal and Rohit Prakash with a desire to continuously innovate every part of the eLearning systems now installed in and utilized in classrooms. Breaking down all the obstacles that prevent students from real use of tablets, chrome books, and smart classrooms in schools, immensely simplifying technical specifications, facilitating access to rich and ranged digital content rather than just visual effects and clips, empowering educators to be top-notch conduits, and the solitary objectives are to vigorously and joyfully engaging pupils in digital learning.

Features of iDream Education

  • A multitude of academic skills is adapted to particular interests.
  • Also introducing digital learning solutions to government schools.
  • Empower girls by providing them with digital education through prep apps.
  • Iprep apps are built to tailor flexible educational training at any place any time via tablets, notebooks, and cellphones.

37. iNurture

Innovative education technology firm iNurture is gaining traction in academic learning by proposing slashing curricula for the fields of the future. It was created by Ashwin Ajila in 2009. In order to offer master classes, internships, industry tours, practical exercises, and recruitment aid, iNurture makes use of its huge manufacturing ties.

Via mentorship programs and recruitment cells, it is an Artificial Intelligence – a powered prototype that evaluates a participant’s job prospects and offers the appropriate intervention, boosting the child’s “apprenticeship component” throughout the wide continuum of learner autonomy, from university to the workplace.

Features of iNurture

  • A completely digitally connected portal that boosts employment, academia, and technology for learners and university administration.
  • A comprehensive Ed-Tech marketplace that offers innovative educational alternatives.
  • Built on solid connections with a broad spectrum of educational peers by providing an array of services.
  • Collaborated with top reputed colleges and universities.
  • More than 50 projects in the latest domains are organized at prestigious universities and colleges in 7+ sectors throughout India.

38. Ekeeda

The most popular online technical education resource for engineering students in India is called Ekeeda initiated by Mahesh Wagh. It strives with deliberate attempts to boost our online classes that are specifically produced for engineering students. Virtual seminars, academic lessons, and advanced programs are all part of it.

We collaborate with experts and learners to disseminate technical information worldwide at any moment. Through the aid of comprehensive training workshops and industrial awareness courses, is empowering youth to develop, create, and make products in the hopes of resolving issues & accomplishing compliance.

Features of Ekeeda

  • Supplying the ideal combination of educational and competency tools.
  • Assisting in choosing the appropriate course of action.
  • Ensure prospective pupils are gainfully employed.
  • Helps in appearing in competitive exams.

39. EduCart

The corporation of the Agrawal Publications group has a children’s book division called EduCart. Via our R&D headquarters in London, we have developed a library of top-notch children’s books from Nursery to Class 10th that is distributed throughout India. The majority of elite schools value and suggest our works for their learning performance. Our publications are edited by a handful of the greatest professionals in the nation with a focus on children. Education technology couldn’t have been more enjoyable thanks to the skillful writing and publication of such excellent books!

Features of EduCart

  • With reference to the ideas of competency-based education, 21st-century talents, and discovery knowledge, Educart is working to support educators as they evaluate the most recent pedagogical practices.
  • Teachers can also get specimen books from Educart.
  • Confabulation on the CBSE, ICSE, UP Board, and other examination results, programs, forthcoming publications, etc.
  • For additional practice in preparing for exams, students in grades 9 to 12 can obtain example question sheets.
  • Students are being provided with sample questionnaires, notes according to specific chapters, mind maps, and other study materials.
  • Learners as well as educators can add a quote for any complaint related to the subject matter or books on the website.

40. FlipClass

The leading facilitator of educational services in the nation is flipClass. The most skilled and knowledgeable instructors are available via flipClass Online Education to educate your kid in the convenience of your place. FlipClass offers home instruction in all of its sites throughout numerous cities. For all educational boards, including CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, IB, and IGCSE, flipClass Online Teachers are obtainable. Our exceptionally competent and conversant tutors work with students from LKG to Grade 12. There are also top-notch teachers accessible for other disciplines, like languages.

Features of flipClass

  • Provide Education technology from a self-paced atmosphere.
  • No advance payment is required. Pay only after you get a student.
  • Assurance of best and well-informed teachers to provide your kids with quality education.
  • Parents can also ask for a demo class to ensure whether the child is comfortable with the teacher or not.
  • Teachers can also search for the student near them or to teach online.

41. TrainerCentral

A branch of Zoho Corporation is TrainerCentral. Our main objective in creating TrainerCentral was to use reliable technology in order to render the integration process simple and available to everyone. We are a modest, dedicated crew of engineers, designers, marketers, and client service specialists at TrainerCentral. Our devotion to you goes beyond simply supplying you with the goods; we want to become an integral element of your journey and form a sustainable relationship.

Features of TrainerCentral

  • TrainerCentral equips you with all the assets you need to create your website and launch the business.
  • You can create your courses swiftly so that you have more leisure to concentrate on what you enjoy along with stimulating your students.
  • A network that can accommodate both live classes and recorded lectures.
  • TrainerCentral provides all you require, including choices for digital marketing and website development. For a training venture, it serves as a nexus.
  • Using TrainerCentral, it is possible to provide transfer data online and track each student’s educational performance all from a unified dashboard.

42. Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu transformed from a portal for college admissions to a full-stack global market in less than a year. With apprenticeship packages, in-depth university entrance counseling, employment programs, and personalized digital counsel for numerous career pathways, the platform uses an Artificial Intelligence device to aid learners with their professional growth. Karthik Reddy, Sandeep Aneja, Deepak Shahdadpuri, and Rohini Prakash are the originators of Leverage Edu.

It was initiated in 2017 and is headquartered in New Delhi. Leverage Edu is the world’s greatest platform for specialized academic guidance and studies abroad. Quality Education technology is its priority.

Features of Leverage Edu

  • Provides portals for more than 500 universities abroad.
  • Experienced experts provide counseling to the students to clear their vision.
  • Also helps in appearing in exams like IELTS.
  • Monitor your applications and stay updated about the offering.
  • Leverage Edu also offers loans for students wishing to study abroad.

43. Embibe

Embibe was the initial EdTech organization globally to actually provide positive academic and social benefits. Aditi Avasthi came up with the idea in 2012 along with a group of compatible idealists who decided to transform schooling for good. In order to enhance learning results while letting them use education to accomplish real-world objectives, we are committed to helping them learn as well as genuinely recognizing their abilities and shortcomings. Our goods are built on a foundation of this idea. You can comprehend the principles much greater thoroughly thanks to the 3D interactive learning, which also encourages you to absorb information with complete lucidity.

Features of Embibe

  • Embibe has a numerous quantity of questions that enable students to solve as many as they can and practice.
  • Embibe provides content through a search-based UI that enables users to get search results more quickly eliminating menu tabs-driven navigation.
  • Developing the AI Layer for Learning Goals. Embibe recognized very early on that data was the essential component to being capable of growing the personalization of teaching for each learner.
  • Embibe score quotient is projected for enhancing students’ results using Ml Algorithms.
  • Automated Question Formulation with Tailored Difficulty and automatic response to questions are two extraordinary features of Embibe.

44. MyCaptain

An online service entitled MyCaptain by The Climber can assist you in making the initial move toward your dream! MyCaptain offers everything, spanning psychology through machine learning, stand-up comedy through novel writing, and filmmaking to design. Study Online from Fresh and Trendy Instructors and create your unique stuff! The four founders of My Captain are Zeeshan Mohammad, Ruhan Naqash, Sameer Ramesh, and Fatema Husain.

Features of MyCaptain

  • Fresher friendly
  • Provides internship assistance
  • Live classes with world-class mentors in the industry.
  • Professional-level projects that can be used as portfolios.
  • Contact experts in the field you are interested in.
  • Approach to complete and private lectures.
  • Topic-wise details discussions
  • Realistic tips and problem-solving.
  • Provides certification reflecting that our scheme is acknowledged by United Nations SDSN, and The Climber in IIM Bangalore on the certificates.

45. MyPeegu

Chetan Jaiswal started this unique network MyPeegu as the initial behavior monitoring asset for monitoring and helping in making positive changes in kids’ behavior. The MyPeegu organization supports an interaction strategy for behavioral interventions. The business has created a device that combines technological advancements with psychological ideas in order to map our children’s behavior and produce in-depth analyses that follow the development of our Initiatives. The crew recognizes the significant position that both parents and teachers occupy in the lives of kids and values their participation in the growth phase equally.

Features of MyPeegu

  • Provides classroom observation for kids in different atmospheres and makes reports and further analyzes.
  • Reliable assessments are being used based on observation.
  • A multimodal approach to student characterization.
  • Personalized Counseling sessions for the children who need extra attention and support.
  • Career counseling and skill development workshops.
  • Training sessions and certification for teachers.
  • Coaching and workshops for the parents as well.

46. Study’n’Learn

Study’n’Learn was launched in 2013 by Mukul Dhall and Saurabh Bharduwaj. SmartSchool Education has acquired Studynlearn as a trademark. Our entire line of instructional items is marketed under the Studynlearn name. With far more than ten decades of experience, we successfully helped numerous universities in India and beyond with slashing academic services, digital goods, engaging flat screens, ERP, smart classrooms, online laboratories, and teaching practice.

Features of Study’n’Learn

  • It offers a NEP app that consists of a student interaction app as well as a teaching network along with the brand name of the schools.
  • Studynlearn Interactive Flat Panel can provide learners with a pleasant and engaging learning experience while assisting educators in efficiently expressing concepts to students utilizing superior educational resources.
  • A drilling virtual lab adds scientific imitation to the educational process by providing next-generation technologies through a 3D virtual experience.
  • Studynlearn ICT is a state-of-the-art tool for future-ready schools Obtain a smart class solution that is tailored for a particular collection of gadgets and contains more than 50,000 modules, 10,000 educational games, and 2 million study materials.
  • Manage your school’s academic and administrative functions with Studynlearn School ERP.

47. Digital Vidhya

Since 2009, Digital Vidhya is the most popular digital marketing enterprise across the globe. They have provided training to 31000+ experts and learners from the universities and corporations like Google, GE, Nokia, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, etc. Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra are the two founders of Digital Vidhya. Digital Vidhya is a proud partner of Google and Microsoft and has also collaborated with Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Features of Digital Vidhya

  • Our instructors possess almost ten years of experience in the field and specialize in providing training sessions.
  • Prominent Brand Alliances.
  • Our professional apprenticeships are dedicated to being productive and goal-oriented.
  • While giving any teaching experience, Digital Vidya applies a 360° strategy. In our case studies, we examine both Local and international companies and their business models.
  • individualized for Enterprise Goals.
  • It’s another important feature is it also provides tailored training upon request.

Last words

Education Technology is flying high, especially after COVID-19. EdTech companies are achieving great success and growing swiftly like never before. Though there are a lot of applications already existing in the market, the need for new and more innovative EdTech apps is increasing, there is still plenty of progress to be made. It offers many prospects for newcomers, businesses with original perspectives, and entrepreneurs. It’s the right moment to develop your EdTech application and publicize it if you have a novel idea for upgrading and streamlining the eLearning procedure.

Creating an EdTech app is quite challenging, hire a UI\UX designer for a completely new and appealing design to engage learners. You will have to approach an experienced app development company for a unique, innate, and feature-rich educational application. Nevina Infotech is a leading E-Learning Apps Development Company In India that provides well-versed designers and professional experts to build a fully functional EdTech application for your enterprise at a competitive cost.


What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a modern educational approach that utilizes digital technologies and the internet to deliver educational content and facilitate interactive learning experiences. It allows individuals to access courses, resources, and instruction remotely, anytime and anywhere.

Is online learning Good or bad essay?

Online learning has transformed the educational landscape, offering convenience and accessibility, but its effectiveness may vary depending on individual learning styles and the quality of online resources.
While online learning provides flexibility and a wealth of educational resources, the lack of in-person interaction and the potential for technological barriers can hinder the overall learning experience for some students.

What is the main advantage of online classes?

The main advantage of online classes is the flexibility they offer, allowing students to learn at their own pace and schedule, and accommodating various personal and professional commitments.
Online classes also provide access to a wide range of educational resources and diverse learning materials, enhancing the depth and breadth of knowledge that students can acquire.

Are online classes good or offline?

The effectiveness of online classes versus offline classes depends on individual learning preferences, technological access, and the ability to self-motivate and stay engaged in a virtual learning environment.
While online classes offer convenience and flexibility, offline classes provide valuable in-person interactions, hands-on experiences, and immediate feedback, catering to different learning styles and fostering a more immersive educational experience.

What are the technologies used in online education?

Some of the technologies used in online education include learning management systems (LMS), video conferencing tools, interactive online platforms, and digital content creation tools.

What are the types of educational technology?

There are various types of educational technology, including learning management systems (LMS), interactive whiteboards, virtual reality (VR) simulations, educational apps, and online collaboration tools. These technologies enhance teaching and learning experiences, fostering engagement, interactivity, and personalized learning.

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Rahim Ladhani

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