In this digital world, as the use of eCommerce is increasing to develop online stores, the use of online payments are also growing. It is important to have secure online payment methods, and the customers can trust.

There are many online stores that have their payment wallets, which helps buyers to pay from the store wallet itself, which is also a safe way to pay.

Online payments can also help people if they are buying something offline by visiting the store; they can simply scan the code or add the person’s number or the store to whom you have to make the payment. This can help us in performing contact payment which is very important in this pandemic.

What is the Paytm app, and How does it work

What is Paytm app and How does it work

Paytm is the largest and most prominent mobile wallet application, helping you in online transactions without any worry. The reason behind the success of Paytm is its multiple services that are provided on a single platform.

With the help of Paytm, we can do mobile recharge, bill payments, shopping, booking tickets, and much more. Paytm is linked directly to your bank account so that you can transfer or withdraw money now from your bank account. A new thing added in the Paytm is the Paytm fastag which helps you pay for tolls digitally from your Paytm wallet without any involvement of a third party in it. Due to this Paytm fastag, you don’t have to wait in long queues at the toll booth.

Paytm will be considered the most considerable means of currency exchange digitally in the coming years.

If you want to build your online business a successful online store, then you must add an online wallet to your store. This will be convenient for the customers who shop from your store.

Working at Paytm is very simple. For online payments, you need to scan the store’s QR code or anything to whom you need to pay or else you can also enter the number of the person through which you can transfer money. Paytm can be accessed by any UPI payments app if they have access to use Paytm.

Similar apps like Paytm

Similar apps like Paytm

There are many UPI payment apps like Paytm. Following is the list of similar apps like Paytm.

  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • Mobikwik
  • Paypal
  • Bhim UPI
  • Amazon Pay

What is Flutter app development?

What is Flutter app development?

Flutter app development is known as an open-source Software Development Kit(SDK) that Google provides for developing high and quick performance for Android and iOS. The SDK used in flutter makes it easy for developers to develop user interfaces that interact with the app smoothly while reducing the amount of code.

With a flutter, you can write code and run it on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, etc. It is one of the biggest reasons why developers mostly prefer flutter.

Features of developing Paytm app like a flutter

Features of developing Paytm app like a flutter

User’s panel

  • Sign-up/Sign-in
    Users can sign-up/sign-in through their email id or through a mobile number with OTP. As your email-id and phone number are unique, your Paytm account stays secure.
  • User profile
    A user profile consists of name, number, email-id, Paytm wallet status, and it also consists of transaction history that you made earlier, and it also shows your account balance.
  • Add money
    You can easily add money to your Paytm wallet through net banking, debit card, or credit card, or you can directly pay from your bank account.
  • Send money
    You can send money to anyone easily by just scanning their QR code or by entering their phone number that is registered in the Paytm account.
  • Pay utility bills
    You can pay different utility bills like gas bills, electricity bills, water bills. You can pay the bills by entering your bill number and the amount of money you need to pay.
  • Recharging
    Recharging mobile phones, metro cards, DTH, and data cards is also possible through Paytm.
  • Pay phone bills
    Paying phone bills is also possible through Paytm. You can use landline, postpaid, and broadband bills.
  • Booking tickets
    Users can also book movie tickets, flight tickets, bus tickets, or train tickets with a Paytm wallet.
  • Choose the language
    Paytm also allows you to choose your convenient language to use the app, which is understandable by you.
  • Coupon code
    Coupon codes are also available in Paytm wallet.
  • Cashback
    In some online payments, they offer some amount of cashback which can be stored in the user profile itself.

Admin panel

  • User management
    It manages user-profiles and the functions that are held under the user profile page.
  • Wallet management
    Managing a Paytm wallet is a very responsible thing because it consists of all the money in the wallet, which is also used in various transactions.
  • Digital payments module
    It manages the whole module of digital payment, which should be very carefully managed as it is used for digital payments.
  • Add/Block features
    Admin panel has the right to add or block any features and can also change the features if they want to.
  • Coupon code and cashback module
    It has all the handles over the coupon code and cashback. It handles the whole module.
  • Push notifications
    It handles all the push notifications. Push notifications are related to new offers, cashback, or discounts in the Paytm wallet.
  • Customer support and feedback module
    The admin panel manages the feedback given by the customers. The admin panel can also organize customer support.
  • App design
    The most important thing is that a mobile wallet like Paytm should be straightforward and to-the-point. If people find difficulty in using your app, then they won’t trust you for the money.
  • App platform
    The cost to develop a Paytm-like app varies from the platform you choose for development, but if you choose a flutter app to develop your app, then the cost will not change.
  • App size
    App size depends upon the market you choose to target. One should not develop a heavy app; otherwise, people can shift from your app. Try to keep things light weighted.

Why choose the Flutter app for developing Paytm like an app?

Why choose flutter app for developing Paytm like app

You might have an idea that all the cross-platforms can perform some things and offer some features essential for the job, and you are right. But flutter is different from its competitors and in some key aspects. Let’s have a look at the advantages of flutter.

Same UI and business logic in all platforms

We know that basically, any cross-platform framework shares a codebase between the target platforms. But there are no applications that share both the UI code and the UI itself besides the flutter.

Flutter doesn’t need any platform-specific UI components to share its UI. There is only one thing flutter needs to show to the application UI: a canvas to draw onto.

In short, sharing UI and business logic is possible through flutter, and it can save time, effort, and it also doesn’t affect the performance of the app at last.

Reduces code development time

As we all know, if we are developing an app in a flutter, then we don’t need to rewrite the code for each platform, we can write the code for one platform, and it can run all the platforms targeted.

This reduces the code development time for different platforms and also saves the effort of the developer.

Similar to native app development

Application performance is tough for good UX. it is safe to use flutter instead of the native app because the performance of an application is better in a flutter app than in a native app.

If you use flutter for your app, then developing an app using flutter will be less than the time taken by the native app.

Own rendering engine

Flutter provides you with the facilities to perform so many things with your app that are not possible on the different platforms. Its framework must be powerful.

For rendering itself, flutter uses Skia onto a platform-provided canvas. Because the engine, UI, and code developed in flutter can run on any platform.

Platform-specific logic implementation

Except for UI, many mobile applications depend on advanced OS-level features, fetching GPS coordinates, Bluetooth communication, permission handling, and much more.

Cost for developing Paytm like app

Cost of developing Paytm like app

The cost to develop a Paytm like app depends upon the features you need to add to your app. If you want to develop a basic app with features like user profile, bar codes, QR codes, image manipulation then the cost may vary from $20,000 to $50,000 and the cost to build an app like Paytm with advanced features like data syncing, push notifications, geolocations then it can be almost $50,000 to $1,00,000.

paytm app development cost

The cost to build an app like Paytm can also vary on design and it is very important that the app is designed in a way that the users and customers get attracted towards it and also loves to use your app. If they found your app interesting they can also suggest your app to their friends through which the usage of your app can be increased. For developing your app in a unique way advanced technologies are required that can be more costly.


This blog provides complete guidance about the cost and features to create Paytm like apps in a flutter. To develop a good Paytm like app, you must also find a good mobile app development company with the best flutter app developer.

Nevina Infotech is the best flutter mobile app development company that will help you develop a good Paytm like app in flutter according to your requirements and needs.


What are mobile wallet apps?

Mobile wallet apps are online payment apps which are used for online transaction or online payment. It is a virtual wallet that stores the information of payment cards in a mobile device.
It is used for in-store online payment. Mobile apps have their own mobile wallet.

Is it possible to develop mobile wallet apps like Paytm?

Yes of course it is possible to develop mobile wallet apps like Paytm. Any online payment app doesn’t work without mobile wallets. So, for developing any online payment apps you need to first develop mobile wallet.

How to create a wallet app like Paytm?

Your answer for how to create a wallet app like Paytm by adding the features like Paytm. All the wallets provide benefits to the user as they provide a platform for money transfer.
It is good to develop a wallet app as it provides you with cashless and contactless money transfer.

How to design a Paytm like app?

If you want to know how to design a Paytm like app, you have to get a Recharge API for your portal, and for designing a recharge payment through mobile you will need a Mobile Recharge API. This is mandatory for all online payment app portals, and not for building a Paytm like payment portal.
This will help you to design any app like Paytm.

How much does an app like Paytm cost?

Your answer to the question how much does an app like Paytm cost is that it depends upon the features you add in the app. If the features are basic then the price won’t be much but if there are advanced features in it the cost will be high as compared to basic features.

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