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Just like other technologies are slowly advancing in the coming years, Blockchain technology is paving its path in several industries with time. It has already opened the windows for many businesses to see through the landscape of economic growth and revenue generation. One such exciting technology is Web3.

Web3 has a number of use cases and the scope of industrial growth. Its cryptocurrency transformation has attracted several investors and buyers across the globe. This blockchain platform can be used for real estate, and now, even for apps like Axie Infinity.

Web3 game app like Axie Infinity is an immersive gaming platform for users which suggest ‘play-to-earn’. So it is considered a high-tech innovative technology for easy transfer of the tokens and trading without any need for asset ownership. In fact, businesses or startups are seeking to create a game like Axie Infinity from mobile game development services.

As you read and explore further, you will understand the Web3 technology in more detail.

Features of Gaming apps like Axie

To create a game like Axie Infinity, you need to keep it engrossing and smooth graphic interface in-game app development. So here, we state some important must-have features in the Web3 game app.

Play-to-Earn Method

Without owning assets or converting one, apps like Axie are a platform where players can freely play to earn rewards. For that, players have to complete each day’s target to achieve priced money and tokens. Moreover, they can withdraw these obtained rewards directly to their accounts. This is why the cost of developing an app like Axie Infinity can differ from the app’s functionality and NFT marketplace streamlining.

Blockchain-based Ownership and In-Game Tokenization

Because this blockchain displaces the asset conversion, the need for transactional records diminishes. It secures the user details as they do not include external assets. Instead, it enables secured in-game tokenization, ownership of digital assets (such as characters and game objects), and smart contracts supervised game mechanisms.

NFT Integration

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) refers to the gamified tokens that are inter-traded within the Web3 game boundaries. As a Web3 game app like Axie Infinity has a winning tokens strategy, the feature allows players to own, trade, and sell these NFTs, providing provable scarcity and ownership of virtual assets within the game, and often enabling interoperability with other NFT-compatible platforms and games.

Strategic Gameplay Design

Gaming is fun for the players where they need to use their critical, strategic, and decision-making skills. Without any proper planning and conceptualization, it wouldn’t be engaging for the users. So players can strategize to maximize their assets’ value, trade them, or use them to gain an advantage within the game’s realm. It adds depth to the gaming experience, making player choices more impactful and meaningful.

PVP Battles and Tournaments

What is a greater way to keep the players on the edge of their seats? To create intriguing, attentive-based game background and communication. This will not only generate enough revenue but also create the potential to bring more users to the platform, just like gaming apps like Axie.

Customized Avatars

Exciting customization features let the users explore more on the apps like Axie. Experimenting with their virtual look, clothing options, armor or object trials, and many of such things will fascinate the users.

Important Steps to Develop a Web3 Game App like Axie Infinity

Research Before Development

Before you set the app development process in motion, first it needs to be ready with in-depth research. The video games industry is more diverse and conceptual than we can imagine. It has different genres of game concepts such as supernatural fiction, combat, sports, and so much more. One of the examples is ‘Gods Unchained’.

So, getting thorough market research can help in finalizing the conceptualization, just the app like Axie Infinity. Along with the game concept, you can design and create some innovative game characters, names, storylines, and targets.

Narrowing Down Resources and Budget

The cost of developing an app like Axie Infinity is simple – it depends on the mobile app development services you will approach. But beforehand, list down the important aspects of developing, promoting, and maintaining the app on various Play stores and platforms.

Development Phase

Here, integrating various components at the right places is crucial thing such as:

  • Game design and functionality mechanisms
  • Character creation
  • The game environment and color selection
  • Smart contracts for terms and conditions on ownership, trading, and rewards. This will ensure the players’ secured information.
  • Full-Stack development (front-end and back-end)

Remember, each component needs to be equally maintained and made fit according to the game’s concept and workflow.

Integrating NFT Marketplace

Much like any other Web3 tokenization, Web3 embedded with NFT marketplace integration can ease the tokenization of the game rewards. It involves providing a digital space for the users where they can freely buy, sell, or trade the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in the form of in-game assets. So, while you create a game like Axie Infinity, it is important to also secure the transactions through smart contracts deployment. The dedicated players can monetize their in-game items and rewards to their accounts.

Brand the App to Build a Community

Within the competition of thousands of video games, creating a strong brand identity and buzzword for your application is essential to garner the target users. Moreover, today’s trend of gamers and their community can spread compliments about the app’s functionality and its unique features. For that, some of such community groups can review its design and gameplay pattern. To launch it on other Play stores, taking iOS for instance, you have to hire iPhone app developer.

Web3 Game App Launch

To achieve akin success just as a gaming app like Axie Infinity is to keep testing, debugging, and getting supportive services for maintenance and upgradation of the app. After going through these tasks, strategize the target users and platforms for launching the app. Most importantly, your players’ feedback and analysis of their gaming streaks can give a lot of insight into improvising the app mechanism.

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The Cost of Developing an App Like Axie Infinity

When you create a game like Axie Infinity, it depends on many factors upon which the platform is designed. With Consultation through Android developer hire, they can answer your exact numbers for the cost of developing an app like Axie Infinity.

But for now, it is vital to know the aspects that are considered in the overall costs.

  • App design and conceptual execution
  • Web 3.0 game features, UI/UX design, and game interface
  • In-game communication functions like voice calls, messages, etc.
  • Avatar creation and customization
  • In-game assets and rewards
  • Type of game app development team (freelancing, outsourcing, etc.)
  • Timeline of app development

From these overall factors, it would cost around $50,000 to $150,000. However, this may vary from mobile app development services.


Apps like Axie are a budding trend for all cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts. Moreover, as it doesn’t involve any real-world assets and ownership, the app makes a secure place to earn money and rewards as much as the player wins.

From a fascinating graphic interface to an engaging app for the users, it is certain that Web3 will be considered one of the promising gaming apps like Axie. Thanks to the increase in the gaming apps market, to create a game app like Axie Infinity will be a money-making idea that will buzz the trend within the players to earn money.

However, the competition in the marketplace is constantly growing with businesses trying to gain a place in the blockchain domain. Web3 game app like Axie Infinity need foolproof planning to build a flawless video game platform. For that, custom mobile app development services can reshape a stand-out interface to tailor an enthralling experience for the users.

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Is Axie Infinity a Web3 game?

Axie Infinity is a concept of a ‘play-to-earn’ game application where players don’t need to verify their NFT ownership. They can earn by creating a game avatar, winning many battles, and withdrawing these game coins into real capital. As it doesn’t involve any real-world asset conversion, the user’s data remains safe.

How Money is Made in Web3?

A gaming app like Axie’s capital-earning method is pretty simple! It has a token system where the players earn in the form of cryptocurrency and cash rewards as they achieve daily targets provided. This is why it is a highly demanded platform to heavily engage the players.

How much does Web3 game app development cost?

It depends on the type of gaming app you want to build. From creating a storyline for the app to designing its graphic interface. Adding up all these things can estimate the cost by the app development company you will approach. Still, stating its average cost, it would be around $50,000 – $150,000.

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