E-commerce continues to provide beneficial facilities to people to purchase quickly and smoothly through eCommerce stores. More and more eCommerce websites are increasing day by day.

The first step to developing any eCommerce website is to choose the best suitable platform for eCommerce store development. Among all the eCommerce platforms present, Magento is the best platform for developing an eCommerce store.

Presently there are three versions of Magento: Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition, and Magento Commerce Edition.

Once you choose the Magento platform for developing an eCommerce app, you must select a version of Magento.

In this blog, I will tell you about all three versions of Magento and why one should use them.

What is Magento Community Edition?

Magento community edition

Magento Community Edition is mainly a free platform that can easily be used to develop an eCommerce store. Therefore, it mostly attracts small businesses or startups because it doesn’t need any investment.

This version of Magento meets all the basic requirements of a small eCommerce store. You can even add various functionalities and install Magento extensions to make your store unique and user-friendly. In addition, it doesn’t need any large configurations that make it friendly for new learners.

Magento 2 Community Edition is the most-liked and known version for people because whenever you ask them about What it is Magento? They will give answers that represent the Community edition.

The community edition of Magento is supported by a large community of third-party applications and web developers. You won’t need to pay any money to use this Community edition; you will need to pay for the Magento development if you hire any for customizing your eCommerce store.

Who needs the Magento Community Edition?

One of the main benefits of choosing the Community edition is it is free of charge. That makes Magento 2 Community Edition a strong choice when money is a significant issue. Money is worth considering when you are a small company or startup and don’t need many specifications and customization.

Magento Community Edition is mainly famous for web developers who are developing sites en masse. This Edition enables developers to develop various websites for different customers without paying multiple Magento license fees. Because of this reason, the Community edition has a lot to offer to the eCommerce store owner who has a budget for it.

What is Magento Enterprise Edition?

Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento Enterprise Edition is a paid version; it is not free like Community Edition. But you don’t need to worry about Magento 2 enterprise edition costs. Magento eCommerce cost is among the most competitive in the market. Magento Enterprise Edition cost is much higher than Magento Community Edition, and it is worth being costly because of the advanced features that it consists of.

Magento Enterprise Edition consists of high security, better performance, and upgraded scalability. In addition, it has many features that are beneficial for your eCommerce website.

Who needs the Magento Enterprise Edition?

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition is specially designed for enterprise customers. First, you check some of the top Magento websites. Each Magento Enterprise Edition is targeted at large companies looking forward to expanding an eCommerce store on a large scale.

One of the best ways to choose between Magento Enterprise Edition vs Magento Community Edition is to ask yourself how essential your eCommerce website is. If it is just a necessity but not an important tool, you can go for Magento Community Edition. However, on the other hand, if your eCommerce website is critical and has essential tools, you need to go for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition.

What is Magento Commerce Cloud Edition?

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition is one of the unique names among Platform As A Service (PAAS) for providing the best eCommerce efficiency. Paas and Saas are both different models of cloud services. While it later provides service to customers with limitations in server-level composition, the former allows users to go through the source code and develop the software through the tools provided by Paas companies.

Magento Commerce Cloud will run on AWS Amazon Web Services infrastructure, the most used and common cloud solution. That includes the best-in-class technologies. One doesn’t need to worry about Magento Commerce Cloud cost as it is not that much. In addition, AWS can help improve the development, monitoring, security, and content delivery of your store. Currently, Adobe also added Microsoft Azure as Infrastructure as a service Iaas for Magento Commerce Cloud.

Who needs the Magento Commerce Cloud Edition?

Magento Commerce Cloud Edition is used for developing a cloud-hosted eCommerce store that is achieving a lot of popularity due to the high scalability of a cloud-hosted platform. There are a lot of cloud-based hosting providers available in the market.

Here are some primary reasons to select Magento Commerce Cloud Edition:

  • AWS managed hosting and autoscaling
  • Magento Commerce has out-of-the-box features
  • Simple support and maintenance
  • Additional services
  • Multiple environment support


Suppose you are willing to develop an eCommerce app for the first time and are confused about which Magento version to choose for creating your eCommerce website. In that case, this blog will guide you in the right way to select the best performance for your Magento eCommerce store.

This blog will give you detailed knowledge of each version and who needs that particular version so you can choose wisely among all three versions.

You can hire Magento eCommerce developer from Nevina Infotech to develop your eCommerce store as we are the best Magento development company. I hope this blog will help you to solve your confusion and provide a solution.


What is the difference between Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Magento Commerce Cloud?

Magento is a popular open-source e-commerce platform that allows users to create and manage online stores. However, there are different versions of Magento that cater to different business needs. Here are the main differences between Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Magento Commerce Cloud.
> Community Edition is the free, open-source version of Magento that can be downloaded and installed on your own server.
> Enterprise Edition is the premium version of Magento that is designed for larger businesses with more complex needs.
> Magento Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based version of Magento that offers hosting, support, and additional features.

What are the features of Community Edition?

Community Edition is a free, open-source version of Magento that offers basic e-commerce features. Here are the main features of Community Edition.
> Product management
> Order management
> Customer management
> Marketing and promotion tools
> Shipping and payment options

Community Edition is suitable for small businesses that need a basic e-commerce platform without the added features and support of Enterprise Edition or Magento Commerce Cloud.

What are the features of Magento Commerce Cloud?

Magento Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based version of Magento that offers hosting, support, and additional features. Here are the main features of Magento Commerce Cloud.
> Cloud hosting and infrastructure
> Automatic scaling and performance optimization
> Advanced security and compliance
> Access to Magento experts and support
> Integration with other Adobe products

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