In today’s competitive scenario, the importance of marketing and promotion cannot be neglected. It is rightly said that “Out of sight is out of mind.” The businesses are required to remain on top of their game when promoting their products and services. The problem with online stores is that the marketers find it too technical to handle promotional strategies through a CMS. Magento makes this task effortless for marketers and merchandisers. Let us have a look at the menu of Magento for marketers and merchandisers.


Magento website Promotions | Nevina Infotech

Magento provides immaculate features for the most important fraction of the business. Some of which are as follows

  1. Rules can be specified for individual products to offer discounts concerning a specific event or criteria like a customer segment, a specific period, etc. Once you specify the rules along with relations, the discount will be displayed dynamically whenever the condition is satisfied. These rules can be for a product catalog or a cart.

  2. There is an option to arrange “by invite sales” for some selected privileged customers to give them VIP treatment for a specified time slot.

  3. The customers can be segmented based on various demographic factors or socio-economic characteristics. There is an option to export the segment data for mailing or email campaigns, as well. The advanced segmentation features are required for a diverse country like India. If you Magento development company, it permits you to add features to create a new niche customer segment. Apart from this, the regular features of reward points and loyalty programs can also be managed via Magneto.

Drag and Drop Merchandising

Drag and Drop Merchandising | Nevina Infotech

The majority of the time of a marketer goes in visual merchandising, especially when the eCommerce store needs proficiency in popular languages used for designing web pages. A non-developer finds it pretty intricate to re-arrange products using technical panache. Visual Merchandiser of Magento comes to the rescue of such non-technical merchandisers. This feature allows you to re-arrange products by simple drag-and-drop of the mouse. The merchandiser can manually position the “hero” products on the top of a category page. Marketers can also specify automated rules for arranging the products in such a manner that products with a specific characteristic such as latest products, products with maximum margin, best seller products are always positioned on the top of the respective category page. Categories can also be played around easily. Categories can be copied or dynamically created e.g., “popular products” or “products on sale” as per the product features if you hire magento developer for customizing categories.

Suave Checkout & Flexi Wish list

Suave Checkout & Flexi Wish list | Nevina Infotech

Magento has included the guest checkout feature in its arsenal to reduce the shopping cart abandonment. The users are not required to register themselves for purchasing products. Users can create multiple wish lists for different categories or purposes. This wish list can be then shared with selected or all the friends on social media or email by shoppers. The wish list settings can be customized remotely if you hire magento developer online. Automatic Email alerts can be sent to customers in selected cases such as incomplete purchase, discount offers, price reduction on wish list items, etc. Marketing Reports

Reports are an integral part of any marketing campaign as its performance can be judged through it. Magento provides you insights into consumer buying habits and other relevant issues affecting the campaign through the reports section. The following kind of reports are generated by Magento which are customizable if you hire best magento developer,

  1. “Products in Cart” Report: It displays all the products lying in shopping carts with details such as name, price, frequency of that item in carts, and a number of carts having that item. It aids the marketer to access the effectiveness of a particular promotional strategy as well as calculate the inventory requirements.

  2. Search Terms” Report:It highlights the common search terms used by the shoppers in the online store. This report includes the frequency of search terms as well as the matching products found. It helps you to fine-tune the SEO strategy of your store and include the proxy names and regional name of your product in its description.

  3. “Abandoned Carts” Report: It exhibits the list of all registered users having an abandoned cart with relevant details. This report can be used to send reminder emails to these users to complete the purchase. It might indicate discrepancies in a discount offer or exorbitant shipping charges if a specific product is featuring in bulk of the abandoned carts.

  4. “Newsletter Problem” Report: It includes the failed newsletter delivery details. This can avoid tricky situations like not enough buzz created on the announcement of a sale through newsletters. Timely action can save your day in such cases.


Conclusion - Nevina Infotech

Marketing is a key requirement of any business, which is often ignored by entrepreneurs and startups, especially while selecting a platform for developing an online store. A CMS without tools for promotion is like a gun without bullets. All the key requirements of a marketer like segmentation, visual merchandising, customized campaigns, reports, etc. have been taken care of in Magento. An avid user of Magento and a client of Nevina Infotech express his satisfaction by quoting – Magento is the perfect example of a blessing in disguise for marketers who are not tech-savvy.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director