Most of the online businesses today rely on the prowess of Magento CMS for the smooth conduction of its operations. Although Businesses can go for the development of a Magento store on their own, they hire Magento Development Company to give wings to their online store. Magento, powering around 30% of online stores worldwide, is a popular choice for developing an eCommerce platform. The ease of customization, flexibility, and community support makes it an irresistible CMS. However, building an online store is not everyone’s cup of tea, specifically considering numerous factors like page loading speed, SEO requirements, Page caching, payment gateways, themes, third-party integrations, etc. It requires tons of experience to cash in on the horde of features provided by the Magento platform. Moreover, the budget is of the essence here. This highlights the need for hiring an experienced Magento development company in India for handling the operations of the Magento store. There is no magic wand for finding an ideal Magento development company overnight. A thorough process is religiously followed for finding a Magento Developer just ideal for your platform. This blog post discusses the various factors to be considered while finding a perfect hire for Magento Developer.

Why Hire a Magento Development Company?

Magento Development Company

It is obnoxious to live in blissful ignorance when you own a million-dollar business. Before one proceeds to hiring a Magento Developer, it is obligatory to understand that whether it is required to hire a magento web development company or not? As Magento is a rich CMS with multiple sophisticated features that can be explored only by technically superior Magento veterans, one needs a certified Magento expert for tapping the unlimited potential of Magento. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a technically well-versed Magento developer.

  • Development Time

    An experienced Magento development team creates and sets up the Magento store in no time. When time is of the essence, it makes sense to go for seasoned Magento campaigners. These people are trained in best Magento development practices limiting the amount of redundant code to a minimum. It saves a lot of development time. Moreover, the core team can focus on the other important aspects of the business like sales, branding, promotional strategies, etc. without worrying about the technical stuff.

  • Superior Performance

    In the absence of technical expertise, businesses lack a crucial facet of an online store i.e. performance. The below-par performance of the website can limit the conversion rates and can also enhance the shopping cart abandonment ratio. The performance of a store is a critical success factor in online businesses. If handled by an expert Magento development company in India, this bane can be converted to a boon. A certified Magento developer not only ensures the above-par performance of the website but also ensures that the safety and security features are not compromised in the process.

  • Technical Assistance

    A good Magento development company guides the business in all aspects of store development. Apart from handling the technical stuff, they can also help the business in selecting an appropriate theme for improving the aesthetics of the store. There are many external plug-ins and extensions which are required to include additional features in the website not supported by Magento. Selecting and installing an appropriate external module needs the supervision of an expert as it might hamper the performance of the store instead of enhancing it. These extensions also need upgrades and maintenance from time to time, which can be easily managed by a Magento development company.

  • Customization

    If an online store wants to protrude it as different from the crowd, an obvious way is to customize its website to include unique features not available on other sites. Apart from this application of SEO principles to increase organic traffic is another important cog in the wheel. The look and feel add to the appeal of the online store as well. Hiring custom Magento development services helps the business in standing in the league of extraordinary stores by achieving all the above objectives.

Key Steps to Hire a Perfect Magento Development Company

custom magento development services

After making some key decisions, now it’s time to start shortlisting Magento development companies for valuable projects. Let us try to figure out which company would fit into the portfolio. The company should be checked for the following particulars:

  • Industry & Development Expertise

    The Magento development company should possess expertise in the CMS for implementing the desired functionalities in the online store. In the absence of an in-house technical expert, take the help of the Internet to prepare a set of questions to be asked to test the expertise level of the development team. One can also go for paid automated pre-employment platforms e.g. Codify, Devskiller, etc. for checking the Magento skills of the prospective development team. This is necessary for lengthy, cumbersome, and complex projects where a wrong hire can ruin the project.

    Another equally important thing is to go through the Industry projects the company has done so far. This would give a fair idea of the adaptability of the magento development company to acclimatize in challenging situations.

  • Portfolio & Credentials

    The credentials of the development team should be checked thoroughly but a Magento certification doesn’t necessarily ensure Magento proficiency. For this reason, a closer look at the work portfolio is essential. The portfolio highlights the skill set and expertise of the development team.

  • References (On Availability)

    The references in the portfolio (if mentioned) are the best tools to verify the work portfolio and attitude of the development team. A conversation with the references provided by the Magento web development company helps in analyzing the portfolio in depth.

  • Check Availability & Communicate

    The availability of the development team should be checked during the tenure of the project, especially for part-time or contractual hires. The scheduling of the project should also be discussed along with the amount of flexibility that can be offered. The project should be discussed scrupulously and feedback sought from the development team. This feedback accesses the project’s understanding of the Magento development company in India and judges their interest in the project. The requirements should be specified along with the expectations. The schedule and budget should also be agreed upon during the discussion.

    Final Thoughts

    Different online store owners have different perspectives on hiring, some hire a magento maintenance and support services to maintain their Magento store and leave everything to them. On the other hand, some eCommerce sites hire a Magento development company only to handle issues out of their reach in terms of technical competence. Organizations do hire a Magento development company in India to save costs as the development charges are less in India. Some organizations hire custom Magento development services to take care of their operations. Whatever the mode of hiring, the above guidelines help organizations in making a perfect hire irrespective of the functionalities and technicalities involved.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. Do I need to hire Magento development services at the beginning of the project itself?

    ANS: The development services can be hired even when the project is in operation or before the commencement of the project.

    Q2. Should I hire full-time Magento development services or hiring of part-time nature will suffice?

    ANS: If the project is a complex one, it is suggested to go for a full-time hire. If the store is already operational, one can opt for part-time hire.

    Q3. How much time would be needed to develop a full-fledged online store from scratch?

    ANS: The time depends on the complexity and features required in the store. It can take anywhere between 3 to 7 months.

    Q4. What would be the tentative budget for developing a Magento store?

    ANS: The costs of a Magento store with basic functionalities vary from $10000 to $15000.

    Q5. Do I need to hire 2 separate companies for the development and maintenance of my Magento store?

    ANS: The Magento development company normally offers both kinds of services. These services can be availed as an integrated package as well.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

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