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Magento, being a powerful CMS is one of the most popular choices for building an online web store. Just building an attractive Magento store doesn’t ensure success; it needs regular overhauling, maintenance, and update. Opting for continuous Magento maintenance support is a smart choice. A bug-free, optimized website enhances the user experience, and that in turn exhilarates the ROI. On the other hand, an ill-maintained website may result in revenue losses and security risks that may tarnish a business’s brand image. This blog post is a tell-all about Magento maintenance and support services.

What is Magento Website Maintenance?

Magento website maintenance is a broad term that includes services of all kinds including site optimization, updating Magento versions, installing the latest security patches, integration of a new theme or plug-in, etc. It also includes handling the website failure and minimizing the downtime of the website. The following are the key things that are monitored in Magento maintenance services.

The installation of the latest security patches released by Magento during low-traffic hours is an integral part of Magento maintenance services. On average a new security patch is released by Magento on a monthly basis.

  • The website should be updated to the newest versions launched by Magento. Magento usually launches a new minor version quarterly.
  • The website should be audited on a regular basis for SEO optimization. The recommendations should be immediately implemented to achieve optimum results.
  • The website should be regularly audited for various performance parameters including speed and accordingly modified.
  • The monitoring tools included in maintenance services can predict an outage in advance so that proactive actions can be taken to prevent the outage.
  • Maintenance of server logs including cleaning and roll-up should also be made a regular affair.

How to find the best Magento Maintenance Services?

best Magento maintenance services

Signing up an agency for maintaining your Magento store is a difficult task. It is essential to focus on the financial perils faced in the absence of a quality maintenance partner. The decision to hire an appropriate maintenance partner should not be based on the cost only. One should opt for a top-notch maintenance agency without bothering about the cost. The following tricks can be useful for hiring the best Magento support services:

  • One should go for an experienced team of experts to minimize the risks of a breakdown. The presence of Magento-certified developers in the team would be an added advantage.
  • The professionalism and timely delivery of maintenance services should be one’s top priority.
  • It is better to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the maintenance partner as they need to be given access to the website data.
  • Talk to the previous clients and check their previous projects for getting an idea about the quality of work offered by the agency.

Benefits of Magento Maintenance and Support Services

Magento maintenance and support services

The maintenance and support services ensure that your website is up and running 24X7 without any technical glitches. An online business needs to make sure that the website is always available without any downtime or security scares. Hiring a reliable Magento maintenance partner guarantees freedom from maintenance worries. The one who provided Magento development services to you earlier is an ideal choice. There are several pros of opting for Magento maintenance and support services.

  • The Magento maintenance partner would ensure that your website is updated on a regular basis to include the latest security patches and Magento versions.
  • The regular SEO and performance audit ensure that your site is optimized to brace for speed and search engine hurdles.
  • The latest features are included in the website as per your requirements and market needs.
  • The extensions and third-party plug-ins are installed for optimal website performance.
  • The security of a website is ensured by auditing it for the latest security vulnerabilities and fixing security loopholes.

Best Practices for Managing Magento Maintenance Services

An online business can follow the below-mentioned best practices to ensure a hassle-free website.

  • Optimize your website: The Magento store should be optimized for performance hiccups as speed is the major deterrent for online buyers. Apart from this, make sure that the website is appealing and the navigation is smooth. It enhances the UI/UX experience of the customers.
  • The latest is the best: Online businesses should make sure that their website is always up to date to incorporate the latest version of Magento as well as the latest security patch. The same goes without saying for third-party extensions, themes, and plug-ins as well. It enhances the security of the website and also ensures that the newest features are at your disposal.
  • Select a Reliable Hosting Service Provider: Businesses often fall for inexpensive hosting service providers to save some money. But, a secure hosting service provider is critical to the upkeep of the website. These economical hosting service providers often lack basic security amenities. Opting for a low-cost service provider means that you are not prepared for contingencies.
  • Eliminate Dummy Products: Businesses often create dummy products for testing the functionality of the website and forget to delete these test products. It occupies disk space affecting the loading speed of the website. Apart from this, it also ruins the user experience. Removing the dummy products as soon as you are done with testing is a must.
  • Hire a Maintenance Partner: Handling a Magento store is not everyone’s cup of tea and needs technical expertise. It is always better to hire an agency for looking after the support and maintenance of the Magento store. They will look after the technical issues like optimization, breakdown, maintenance, etc. and you can focus on the business. It is advisable to go for a company that offers round-the-clock support. One should plan to hire a Magento developer to coordinate with the maintenance partner.
  • Overloading is a Strict No: It is advisable to keep one’s website to a bare minimum. Adding unnecessary extensions and themes might affect the performance of the website. It would also increase the burden on the maintenance team as handling external extensions and plug-ins is a tedious task.

Best Magento Development Solutions for Small Businesses

Why Nevina Infotech for Magento maintenance services?

The issue of getting superlative Magento maintenance and support services is not a thorn in the flesh anymore. Nevina Infotech manages the Magento store efficiently and effectively. Nevina Infotech provides a comprehensive Magento maintenance package including all facets of the website maintenance. Nevina Infotech is fortified with a team of Magento-certified experts available 24X7 at the disposal of their clients. Nevina Infotech customizes the Magento store depending on the needs of the clients, keeping optimization as the focal point. The continuous support with a professional attitude and timely resolution of issues has been the strength of Nevina Infotech.

Nevina Infotech’s motto has always been to put the client’s best interest above all. Nevina Infotech is known for delivering quality work in a reasonable timeframe. The vast experience of Nevina Infotech in handling Magento maintenance projects ensures that the team always has new aces under their sleeves to optimize the store further. Nevina Infotech is and would be the ideal choice as a Magento support and maintenance partner.


Having a blemish-free website is the need of the hour for any online business. Having a Magento store without a maintenance and support partner is like playing cricket without a ball. Hiring an agency for the maintenance of your store gives you peace of mind. The technical aspects are taken care of by the maintenance agency and you get an optimized website with enhanced user experience. To conclude, hiring a Magento development company as a maintenance partner is a must for any online business having a Magento store.


How important is website optimization?

Website optimization is of paramount importance, as it directly influences user satisfaction, page loading speed, and search engine visibility. A well-optimized website ensures seamless navigation, better engagement, and increased chances of converting visitors into customers, ultimately leading to improved online performance and business growth.

Should I hire the same agency for maintenance and support that has developed my store?

It is preferable to hire the same agency but one can opt for a new agency as well.

How much does Magento hosting cost?

The cost of Magento hosting varies widely based on factors such as the hosting provider, package features, and level of performance required. On average, shared hosting can start around $20 to $100 per month, while dedicated or cloud hosting may range from $200 to $700 or more monthly. Customized enterprise solutions can command higher prices, ensuring scalability, security, and optimal performance for Magento-powered websites.

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