Magento and PWA are both trending technologies that are used for developing different online stores and websites. Magento is used for developing eCommerce online stores for buying and selling, and PWA is used to develop web apps.

In this blog, we will look at what Magento is and what PWA is and know about the compatibility between Magento and PWA.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform to develop online eCommerce stores for buying and selling. It is built in PHP. Many big online stores are using Magento like Nike, Samsung, and much more.

Magento development

Magento implements an online merchant with a flexible shopping cart system and has control over their online store’s look, content, and functionality. Magento allows strong marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

It is designed to take advantage of an application by one who is not a developer. The community of Magento is extensive and helpful.

Developers that have experience will also tell you about the speed that is quality in eCommerce. No one likes to wait for the loading time that it takes to load the store or website. Magento development services can also help you to load your store or website faster.

Many familiar places use the community-based Magento product for eCommerce clients. Magento offers many varieties of plug-ins and themes that can quickly increase the user experience.


  • It is easy to install and add external plug-ins
  • It is an open-source technology that offers, malleable, extensible eCommerce solution
  • Practical and cost-sensitive program
  • It allows various discounts and promotions during check-out
  • It provides more than 50 payment gateways


  • Complexity
  • Cost of development
  • Time
  • Limited actions

What is PWA?

PWA development

Progressive web apps are developed with the same technology as the websites like HTML, CSS, JavaScript but they look and feel like actual web apps. It is easy to share, and it doesn’t require any installation. It also allows you to create website icons on the screen directly without using the App store or google play.

Another feature of PWA is it allows push notification and some services that can be used offline. Have you ever noticed a pop that says “add to home screen”? this pop-up only occurs when a website supports PWA? By using this popup, it will add a website icon to your home screen.

One must also perform progressive web app development services because it can help you stay updated with new versions and help the web app run faster.


  • Lower development and maintenance costs
  • Advanced SEO
  • Faster user flow
  • Different device compatibility
  • No dependencies on app stores
  • Hyperlinks


  • The brand cannot be discovered through app stores
  • Poor UX
  • No proper connection to other installed or default apps
  • Limits for iOS devices

Magento and PWA compatibility

Given below is the list of the different versions of Magento, and the opposite of that, there are versions of PWA that are compatible with the versions of Magento.

Magento compatibility

What do you mean by compatibility?

Compatibility means a state in which two things can exist or occur to each other without any problem or conflict.

If you want to work directly with the PWA studio repository, one must make sure the version you are working with is compatible with the Magento version.

Before working with two things, one must be sure that both the things are compatible with each other otherwise, it won’t work correctly and give a bug in the future.

Compatibility checks

After 2.1.0, PWA studio includes a query verification step during the building process. This step can report on any GraphQL incompatibility counters.

Solving incompatibility issues

There are two options to solve the incompatibility issues.

  • Upload or download the PWA studio version to match the Magento 2 version
  • Upload or download the Magento 2 version to match it with the PWA studio


Here we come to an end on this blog. In this blog, there is complete information and explanation about the Magento and PWA and their compatibility.

I hope this blog will help you solve your doubt on how much Magento is compatible with PWA. I will be glad to know that this blog helped you get information about the compatibility between Magento and PWA and solve the incompatibility issues.

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How does Magento Progressive Web App work?

No, the submission process is not included in the development process. You should submit the app externally after it is developed.

If they add the store to their home screen, users don’t need to open the browser repeatedly, and they need to click on the store icon on their home screen.

If an admin wants to send the push notification to the user, they need to log in to the Magento backend to create a new notification and send it quickly.

Is it worth developing PWA?

For all online business owners, profit is one of the most concerning parts. Many big companies wouldn’t have invested in PWA if it was not worth it.

If you convert your Magento store into PWA, you will get:

  • X3 web page speed
  • X10 traffic
  • X2 reaches and conversions
  • X5 user engagement
  • Decreased cost for marketing
  • Cut cost for uploading app on the store


How to hire Magento 2 PWA developers?

There are many Magento development companies but very few Magento 2 PWA developers all over the world.
But it is easy for you to select the best developer as there are not many choices.

You can directly contact the developers through Email or call and ask them about the cost of development, solution, and approximate time to develop. The main thing to discuss is the after-sales policy you need to know.

What are the limitations of Magento PWA and Possible solutions?

There are several restrictions of Magento PWA and PWAs in general on iOS devices.

In android mobile devices, it is easy to use Progressive Web Apps just by clicking on allow and add on the popup notification. Whereas on iOS devices, the customers have to make some effort. There are no such popups or notifications to add to the home screen.

This has a temporary solution by adding a short message at the bottom of the page guiding them to use PWA.

There is no permanent solution for it; we have to wait until the iOS device supports PWA.

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