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Quick appetit is a food delivery app that is accessible worldwide. If you are craving something tasty, you can order it easily using quick appetit.

In this website, we have maintained the functionality and features of the app. We have also added some functions like geolocation-based search and localization-wise driver location in a map. The primary function of this website for the admin and merchant panel is they can select the area from where the customer can order the food.


Built for





Yii framework


Yii framework

Project Overview

Quick Appetite reached out to Nevina Infotech for maintenance and support for their website. Maintaining the website included bug fixing and code cleaning, and optimizing the speed of the website, and other significant issues like technical bugs were fixed for providing a glitch-free experience to customers; and it is an international food delivery website, and we provide store management and included city-wise tax management. The technology we used for the maintenance of the website is the Yii framework.


  • The website is modified for more speed by adjusting settings and switching to faster themes, changing the slower plug-ins and extensions, and enhancing the admin panel.
  • The website code was developed to speed up the execution time. Unwanted script files were detached to reduce the loading time.
  • Business logic and technical bugs were fixed to provide a better experience to users.
  • SSL certification was set up to boost the security of the website. SSL sends information to the internet in an encrypted format for security. The private information of the user is more secure now.
  • The geo-location-based pricing was introduced to show the price according to the user’s location.
  • A new inventory management system was introduced on the website to keep track of available products. It also helps the business owners to order the raw material in advance.


It was challenging for our developers to test the already existing website that is already operating for years and find bugs mainly to imitate the bulk of customers.

It was a bit tough to fix bugs without changing the basic functionality of the website.

Setting up geo-location-based pricing for different products according to the location of buyers.

Finding out the speed obstacles of the website that includes code segments, plug-ins, extensions, etc.


Testing out of the box and debugging approach focusing on the bugs and fixing them accurately.

Using the best website improving tools and technologies to strengthen the website speed.

Using skilled and experienced developers to improve the website code and fixing speed obstacles.

Results Obtained

An agile and premium website with quicker loading time.

A highly secured website where the information from the client and server passes in an encrypted manner.

A bug-free website to improve the user experience.

An inventory management system that keeps the record of the stocks and manages according to the stock.

An excellent eCommerce website that will fulfill the requirements of users and stakeholders.

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