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In the past several years, web applications have all matured, and they no longer require users to download additional mobile applications in order to provide the greatest user experience. Users can now browse and do work without any difficulties through contemporary technologies and improved resources.

Web applications have become the prime need for businesses because of the ease they provide in business operations. It streamlines the business processes reducing time and effort as well as increasing accuracy and experience quickly with convenience. Not only large enterprises but also startups are moving towards web applications for providing a better user experience to the target audience.

In today’s modern world, It can be difficult to turn your startup idea into a usable product but picking the right technologies to create a web application that is on your mind is even more difficult especially when you are fresher. But the release of the development frameworks nowadays has made the process of designing a web application significantly simpler and more rapid. The creation of dynamic web pages can be accomplished through web application development. Web applications have improved in terms of interactivity, engagement, & efficiency because of more contemporary methods for developing effective digital solutions.

Web apps can be created for a wide range of purposes and utilized by anyone, a company, or an individual. Online calculators, web-based emails, and online shopping websites are examples of web applications that are often used. While some of them might only be available through a specific browser, most are accessible without it.

What is A Web Application?

The web application is an internet-based computer program that uses web technology and browsers to carry out tasks. A web server, an app server, and a database are necessary for the web app. The application server accomplishes the work, whereas the web servers handle requests from customers. The database is utilized to hold all required data.

Some web apps require server-side processing because they are dynamic. Others don’t require any server processing because they are entirely static. Web applications are typically written in browser-supported languages like Javascript and HTML since they depend on the browser to make the program effective.

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Benefits of a Web Application

These are the major benefits of web applications that will make understand the importance and features of implementing web applications in your business to achieve success.

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High portability:

The biggest advantage of web application development is that your app will be portable to any device users have or will purchase. Whether they have mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or any other devices they can run your app no matter the operating system. Web apps are cross-platform apps written in normal programming languages like native apps like JAVA, PHP, HTML, etc.

More convenience:

These apps run online through the internet eliminating the need to install them on the user’s device which makes it more convenient than other apps that take a lot of memory on the phone and data as well. It also saves users from content updates and PWAs provide all the benefits of a mobile app in a web application.

Easier development:

When you think about creating a cross-platform app for both Android and iPhone devices, it becomes hard, expensive, and time-consuming. But when you build a web app, it is like all the sweets in one hand, you can run your app on all the platforms as well as devices. Also, there is no restriction about the developing language, you can hire PHP developers or hire Java developers to create your app in any language.

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Drawbacks of Creating a Web App

Advantages are always followed by drawbacks, following are a few drawbacks of creating a web app given below:

Reduced speed & Decreased Access:

Web apps tried a lot but couldn’t defeat mobile apps in terms of loading speed and operation. Webs apps operate slowly and are hosted by a local server. Internet access is a must for web applications to function properly or entirely. most interactive web apps won’t work if you don’t have an online connection.

Limited functionality:

Web apps are not native, thus they can’t work as well with the operating system and hardware of your particular device as native ones can. They do not adopt the features of an operating system, they are multi-platform apps, and developers do not create a web application with those functionalities.

Steps to Build a Web Application

Web application development is not rocket science, it is easy as well as similar to all other software development lifecycles. All you need is well-versed web application development services and an experienced team of developers for successful web app development.

Defining your Idea:

Knowing your idea inside and out is the initial step in creating a web application. Consider the issue your web application will address or the benefit it will offer users. You can use this to clarify the functions and objectives of your applications.

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Planning and wireframing:

Planning your web application should begin after you have a strong idea. Make a development strategy that describes each stage, from idea to accomplishment. Drawing wireframes will also assist you in visualizing the design and user experience of your app. There are several internet tools that can help you easily create wireframes.

Choosing the right technology stack:

The right technology stack must be chosen while creating a web application. Take into account the project’s requirements as well as the abilities of your development team. For the creation of web applications, some well-liked technologies are PHP, Java, Laravel, and CodeIgniter. To choose the technology that best meets your needs, conduct research and engage with industry professionals.

Designing the user interface:

A successful web application must have a visually appealing and user-friendly user interface. The user experience enhances by designing a clean and intuitive interface for an application.

If the content or the appearance of your website is not interesting and appealing, 38% of website visitors will quit visiting it. You need to approach designers from an experienced web application development company, who are aware of the color schemes, typography, and navigation elements. Also, they should have hands-on experience working on designing software and tools like Figma, Sketch, etc for creating stunning designs of UI.

Development and Coding:

The actual magic begins here. To make your design and vision a reality, hire CodeIgniter developers who are knowledgeable and use fresh, scalable code that adheres to best practices whether it’s PHP, Java, or any other platform. When your program is still in the development stage, test it frequently for errors and performance problems.

Quality assurance testing:

Thorough testing is essential for producing web applications of the highest caliber. Perform several testing procedures, including user acceptance testing (UAT), integration testing, and unit testing. Find any issues that occur and solve them to make sure your web app runs properly on all devices and platforms.

Deployment and Hosting:

After thorough testing and quality control, it’s time to deploy your web application to a hosting environment. Select a reputable web app development company for hosting that satisfies your capacity and safety needs. To give your consumers a seamless experience, make sure your web app is performance optimized.

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Continuous improvement and updates:

The process of developing web applications never ends. Analyze user comments and statistics to spot areas that require potential improvement. Update your web application frequently with new features and bug patches to keep it current and marketable.


The way businesses are operated has changed due to increased internet usage by both companies and individuals. Building a Web application is becoming quite popular as a result of businesses switching from traditional strategies to cloud-based and grid structures. Web apps enable companies to simplify operations, boost productivity, and cut expenses.

However, it might seem like rocket science to create a web app but by following the above steps and approaching a well-versed web application development company, you can develop your dream web application. Whether you hire Laravel developers or JAVA developers, make sure you collaborate with experts from a successful company like Nevina Infotech for feature-rich and fully-functional apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can creating a web application benefit your company?

Creating a web application will give your company a platform to engage with customers, increase efficiency, and increase sales. With a web app, you can grow your audience, streamline processes, and enhance customer experience. It makes it possible for you to offer customized services, gather invaluable information, and keep the present digital market competitive. Making the most of web application development’s possibilities could be helpful in the expansion and success of your business.

What is the difference between a web app and a mobile app?

Mobile Apps are software applications that may be performed on iPads and mobile devices. On the other hand, web applications can be visited using a web browser and can be used virtually on any device.

What are the examples of web applications?

Web applications involve online forms, spreadsheets, shopping carts, image and video editors, emails, social media apps, etc. The list of apps included in web apps is never ending, as also the list of examples. Some examples of web apps are:
1. Google Docs
2. Gmail
3. Facebook
4. Uber
5. Spotify
6. Google Maps, etc.

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