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In the digital age of portable and non-portable gadgets (mobile or desktop), appearance and experience are crucial factors. Successful online stores provide high-quality goods and services, have high client retention rates, enable simple transaction and checkout processes, and have low order cancellation rates.

It was challenging to consider how any technology could match the user experience of a Native mobile application. The necessity for e-commerce web apps nevertheless grows along with the easy availability of mobile devices, PWAs are perfectly suited for this, and their advantages let developers of websites and mobile apps create and launch PWA e-commerce stores that guarantee a flawless and smooth, multichannel online shopping experience.

In the world of technology, progressive web apps are the fastest growing and emerging technology that combines both mobile phones and desktop versions of an e-commerce store. PWA for e-commerce plays an essential role in enhancing the user experience of e-commerce and increasing sales and revenue of e-commerce retailers, 44.2% of all retail e-commerce sales are anticipated to come from PWA e-commerce by 2025.

What is PWA or Progressive Web App?

A website that provides an experience similar to a mobile app is called a progressive web app. It will combine a website component with the distinctive characteristics of Native apps to create a web application. PWA is for people who desire a native app-like experience across all platforms on websites. It was launched by Google in 2015.

For an online store’s low conversion rates and bad mobile UX, it is an outstanding choice. The goal of PWA is to provide a user experience that is similar to that of a native app, with quicker conversion and cleaner browsing—even on slow Internet connections. They can be easily uploaded on app marketplaces like Apple Appstore and Playstore.

Progressive web apps are written in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. They can be searchable on internet browsing as they are exactly similar to regular web apps. They offer all the functionalities of mobile apps, they are speedy, work online as well as offline and use the features of user’s mobile or desktop devices.

Advantages of Progressive web apps for e-commerce:

E-commerce businesses were previously looking for native apps to showcase their businesses on the online market, but now with the benefits of PWA will now help them do this, they will now get all the same functionalities by using PWA for e-commerce.

Here are the benefits of using Progressive web apps for e-commerce business:

Loading Speed:

PWAs typically have extremely quick page loads due to the utilization of contemporary web development tools and technology. Additionally, applications function even when the internet connection is unreliable or offline.

User Experience:

With a similar user interface in both the web page and the software that is downloaded to their device, users are provided with a single user experience and improved overall experience of a website. They assist in preserving users and attracting them to come back for more because they are designed to provide a more app-like experience.

Development Cost:

When you create a PWA that can function on all platforms and operating systems it saves time and money for feature development & upgradation. Progressive web app development cost is significantly less than native apps and also it uses user’s device features which makes it more cost-effective.

Improved Seo:

Since they are designed to be responsive and work on all devices, e-commerce PWAs can help enhance the effectiveness of your SEO. This is important since mobile traffic is increasing and search engines are beginning to give portable websites a higher priority.

Offline access:

PWAs are more dependable and accessible in locations without internet availability since they can operate offline or with poor connectivity. Additionally, it is intended to offer a smooth experience when switching from offline to online mode. As a result, it enhances user pleasure and engagement by enabling users to continue using the app even without an internet connection.

Increased conversion rates:

PWA for e-commerce offers a more streamlined and interesting user experience, they can increase conversion rates. As a result, customers are more likely to make purchases on your website, enhancing income extensively.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

PWAs are made to function flawlessly on a variety of hardware and software, including mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. No matter what device or platform is being used to use the app, PWA enables companies and organizations to reach a larger audience and offer a uniform user experience.

The must-have Features of Progressive Web Apps for e-commerce

PWAs are an excellent option, according to online businesses of all sizes, to replace their uncoordinated, and slow websites. Even while more e-commerce websites are acquiring PWAs for e-commerce business, not all of them are genuinely adding value to their online shop.

Following are the features that you must include in your PWA app for making it stand and add value to your store. If you are thinking of creating a PWA for your e-commerce business, hire a progressive web app developer who can add all the below features to your app.

User Interface:

Your first step towards creating a PWA for e-commerce is designing a user interface keeping in mind that this is a native app for users so you should consider the designs of native apps as references. Also, you will have to go for a mobile-first approach, so don’t think that you are doing a progressive web app development instead think about designing a native app.

Your PWA should be created keeping in mind the user experience, it should adopt the user’s device features and it should be capable of tailoring the mobile-first experience to your users in your e-commerce store.

Push Notification:

Here again, PWA apps are similar to native apps; they also send push notifications to their customers wherever they are. The old method of marketing has become outdated as no user has enough time to check out emails and SMS regarding offers and discounts. But users can not ignore push notifications as they directly appear on the user’s mobile screens and that’s why push notifications are beneficial and more engaging.

Easy and Quick Checkouts:

One of PWA’s main advantages is that it enables users to swiftly finish desired tasks. Checkout is the major area for optimization because progressive web apps are for e-commerce and online purchases if you want to generate big money for your organization. A group of characteristics and functions that support clients in swiftly and easily completing checkout is required to achieve that.

Web Payments:

This feature enables quick and smart payments and eliminates the checkout process. You can enhance the user experience by combining all the checkout steps from shipping, and billing to payments method into a unified step. Supporting all payment methods while keeping in mind the user’s requirements and business demands make it more preferable and user-friendly.


PWAs are extremely secure and to make your app a successful PWA you will have to make security a serious priority. You need to assure your customers that all the data they are sharing with the system or server is safeguarded and secured. You need to obtain HTTPS certification of security to make users believe that their accounts, messages, profile, and browsing data is private and secure.

Rather than the features mentioned here, there are many other features you can add to serve better. You can use unique features for your PWA e-commerce development and achieve great heights in the market of app development. Features like social integration, live chat, reporting, analytics, etc can be further added to your PWA.

Top PWA Frameworks

Why should you use PWA for E-commerce to provide a Smooth Online Shopping Experience?

Mobile devices are deeply ingrained in almost every part of our lives, and this is profoundly affecting how we purchase. Our need for better, more interesting user interfaces, quick page loads, quick information access, and network freedom is expanding quickly.

As we all are aware of the cutting-edge competition in the market of e-commerce. There is a wide range of E-commerce companies that have already adopted native apps to provide personalized shopping experiences to their users on their mobile phones. Native apps are amazing. They support swift and easy online purchases but acquire large memory and high-speed internet connection. Customers with low internet connectivity and less phone memory are unable to download native apps or if they once download them they might uninstall them later due to space issues.

How Much Is Magento Compatible With PWA?

While Progressive web app development is always profitable and provides high conversion rates due to its offline functionality. PWAs don’t need to be installed on mobile devices or tablets; users can use them with less or no internet connection and buy products without any interruptions. If you are owning or thinking of starting an e-commerce business, it’s the right time to choose the right progressive web app development services as the e-commerce market is achieving heights in competition and revenue.

In a Nutshell

You can bring your e-commerce business to a higher level in the market by delivering a smooth and sophisticated user experience to your customers with progressive web app development. No matter if you are a small or large business or whether you choose to establish a full PWA or go slowly by taking small steps like using push notifications, or using add-to-homepage features you should go for PWA for your e-commerce business.

Big businesses like Flipkart, Alibaba, and AliExpress have adopted the PWA app strategy for earning revenue and enhancing conversion rates. You need to approach the best progressive web app development company for your PWA e-commerce. Nevina Infotech has been providing PWA services for decades with the help of web app development and PWA experts and is highly experienced in delivering feature-rich and meaningful solutions to clients. If you are looking for top-notch PWA e-commerce development, we are at your service.


In what ways may a PWA enhance the online shopping experience?

PWA for e-commerce significantly enhances the online shopping experience by increasing consumer retention, and conversion rates, reducing the loading time, providing offline services, push notifications, adding to-homepage features, personalized experiences with live interactions, and a complete app-like experience to the users.

Does PWA run faster as compared to a browser?

Yes, PWA is faster and smoother than a browser because it can work with a poor network connection and also with no internet which makes it faster as well as better than all other web apps.

Which are the famous eCommerce companies running on PWA?

The list of top eCommerce giants who are using PWA to provide outstanding user experience and boost conversion rates are:
> Eleganza
> AliExpress
> Lancome
> Alibaba
> UK Meds
> Flipkart
> 5miles
> Konga
> Snapdeal
You can be the next one.

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