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PWAs, or progressive web applications, combine the best elements of websites and mobile apps. These advantages make them a viable alternative to developing native mobile apps.

Users may now download web apps to their home screens, get push notifications, and even use PWAs to work offline. Recent advancements in browser technology as well as the Cache and Push APIs, make this possible.

More than 45% of businesses in North America and Europe are now utilizing PWA or have plans to do so soon. Some of these businesses are well-established businesses with enough resources. However, most are start-ups or tiny firms with tight financial restrictions. The good news for these businesses is that PWAs can be created for as little as $15,000.

However, such an application will only have extremely simple functionality. One needs to include aspects that might make the businesses stand out from the competition in order to thrive in this cutthroat market. Thus, the cost of developing the PWA will increase if specific features are added. A PWA can be developed for anywhere between $15,000 to $150,000 or more, on average.

How, then do we arrive at the PWA budget estimate? Let’s examine some variables affecting a PWA’s development costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Web App?

Every company’s primary concern when increasing its internet presence has been and will continue to be the money for developing a solution. The development of Progressive Web Apps is less expensive than native application alternatives. Depending on the platform requirements, the PWA is three to four times less expensive.

The app’s complexity, the features it offers, and the development team’s knowledge and experience are some factors that affect the price of producing a Progressive Web App (PWA). A PWA can range from $20,000 to $200,000 or more, with the cost increasing as more complex features are implemented. The following is a breakdown of the anticipated cost of creating a PWA based on various project scopes as per the PWA app development company.

The Estimate Of PWA App Development Cost

PWA PlanEstimate Cost
Basic PWA$20000-$40000
Mid-Range PWA$40000-$100000
Complex PWA$100000-$200000+

You should be aware that these are merely projections. The actual cost of developing a PWA will differ based on several criteria that are particular to each project. The entire cost of updating and maintaining the PWA may rise. However, a well-designed and developed PWA can be a valuable investment for companies trying to stay competitive in today’s digital market due to greater user engagement and income prospects.

Factors That Determine Progressive Web App Cost

You should be aware that these are merely projections. The actual cost of developing a PWA will differ based on a number of criteria that are particular to each project. The entire cost of updating and maintaining the PWA may rise. But for companies trying to stay competitive in today’s digital market, a well-designed and developed PWA can be a valuable investment due to greater user engagement and income prospects.

Type of Project

The intricacy of the project has a direct correlation with the cost of PWA development. The criteria for an online retail store will be very different from those for an online booking application. The cost of development will increase with complexity.

User Interface and User Needs

It’s crucial to situate your product better and market it effectively in addition to making sure it’s useful. Thus, building brand value becomes crucial. The application’s layout and user-friendliness are major factors in enhancing brand value. When building a brand, high-quality graphics cannot be an optional decision that unavoidably raises the expense of PWA development.

When choosing a price range, application elements like user-friendliness, variety of filters, eye-catching CTAs, wishlist and checkout choices, product suggestions, and more, should be taken into account.

The Development Team’s location

The cost of developing a progressive web app is typically greatly influenced by the development team’s location. A business analyst, project manager, frontend and backend developers, a QA engineer, and a UI/UX designer are typical members of a development team.

Their geographical location and level of experience could affect how much they get paid. For instance, senior front-end engineers in Asian nations like India typically earn less per hour than those in North America or Europe. The range is around $30 to $60 in South America and $70 to $150 in the US and Canada, as illustrated in the table below. Similar to that, in Europe, it ranges from $50 to $120. The typical hourly pay for PWA development in Asia ranges from $25 to $50.

Type of Development Solution You Want

The three primary types of PWA development solutions are premade, mixed, and custom-built from scratch, and they are listed in descending order of cost. You can purchase a PWA theme with a useful design, make minor design adjustments, and then get the most recent third-party extensions to address the theme’s flaws.

The custom solution allows you the opportunity to pick specific website components when you need complex development to stand out from hundreds of other similar websites. Utilizing customized services on a website that already has a template loaded is the mixed solution.

Ready-to-use PWA development solutions are less expensive than custom ones. They are typically not very scalable, though. Additionally, you could not always find the right templates. Even if you do, you might occasionally not be able to adjust something to suit your company’s needs. As opposed to a ready-to-use solution, a personalized solution specifically addresses the demands of your company and is much more dependable.

The Pricing Model You Choose

To have your bespoke project created, you can either hire a Progressive web app developer or a PWA development business. Freelancers are a less expensive option, but a PWA development firm has far more skills to create a perfect result that satisfies client needs.

Here are three basic ways a freelancer or progressive web app development company could charge you:

Hourly rate

Business owners pay the developers after completing each project milestone. When the client is unsure of their needs and wants, this method works well. In this manner, the client can request to move on to the following stage or offer comments after the developer has finished each step. By dividing the project into smaller parts, you can estimate how long each task will take and avoid having to make significant revisions during the last step.


This is typically employed for large-scale projects with numerous intricate operations because it is challenging to estimate the exact length of time required to finish each one. Depending on how difficult the requirements are, agencies will make their best estimates of the time and cost for each component. The final price will be determined by adding up all of these cost estimations.


Finally, there are medium-sized projects that are not extremely complex and have straightforward criteria that are already provided to developers. They are able to give the client a final cost as well as thorough estimations for each component. They differ in that they provide a predetermined final price that is calculated by dividing the number of estimated hours by the hourly rate.

The Deadline for the Project

Additionally, if the project has a tight deadline, more resources will be required. As a result, the price of developing progressive web apps will fast rise. Giving the project’s creators enough time to complete it, however, can save costs. A complete PWA solution is also available, with higher performance and cheaper prices. Execution of a business initiative could take weeks or years.

A small project simply needs a few hours, whereas an enterprise project often needs 200 hours. In between eight and ten days, a medium-sized project can be finished. Smaller projects take two to three weeks to complete.

The Nature of the Complexity of the Project

The price of developing a progressive web app depends on the complexity of the project and the number of people working on it. You can opt for a simple PWA development that only includes the PWA package and perhaps a few essential functionalities.

You can ask for more complicated innovations, such as more functional pages, integrations with external systems, state-of-the-art payment gateways, and chat platforms. The more advanced and distinctive features you require, the more time and money you should expect to spend developing them. These influence how much it will cost to create PWA.

Creating Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App Development Hidden Costs that You Should Know of

If you want to save money on your project to design a progressive app, then you must hire progressive web app developer.

Moreover, you must take into account the following hidden PWA development costs.

  • Prior to selecting the designs for your website, it is crucial to understand the short- and long-term objectives. Knowing your requirements well is also essential if you need modification.
  • Secure your website against malware and other security vulnerabilities to protect sensitive information about your consumers. Using some commercial solutions, you could occasionally need to hire security professionals in addition to data backup and infrastructure security.
  • Another example of unreported fees is the use of mockups by developers, which could involve paying a subscription price for plugins and themes.
  • Deal with professional progressive web app development services teams who fully understand your project goals if you want to prevent such additional charges for plugins at the project’s finish.

Tips to Optimize PWA Development Cost

Given the aforementioned considerations, it is clear that a sophisticated application will cost more money. To reduce the cost of developing your PWA, take into account the points listed below.

1. Clearly state the requirements

A smart place to start is by taking notes and naming and categorizing the features that are essential to your application. To make sure that you do not veer off course in terms of money and timeline, it is crucial to adhere to these notes throughout the development process.

2. Pick your outsourcing partner wisely

It is strongly advised to carefully weigh the costs of hiring an internal team with the costs of contracting out your project to a reputable partner.

3. Avoid Hidden Costs

The required features may ask for back-end system alterations that will incur installation fees and administrative support services fees. Such a fee should not come as a surprise later. Thus, it is important to include the conditions carefully for complete transparency in terms of commitments, deliverables, and fee structure.

4. Additional Services

Any and every website does not end by launching the MVP or the final product. Regular updates and maintenance of the PWA are equally important to ensure the application’s health. The cost consideration of such services should be clarified before finalizing the contract with the PWA development company.

Top PWA Frameworks for Progressive Web App Development


PWA development doesn’t have a set price. You should give great consideration to the solution set you select for your PWA. Don’t forget to follow our tips for PWA cost optimization.

Also, the greatest method to save money and get better outcomes is to choose the top PWA development company or agency.


What elements may affect the cost of developing a PWA?

The complexity of the app, its design and user experience, the skill of the development team, its interaction with backend systems, testing and maintenance requirements, and platform compatibility are just a few best progressive web app examples of the variables that might affect the price of producing a PWA.

Can a PWA be developed on a limited budget?

Yes, it is feasible to develop a high-quality PWA on a limited budget by giving priority to essential features, utilizing free and open-source software, and performance-enhancing techniques.

How can organizations reduce their PWA development costs in 2023 with the help of Pairroxz Technologies?

Pairroxz Technologies specializes in PWA development and is committed to providing top-notch solutions while minimizing development costs. We can help companies develop smooth, engaging PWAs that cater to the needs of their consumers while staying within budget by utilizing our PWA development knowledge and concentrating on performance optimization.

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