There are plenty of dedicated Java development companies present in the market, still, the businesses find it difficult to hire java developers for their important programming projects. Yes, hiring good programmers is a daunting task.

Transforming a simple idea into a successful application, handling the Java development challenges, and giving life to the dreams of the business is the task of a Java Developer. What is required is that Java development companies must provide a Java developer hiring model that helps the business choose the right programmer for their app requirements.

There are plenty of things to look for when you are looking forward to hire a dedicated Java developer for your website. From the understanding of frameworks to having a knack for programming languages and then building mobile as well as web applications, we have gathered some seven important points that will help you hire a dedicated Java developer for your company conveniently.

Stay tuned and create your checklist to hire a Java developer now.

1. Mapping out the project Requirement

Before hiring a Java programmer, you must know what you need and what will be the responsibilities of a programmer once he is associated with your organization. Before you try to understand his knowledge and expertise, you must first understand what do you need from the Java developer.

2. The Category of your projects

If you have decided on a new appointment in your IT team then you must be aware of the projects that are lined up for the developer. Java development is used in a variety of things nowadays and your domain is one of them. Check out your project categories and cross-check the expertise of the Java developers against the same to reach the final decision.

3. Specialization across varied verticals

A great Java developer is a programmer, a leader, and an expert of all the industry verticals. If you are into e-commerce then the Java developer you need must have good experience in developing e-commerce applications. Without the knowledge of your industry, the Java developer cannot justify his technical knowledge for you.

4. Knowledge of various Java models and frameworks

A good Java developer should have complete knowledge of all the Java frameworks and models. A perfect knowledge base of the entire Java framework is a must to achieve the level of precision needed to develop an app. The popular Java frameworks are Struts, Maven, Play, Spring, Grails, and more.

5. Check their previous portfolio

After the knowledge follows the experience of the Java developer. Check his portfolio which will tell everything about where the developer has worked and on what kinds of projects has he gained exposure over some time. You can also ask for the names and contact numbers of some of the previous clients and cross-check the credibility.

6. Find their previous track record with clients

When you hire a Java developer, you must always look for a long-term relationship. This is required because once a programmer works with your team, he will get access to all the secret IP information of your company. A long-term relationship will ensure the security of your passwords and other IP documents. You can check their contract term with the previous clients to see if they have the habit of extending a professional relationship for a long.

7. Do not stick to one and interview all of them

Last but not least, you should ensure to interview all the candidates. Just interviewing two or three will not do justice to them and your organization as well. Interview a complete lot of developers and decide the best one from them.

That being said, it will still not be easier to hire Java developers for your project. However, we hope that these pointers will help you to a great extent in making a good choice.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director