Challenges Faced By Magento Development

Magento is the second most popular e-commerce platform in the world in terms of global market shares but when we talk about the first 10K, 100K e-commerce sites, this platform is ranked no.1. Nevertheless, ranking at the second number also makes sense as wooCommerce is available in the form of a plugin to WordPress, which is the most used CMS.

That being said, Magento is not an absolute platform and it has its own part of flaws. A Magento development company knows these flaws and always try to overcome them and this is why Magento has gained its popularity in India and abroad. There are flaws but most of them are not roadblocks but they can be truly frustrating that often make the businesses look for other e-commerce platforms.

Let us look at some of the challenges faced by a Magento development company in India along with the way of tackling them:

1. The Speed of the Magento Configurations

If the Magento platform is left as it is, it can be extremely slow but that can be the case with any other business platform as well. The secret recipe to this is optimizing all the possible parameters. Thus, we can conclude that Magento is slow only when it is left in the wrong hands. Some aspects that are changed by the Magento development company are:

  • Templates
  • Hosting Environment
  • Magento Configuration

2. The Documentation

The problem with Magento is that its code does not come with any kind of documentation. However, it is nothing new and it is common with most of the open source platforms. You need a special Magento development company who will provide you with a complete set of documentation and provide training to your staff as well.

3. Magento Upgrades are not very exciting

You must be aware that Magento gets updates quite often but changing one version from the other is quite a chaotic process. You should not be surprised that something broke right after the upgrade. The only solution to this is to resort to an expert Magento development company. The company will use the best practices to avoid such situations and will ensure that the upgrade is happening in a separate environment.

4. Themes and development is quite slow

You can very well say that Magento is a little slow as compared to the other e-commerce platforms but the time that you invest in the beginning will reap you better rewards in the long run. Magento is the only modern platform that caters to modern business needs. The best thing to resolve this is to hire a reliable technology partner that will help you with complete implementation and customization of the platform.

5. Dealing with the extension conflicts

Magento 2 is, of course, better than its previous versions and there are lesser extension conflicts but they do exist. These conflicts can also harm your business but the latest version of Magento is trying to cater to these conflicts by providing:

  • A class architecture that has been turned around from the ground level thereby creating much smaller classes that do not overlap or enter a conflict with other classes of extensions.
  • The latest plugin system is in place

If the problems still persist, the Magento developers can take the following actions to resolve the issues:

  • Completely remove the code from the config.xml module.
  • By removing the bad codes from the conflict file
  • Using the module configuration

6. The extremely basic search function

The Search function that is available with Magento is quite basic and given the advanced scenario of the e-commerce platform, this rudimentary search is not acceptable. However, the Magento development companies in India know how to deal with this problem. The solutions adopted are:

  • Better Store search
  • Celerbos for Magento
  • Blast Search Lucene

Magento is a great and reliable platform to opt for your e-commerce business. Nothing is flawless in this world and thus, Magento should also get its benefit of a doubt. If you are facing problems in optimization, reach out to your nearest Magento development company in India.


Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director