Before we try to dive deeper into what progressive web apps are, let us understand the root cause for the development of the same. If you are dealing with web applications for quite a long time then you already must have struggled with poor internet connections, the poor performance of the web and so on sometime in the past.

Thus, there was a need realized where the businesses that could resolve these drawbacks and provide the users with some native app-like experiences. Hence, we witnessed the evolving of the progressive apps from the standard web hosted apps and the rivaling native apps, which was much better in its performances, loading experience, and matchless accessibility.

Now that you know why progressive apps were born, let us understand what they are and how your business is going to reap huge benefits from them.

If you are looking forward to some developments like these, get in touch with your nearest progressive web app development company today.

The Progressive Web Native Apps

Having stated the need of the progressive web apps before, there might be raised a question in your mind that how these apps are different from the conventional apps. And, the lone answer to this questions is – ‘web browser API’. this is the only important feature that is making the difference. In simple words, the progressive web apps are clusters of different contemporary web technologies where the majority of these come directly from the web API.

This creates a win-win situation for both the users and the developers. The developers can build robust and dynamic web pages that are responsive without the need of any hybrid networks and the users can enjoy the native app like experience even on a slow or poor internet connection.

In a nutshell, this is how progressive apps are the difference from the traditional web apps:

1. Progressive apps are responsive-they will work smoothly irrespective of the gadget used.

2. They have the potential to run even offline.

3. They feature architecture enabled progressive enhancement

4. Quite easy to install locally

5. The features are so good that they are too engaging for the users and the list is long.

For the business persons, why progressive web apps are important because it is responsive, connectivity-independent and progressive. These are the new generations app that one cannot miss on for sure.

How your business will be benefitted from these progressive apps?

Whether or not to contact any progressive web app development company, we would like to tell you why these apps are important for your business. Check out the following question:

1. Is your business looking forward to seizing new opportunities from emerging markets?

If the answer to this is a ‘yes’ then getting the progressive apps for your business is a sure shot recipe for your business growth.

Going for a progressive web app development means more happy customers who are dealing with your business quite smoothly irrespective of the device, the speed of the internet connection with matchless accessibility.

These web apps will save the customers on the data cost as well. Two live examples are Jumia and Kongo. These are African companies, who have implemented progressive web app development and they have succeeded to increase the conversion rates along with cutting on the data usage.

If we were, to sum up, the advantages of these new generation apps for your business, it would look like:

1. Your users will not have to compromise the native app like experience to save their data.

2. Your web apps will be accessible to everyone.

3. Your bounce rates will be cut down.

4. The data will be safeguarded.

That being said, if you are anticipating a huge business growth, you must get in touch with a progressive web app development company to create these amazing new generation apps for your business.


Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director