There are plenty of Java Application Development Companies present in the market but still, when it comes to hiring a dedicated Java developer, it becomes a daunting task for the team. The Java developers have the responsibilities on their shoulders to transform a project idea into success, handling the Java development challenges and giving life to the business dreams and user’s expectations.

The demand for good Java developers is never-ending. Java app development companies need to hire java developer who are not only sound academics but they are experts in their fields and can provide maximum return on investment to the company.

So, what you should look for to hire a Java developer? You can check their engagement model, the tools, frameworks, and programming languages they have expertise in, and the experience they possess in creating full-stack Java mobile and web applications.

Read further and you will come to know what it needs to hire Java developers for your company:

1. Map out your requirements

Before you even think of hiring a java developer, you should map out your requirements out of the web or mobile application you are looking at. The requirements must be based on the needs of your organization and how the new Java project will bring solutions to the problems faced by your business. Once you are aware of your requirements, it will be easier to screen the candidates.

2. Check out the category of your Java project

The gamut of Java is quite vast and not every Java project is going to solve your problems. Each project has its unique requirement, following the same your company can shortlist various java developers to hire. The java developments range from a simple java web application to game development, product development and Java App Upgradation and migration and so on.

3. Specialization across industry verticals

Look out for a java developer who has gathered expertise across various verticals. It is true that you are looking for a java developer who is well versed with your project but if you are looking for a long term attachment, you should hire someone who has the expertise of your entire industry vertical.

4. Experience in working on frameworks and technologies

Before you start to hire your Java developer, you must know the various tools, technologies, and frameworks a Java developer can work on. A good Java developer must know how to deal with various latest java frameworks and he must also know which framework will suit your project the most.

5. Flexible engagement model

While you map out the requirements of your project, you should find the best Java developer engagement model for your upcoming Java project. You can also hire Java developers on an hourly, monthly, and yearly basis. The two popular hiring models are:

  • Fixed price model
  • Dedicated Java Team

6. Interviewing all the candidates

If you are not satisfied with one Java team, you can interview all the certified Java developers and pick the best ones for your Java project. Ensure that whosoever, you choose should be well-versed with your industry and must understand your requirements.

7. Selecting Java app development methodology

The business environment today is dynamic and agile. The business keeps changing its methodologies and structures based on the feedback from the customers. There are plenty of software development methodologies you can choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Most of the companies in India follow the Agile methodology.

8. Case studies

If you wish to be more confident about your hiring decision, you must look at the previous experience and portfolio of the candidates to check what they have done in the past. You can also go for a reference check.

9. Look out for long-term relationships

Do not take hiring as a game but hire to retain one good Java developer for a long time. Working with a team is much better than working with individuals as the teams are going to stick for a longer time.

A careful analysis of your requirements will help you achieve the desired results. Follow the above tips to hire a Java developer for your company and achieve the expected results.


As you know, how important is Java in today’s technological world for developing smart and advanced applications? To create such apps, you need to hire a Java developer who is dedicated and highly skilled. Developers will help you to develop an app that is unique and latest as per the latest trends.

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Why Hire a Java Developer?

Java developers can help you develop a marvelous app based on the latest trends and technologies. Here are the applications that a Java developer can create:

  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop GUI application
  • Web-based application
  • Enterprise application
  • Gaming applications
  • Business applications
  • Cloud-based applications

How to hire Java developers?

You can easily hire a Java developer through many sources such as search engines, job portals, company websites, contacts, freelancers, and many more sources. For hiring the best Java developer, you can go through the above tips that can guide you in hiring developers.

How much do Java developers cost in the U.S.?

The cost of a Java developer can vary depending on the company you select; if you hire a freelancer Java developer, the cost might be fixed. Here is the cost of Java developers in India and the U.S.

  • Junior developer – $40,000; for Senior developer – $2,05,000 in US
  • Junior developer – $5,000; for Senior developer – $20,000 in India

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

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