Marketers toil hard to work on strategies to increase the number of visitors on their site. But the major issue is that people leave their purchase process in between. Sometimes, people don’t even wait for the webpage to load. The most important metric of the sales funnel is the conversion rate, that is, how many people have completed the purchase? Ultimately this is the bottom-line for any store. Nevina Infotech via this article highlights some features of Magento that help online stores in increasing the ROI and conversion rate.

1. High-Quality Performance & Speed

High-Quality Performance & Speed - Nevina Infotech

Research has suggested time and again that customers nowadays are not patient enough. So if the website is sluggish, customers will eschew it to switch to any other platform. So, the performance and speed of a website are the crucial cogs of its conversion rate wheel. Magento embraces various performance-enhancing features. The superior caching system viz. varnish trims down the dependency on third party extension and lessens the reliance on the database for responding to queries. Apart from this, it also includes features like bundling of JavaScript commands, image compression, etc. to improve the browser’s performance. The revolutionary Elasticsearch technology loads the search results in a whiz. All this leads to a better shopping experience and healthier conversion rates. Businesses can hire magento developer online to evaluate and enhance the performance of their websites.

2. Simple & Elegant Checkout Process

Simple & Elegant Checkout Process | Nevina Infotech

A prime reason for shopping cart abandonment is a complicated multi-step checkout process making the customers wait at every step. Magento 2 ensures a two-step checkout process giving the customer no chance to distract from the process. A business can hire magento developer for customizing this to a single step checkout process, saving a lot of time for tech-savvy users or mobile shoppers. Another important feature of Magento “Guest Checkout” ensures that new users do not have to register themselves for shopping compulsorily. The smooth checkout process ensures that customers can hasten through their shopping, leaving them no time for abandoning the purchase process.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - Nevina Infotech

Search Engine Optimization has been the forte of Magento since its inception. The Magento community has been continuously putting in efforts to develop new SEO features to up the ante in the SEO game.  The sitemap improvement feature increases the chance of higher search rankings. The Google Tag Manager (GTM) feature ensures that you can update the code snippets and tags associated with your products, pages, or blocks. The inclusion of rich snippets permits you to attach labels to your products without using any external plug-in or extension. It is advised to hire best magento developer to acquire full benefits from SEO efforts. These features, without doubt, allow your website to garner prominent positions in search rankings.

4 Consumer Segmentation Tools

Consumer Segmentation Tools | Nevina Infotech

Promotional campaigns are expensive ones if they are not targeted in the proper direction. Businesses need to identify the right target segment for pitching a product. Nowadays, the focus is more on the personalized approach of promotion. Based on the common attributes of the customer, segments are created. Different promotional strategies are applied to different segments. Magento can perform vivid customer segmentation as per your requirements that optimize the conversion rates with more hits and very few misses.


5 Report Generation & Analytics

Report Generation & Analytics - Nevina Infotech

Magento provides several statistics to work with. The Magento dashboard can gauge the performance of businesses by considering stats like cumulative sales, top search terms used by customers, average order size, recent orders, recent search terms, etc. It gives you a glimpse into the financial health of your business. It also displays figures like lost conversions, average page loading time, etc. to see the parts of the site needing overhaul. The support for popular analytical tools like Google Analytics, AdWords, etc. makes it convenient for users used to these analytical tools. Businesses operating in India (with multiple demographic factors) can hire magento developer in india to go for customized analytics (e.g. for preparing niche customer segments).

Final Remarks

Final Remarks - Nevina Infotech

Although an online business ensures reach to untapped and far-off markets, it also leads to an increase in competition with local businesses as well as online businesses in those markets. So, the need to elevate the efforts in improving the conversion rates and ROI is of the essence. Online businesses can turn to Magento for their concerns related to conversion rate and shopping cart abandonment. Magento’s superior performance, SEO optimization features, smooth checkout process, and ability to analyze the business performance make it most enthralling CMS to go for.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director