Important Questions to Ask App Development Agency for Startup

Mobile apps are no longer just an option for businesses nowadays, rather it has become a necessity in this growing digital world. Apps add market value to their businesses as they directly connect to the consumers with different strategies implementation.

Since basic business operations seem to be costly and beyond budget constraints, all types of scale firms, especially startups, are focusing on transforming their growth online. Startups generally start from a basic fund that has limitations in utilizing the resources.

Taking this into account, it goes without saying about your requirement of building a startup foundation from somewhere, isn’t it? So further, you want to approach an app development agency that can identify your business model and design an application from it. You do extensive research on the top mobile app development companies.

However, you remain doubtful about ‘How to choose the right app development agency?’ and ‘What kind of questions should we ask them?’
To resolve these concerns, we are stating here the top questions to ask for your enterprise app development.

15 Questions to Ask for Startup App Development

1. How many years of experience do you have in app development?

It is perplexing to choose from one of the mobile app development services because their service quality and application outcome differs due to their working methods. The analysis itself cannot determine the right app development company for your project.

Hence, you can approach the company and enquire about their and the team’s years of experience in the app development field. In this way, you can get an overview of their consistency in this field.

2. Which factors make your services exceptional from others?

Every single app development agency has different practices for executing the project, providing variable outcomes. But how much do they acknowledge their uniqueness in a particular service from other companies?
This question tests their awareness of the users, their planning methods, and the market environment in their answers. That is when you can evaluate whether their vision matches your requirements.

3. Can you showcase your previous projects?

Without going through the portfolio, it is uncertain to know the precision and results in their work. Moreover, you will not be able to hand over your project without any assurance on their project management.

Consequently, requesting them to showcase their previous work would clarify your decision-making for the app development project. It will provide you clarity on their work projection.

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4. What is your app development process?

The technologies and frameworks constantly evolve in the IT industry, and even many app development companies have to adapt to these trends. However, it depends on the project’s application needs and its structural design to be deployed in the suitable system environment.

Inquiring about their plan on how they intend to carry out the project provides you an insight into their working methods.

5. Can you forward some of your clients’ references?

Usually, it is not possible to take a proper assessment solely by looking at a portfolio because it makes a difference in the result. Trusting your project can be relieving and distressful at the same time. So, how to know if the agency’s services are reliable enough?

It can be simply determined by asking their previous clients’ contacts for genuine review and other in-depth concerns that go into the development process. Ask them about their technical and communication skills, development methodology, project management methods, etc.

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6. What services do you provide? (types of platforms)

A business’s target customer preference on a digital platform depends on its consumption rate and widely searched platforms. Now, there are various platforms where you can make your business visible conveniently to customers.

However, where your target customer lies and the operating system they use determines the platform you want to choose or your developer suggests. For instance, your customers extensively use Android, so you need to hire Android app developers or approach Android app development services to compile suitable app functions.

There are certain platforms you need to select as listed below:

  • Website Platforms
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Desktop Platforms
  • IoT Platforms
  • Cloud Platforms

7. Which particular programming languages do you use prominently?

Developing an application has various programming languages or frameworks for successfully deploying the functions. The expertise of the developers’ team in a particular language implies their proficiency in app development, whether it is in Android application development or iOS app development.

This question should also include the security concerns of the users’ data and authentication measures to prevent malware or hacking threats. Given that the system has different security functions, your application should accumulate with it, and for that, you have to accordingly hire an app development agency.

If you want your app to be deployed on Android, enquiring about an Android app development agency would be an excellent fit.

8. Do you have experience in developing cross-platform apps?

In today’s digitalization, accessing an application despite different operating systems has become a general thing. An application can be commonly accessed by Android, iOS, and Windows users which expands its potential to maximum users and provides you a profitable medium.

Nevertheless, the code structure should be accurately executed for efficient cross-platform app functioning. Logic codes in the framework enhance the application features and their end-to-end functions whenever accessed by the users, which is designed based on your business model.

Thus, it is important to ask the company if they can proffer a cross-platform application for the startup.

9. Can you assess and tell the requirements for a business’s app?

A firm’s expectation from going online is to meet their desired target consumers while aiming for extending their business. But most businesses fail to do so as they cannot get to the bottom of its drawbacks and where they need to leverage their business.

Building a business application first needs to identify the core areas and factors that need to be highlighted in the application paradigm. Given that reason, you have to ask the concerned company if your application needs Android application development services or iOS app development.

10. Have you worked on similar apps?

This is the top vital question you should consider while enquiring about the agency. This would tell you a lot about their expertise and innovative viewpoint while developing a similar app as before. Given their previous projects, they can bring a lot of value to your startup app.

The mobile application services with prior experience in the identical project can tell you their plans for blueprinting your application and implementation of the creative component to make it exclusive from other apps.

11. How do you communicate with your clients?

A client’s satisfaction with the by-product depends on how much they are updated with the development process and sample proofs by the agency. Here, this question implies as a part of the terms and conditions for an understanding of your and the company’s communication mode. This should include timely basis updates and meetings.

12. What is the average time taken for app development?

Every single service takes time as per following up with the development process and its execution success. But it equivalently involves imbursing the costs of the services, and firms usually want their projects to be completed within provided time and worthwhile pricing.

So, the hired app development company needs to give a committed timeline for exactly when each process is expected to be completed. This showcases their interest in involving you and completing the assigned project coherently.

13. What is your per-service pricing?

Before finalizing the deal with the app development company, cross-check the pricing structure of each service provided. Remember that the fixed costs vary with the time consumption, the perplexity of the project, and the number of developers and members required for your project’s team.

The project also determines whether it needs to hire a seasoned developer or an experienced developer. For that reason, you need to clarify their pricing policies and enlist the factors that go into the expenditures.

14. How can I monetize my app?

App monetization is a quick way for startups to generate revenue from the consumerism of the users. The more they are inclined toward the application, there are fewer odds for your business to face major losses.

Nonetheless, it is a tricky task to plan a strategic scheme and plans for monetizing your services. Hence, in this scenario, you need to ask professional app developers for in-depth knowledge of how you can gain profit from each user even through their single visit. They can suggest to you paid schemes or subscription plans to be implemented for the users.

15. Do you provide maintenance and support services?

App development doesn’t come to a halt after it registers an appropriate number of users. It needs to constantly optimize its speed and performance via app testing. Enhancing the application’s efficiency would also provide a favorable experience to the users.

With that concern, ask the in-contact app development agency about their mobile app maintenance services post-app launch and extra charges to do it on a timely basis. The charges are fixed according to these timelines: weekly, monthly, and after every 3 months.

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The Bottom Line

Enquiring thoroughly can give you enough information and can showcase transparency to you, providing answers on finding the right app development agency. These questions will help establish an understanding between the client and the app development agency as they almost cover each aspect.

You have to simply sort your requirements and major concerns before approaching enterprise app development services to give clarity before assigning your startup app development project.

We hope that all questions have been covered relevant to your doubts. In case of additional concerns and the need for consultancy about how to find the right app development agency, we would be available to appropriately answer them.

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