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PHP, Laravel, Android Studio, Swift

Project Overview

My Scooters and ATVs is a small eStore for the expansive vehicles with the different colours. Users need to login and add their payment details to compare the products with the actual price and my scooters and ATVs stores pricing.

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  • The company was having 20 years of experience and credit with their actual customers and they wanted the same in the online digital presence.
  • So the first and foremost requirement was to keep the client’s credit and impression upscale while eCommerce store development.
  • They wanted to give a mind blowing and easy to purchase experience to their clientele and that’s what we achieved by making the website flawless.



  • View products photo from any direction
  • Choose different colors
  • Choose warranty period (Parts/Engine)
  • Select gloves & battery charger

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Our Solution

e-store developed a website that helps their customers to go online and have great exposure to the products and buying the same with detailed description.

With the help of online presence, the customers are finding easiness with the navigation of website and making a next purchase.

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