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Project Overview

“Special Care Unit Survey” is one the iPad applications specifically made for healthcare portal. This is made for giving the patients a true review about the hospital. Here the patients can review the particular hospital about the services, treatment, nurses etc.

It is important to get the reviews from customers in this digital era to improve the services of the companies, organizations, hospitals etc.

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As we are the best mobile app development company we have to develop a project that is all about taking reviews from the patients in the hospitals. Once, the patient gets treatment and leaving the hospital, the app asks to get a review of the services. This should function seamlessly and accurately.
Also, the app provides a question-answer kind of environment to get more exposure to the hospital.


  • Able to select their own Care Taker
  • Easy to give the Answer in Emojis
  • Timer to Answer the Question

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Our Solution

  • We have provided a mobile app solution that consistently asks patients for giving a right feedback to the specific hospital. It is simple to answer and amazing when it comes to putting relevant emojis.
  • Also, patients can choose the caretakers to review them accordingly. The employees of hospitals can earn the points as per the rating/review they get.

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