Even the best developers struggle with coping up with deadlines. Clients always hover around the website development companies for quick delivery of their websites. One can opt for quick fixes but that would compromise the quality of the web application. The most important thing is managing the time without undermining the quality of the web application. Even the largest web application development company in india is facing the issue of delivering quality web applications in a reasonable timeframe. The thing with quality is that it is directly proportional to the time devoted to the development process. The situation is worse when for saving time, you compromise on certain key aspects of development which further delays the project. The blog post highlights the ways for hustling the web application development process without compromising on the quality front. First of all, let us look at the factors that affect the web application development process.

Critical Factors Affecting the Development Process

Some crucial factors impeding the speed of web application development are the intricacies of the development process, code quality, size of the development team, and the team itself. Let us go through these factors first.

application Development Process

  • Intricacies in the Development Process
    The complexities faced by the developers while developing a progressive web application are numerous including but not limited to the complex architecture of the system, ambiguity in the objectives of the system, and unrealistic deadlines. Apart from this, the intrinsic issues in the Client’s company can mess up the schedule and the project deadline can go for a toss. The more the issues, the slower is the development pace.

  • Code Quality
    Writing a code of superior quality is a lengthy process. There is no way it can be done quickly. Tighter deadlines lead to cutting the corners leading to inferior code. This in turn elongates the project further. Ultimately, the bugs have to be fixed anyway.

  • Size of Development Team
    The opacity in communication in any web development company increases with the team size. Studies prove that the communication gap multiplies manifolds if the team size is more than seven. But, the team size is gigantic for a large complex project. The solution to this might be the distribution of work amongst smaller teams. Ideally, there are around 5 people for an effectively functioning team.

  • Team Members
    The team members are human beings and human beings vary in their skill level. The technical expertise, professionalism, and motivation level of team members affect the website application development pace. The development team, if composed of people having lesser experience or technical know-how, slows the entire process. Selecting an ideal team for the project is the most important task and goes a long way to finishing the project on time.

Now, let us focus on the tips to enhance the speed of website application development:

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

For any project to succeed, proper planning is the stepping stone. It will give you an idea of which features would need more time and resources. A proper plan instills confidence amongst the team members and signals deviation from the plan during the project. However, there are some guidelines to be followed while preparing the plan:

  • The plan should be divided into minor, manageable parts that would facilitate task allocation and overall project management.

  • The detail to the dot planning is not necessary; a brief outline with major milestones will work. Over planning would kill the purpose.

  • Use project management software and applications for planning. This could save you a lot of time during the execution of the project itself as it would alert you of any deviations from the actual plan.

So, the mantra for success is – planning before coding.

Consult a Colleague

Two minds are always better than one. While developing the web application, consult a colleague with the required technical expertise. This exercise could enhance the quality of code, which in turn would speed up the website development process. This is because a piece of code with bugs if fixed at an early stage would save the cost and time of development. A web app development company needs to consult an external consultant for major projects.

Keep it Simple

A simplistic approach helps the project to maintain its schedule. The technical intricacies shall be minimal. The requirements should be clear and the deadlines should be reasonable. The project managers should simplify the workflows and keep the project down to a bare minimum avoiding fancy features. The increase in obscurity delays the project in addition to raising the difficulty level of testing.

Define Milestones and Chalk out Deliverables

The plan should clearly state the milestones to be achieved during each phase of the project. At the end of each milestone, a deliverable should be generated. The timelines can be managed with ease via deliverables and milestones. It is important to stick to the deadlines and deliverables as it directly affects the project schedule. The web application development services in india rarely follow this practice resulting in delay.
The above factors also affect the morale of the team directly or indirectly that in turn may affect the schedule of the project.

Concluding Remarks

There are thousands of tricks and tips to finish the work before time, specifically if we are focusing on a specific programming language or technology. There are various tools available online to enhance productivity while working in a team. These tools definitely would increase the coordination amongst team members to a certain extent. Although, the most elegant way for a web application development company in India to finish the project quickly is to enhance the skills of the team involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the advantages of having a website application?
Ans: A website with features like a mobile app is sometimes referred to as a website app. The basic advantages offered by a website app are installation not required, minimum business costs, easy to update, etc.

Q2. How much a website application would cost?
Ans: A website application typically costs around $20 thousand to $100 thousand.

Q3. How much time is required to develop a website application?
Ans: It usually takes around 4 to 5 months to develop a mid-sized web app.

Q4. Should I hire a freelancer or a company to develop my website app?
Ans: For a small website application, a freelancer would fit in. For mid-sized to large projects, a development company is a better choice.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director