Mobile application development for Android and iOS benefits both start-ups and already existing, successfully functioning projects, in which applications can breathe new life.

Nevina Infotech again proved its professionalism by being recognized as one of the top mobile app development companies in 2020, according to SuperbCompanies.

superb companies Mobile app developmentWe are very pleased and grateful to SuperbCompanies for this award. This would never have happened without our customers and partners who have trusted us with challenging, ambitious projects for 10 years. And, of course, many thanks to the entire Nevina Infotech team. We are not going to stop here. Our company will continue to grow and provide high-quality development services.

We know how to create a top-quality mobile application that will bring maximum benefit to its owner. If you need mobile application development services, contact Nevina Infotech, and you will not only get a high-quality product, but also expand your business horizons, reach more potential customers, and make your company more profitable.

About SuperbCompanies: The SuperbCompanies ranking presents companies that develop important and effective software solutions for businesses worldwide and cover a wide range of mobile app development tasks.

The team of SuperbCompanies conducts research in development, SEO and marketing, advertising, SEO, PR, and testing, enabling customers to choose the right partners for their needs. PEO Companies typically serve as professional employers of their client’s employees. Market experts and analysts compile the final ranking of SuperbCompanies. Candidates are evaluated according to various characteristics, including the company strengths, portfolio, and reputation, as well as the dynamic of growth and experience. SuperbCompanies makes it easy for potential customers to find and compare different companies in the same category.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director