The toughest task for a recruiter is finding the right people for the job. The same holds for hiring a Java developer. The knowledge of business requirements makes the task of a recruiter easy. The absolute clarity about the project for which hiring is being done is a must to hire Java developers in any organization. In these unprecedented times, when organizations are looking to minimize expenses, it is crucial to select the right mix of hiring methods for finding the right talent. The problem of plenty arises due to the presence of several Java development companies in the fray. Hiring the right Java developer might be the difference between success and failure. This blog post explains the various facets to be considered while hiring a Java developer to make it a perfect hire.

The primary task before the commencement of the hiring process is the preparation of the requirements matrix. The requirements quoted in the matrix must align with the company objectives. The requirements should be mapped with the organizational objectives. While mapping the requirements, the following things must be considered:

  • The primary objective of the Java application

  • The functionalities included in the Java application

  • The revenue model

  • The target process for enhancement

  • The future enhancements planned for the project

Upon finalizing the requirement matrix, one can proceed with the technical aspects of the project to decide on the need to hire dedicated java developer on a full-time basis.

Identify Project Category

Every Java project is unique and the type of project must be identified before contacting any java developer prospects. Depending on the requirements, the Java project can be categorized into one of the following types:

Identify Project Category

  • Java Application Development: The type of java developer hire should depend on the type of development. Java is a versatile language that can be used to develop websites, games, or full-fledged software. Depending on the target area, a java developer with appropriate expertise should be hired. For entrepreneurs, the developer should also be well-versed with product ideation and capable of independent execution of the idea.

  • Migration: Some businesses simply want to migrate from any other platform to Java owing to certain limitations of the platform. These kinds of projects need a java developer with a different skill set. The developers to be considered should be familiar with the technology of the source project as well.

  • Support and Maintenance: Some businesses already have their own Java application developed but looking for a developer that can perform maintenance of the application. Again, the kind of developers that are required here should have a knack for picking bugs and good at troubleshooting.

  • Third-Party Integration: There are projects wherein the java application needs to be integrated with third-party software for fetching or passing relevant data. Some projects might need to interact with hardware devices as well. The java developers fit for this role should know relevant hardware and software applications.

The hiring depends on the category of the project and the specific skill-set required for the role

Identify Suitable Hiring Model

A thorough analysis of your requirements would give you an idea of the hiring model suitable for you. One can opt to hire an expert java developer in a dedicated or part-time mode. The businesses sure of their requirements can go for the fixed price model wherein the java developer would quote you a price based on your requirements. If the scope of the project is dynamic, one should opt for a dedicated java development team.

Interview All Java Developers

Instead of hiring the team without interacting with individual Java developers, it is advisable to meet and interview every java developer. This will make sure that the developers in the mix understand your requirements fully. The candidates should be interviewed on the parameters of technical knowledge, expertise in java tools, and overall understanding of application architecture apart from professionalism. The individuals’ skill-set should be in sync with the requirements matrix developed earlier. It is next to impossible that an individual developer has all the requisite qualities. In such a case, we can mix and match to hire a balanced team. This process is sacrosanct to hire java developer as per your requirements.

Hire from Long Term Perspective

The technical field is fast-paced, so it is always better to go for specialized developers. This will enable long-term relationships and enhancement of productivity. The team that stays for a longer time would improve the consistency and quality of development as well. An average developer that can stay with you for the long term is always a better choice than an expert developer exhibiting a lack of willingness to stay for a longer period. A business can also hire a Java programmer online for remote work.


Finalize the requirements before initiating the hiring process and identify the category of the Java project under consideration. Hire developers depending on the type of project and the target industry. The interviews should be conducted to identify the technical strengths of developers and check the credentials and if possible, take the feedback of previous employers or clients. To conclude, follow the above steps religiously to complete a perfect hire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I shortlist potential Java developers if there are too many applicants?
ANS: For screening the potential Java developers, one can opt for online java tests including multiple-choice questions and coding challenges.

Q2. Should Java certification be a prerequisite while hiring a dedicated Java developer?
ANS: For a sophisticated project, specialized Java developers are needed. Certified Java developers would fit in nicely under such circumstances.

Q3. Should I hire a full-time Java development team or outsource the task to a Java development organization?
ANS: In case of a complicated time-consuming project, it is better to hire a dedicated team but one should have some technical expertise. In the case of a small project or lack of technical expertise, outsourcing is a better option.

Q4. Should I hire a Java developer on an hourly basis?
ANS: This type of hiring is advisable only for fixing minor bugs and making small changes in an already existing Java application.

Q5. What would be the cost of developing a full-fledged Java application?
ANS: Although it depends on the size and scale of the project, the cost approximately varies from $10000 for a small application to $200000 for a large complex application.

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director