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Algo trading or Algorithmic trading is the type of platform that executes orders as per preset trading instructions to get real-time trading variables, like volume, timing, and cost of stocks /securities. The algorithms are sets of directions and complex formulas that allow traders to make financial decisions, like buying or selling stocks/options. Algo trading involves the usage of computers and programs to measure and execute huge trades by using technological software that they develop algorithmically. These apps and tools with algorithms configured for evaluating the stock and options trading market can quickly track and gather insights.

This software acquires, tracks, measures, and generates reports automatically at given timings. These solutions remove the issue of human error during trade practice. Algo trading as a practice is one of the best options for online Trading Strategies to utilize in the long term.

One of the best AI-driven algo trading apps is “SpeedBot” a free and mind-blowing trading application for the web and mobile that allows traders to do Algorithmic trading successfully. SpeedBot is India’s best Algo trading app if you are looking for the best Algo trading engine. On a single platform, traders can analyze and execute different Algo trading strategies. A single trade bot can be used in various broker accounts. According to different strategies, it also gives the scope to configure several bots. Speedbot is made to work on a secure and sophisticated cloud architecture easily accessible by traders.

Who Can Use SpeedBot Algo Trading Apps?

Trade Guru

If you are an Expert Trade Analyst or do you have some strategies to test and trade automatically, then you can easily validate your strategy by drafting it with our “No Code” Bot builder and also backtesting it on the algo trading engine to get an extensive report of cases based on the purified previous data.

Amateur Trader/ Non-professional Trader

If you are new in the algo trading market or you dont have any idea about this market and how it functions. It is not a topic of worry because you can hire a trading software development company to help you with all trading work. Validate your strategy with a trading expert on our test engine and go live with the bot to automate the trading you have developed to skip the manual trading and expect good Profit.

Day-Trader and Investors

You can be an old trader in the market and still may not be aware of some functions and strategies but there is nothing to worry about that as you already know to algo trading where you have strategies into a bot and use Backtesting Engine for its precise analytical reports. You can always compare various strategies and choose the most efficient one and automate trading with the Trade Bot. Set the exit and entry regulations to conclude the loss.

Future and Options Trader

If you are a regular Trader, SpeedBot is for you to make your Trading process systematic and Automated. You can create your Trading Systems with SpeedBot Bot Builder for algo trading. There are a lot of trading development companies that will help you to create an algo trading app like SpeedBot.

How SpeedBot Algo Trading App Works!

Once you have done with sign-up or sign-in on the SpeedBot algo trading app, it takes you to browse the well-performing TradeBots to subscribe to for future processes.

Browse SpeedBot MarketPlace Algo Templates

You can browse through the Bots completely, and later you can easily categorize them based on your Investment. You can get a detailed report, analyze the Trade Bot’s performance criteria, and Compare them.

Analyse Backtest Reports

You can now decide to choose SpeedBot and subscribe SpeedBot algo trading account by taking an overview of the accurate and clear backtest Reports

Subscribing Trade Bot To Your Account

Once your subscription is done with SpeedBot then the Bot links your Broker account or Paper Test. Here the job is done and SpeedBot will do the work.

About SpeedBot Algo Trading Bots : Backtest Reports

Key Statistics

Each listed SpeedBot in Marketplace has its real-time Analysis Reports with all the key statistical indicators describing the overall performance of the Bot in the live market and will also show the previous data and performance if needed.

Cumulative Returns

Here this report shows the whole graphical report where it shows the cumulative returns over the sample portfolio.

Monthly & Annual Returns

Heatmap charting in SpeedBot shows month-on-month profitability and the Annual return comparison statistics.

Options Algo Trading Strategies Customization

Options in the Algo Trading app consist of a lot of options for Algo trading with custom Algo trading strategies you can develop a SpeedBot account as per your need by hiring a dedicated developer for your web or mobile apps.

Mathematical Model-Based

Mathematical model-based Strategies will help through the formulation of accurate mathematical equations and statistical models to predict market movements and make informed trading decisions for the trader for great profit.

Index Fund Re-Balancing

Investment goals depend on how your automated portfolio is adjusting the alignment with the underlying index, optimizing weights, & maintaining adherence to the fund’s investment goals.

Mean Reversion or Trading Range

Identify price deviations from historical averages and execute trades to capitalize on the expected return to the mean within a defined price range they have for themselves.

Volume Weighted Average Price

Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) strategy calculates the average daily trading price for the right order placement, by minimizing the market impact and slippage if any. This will help the trader to not create any decisions leading to loss.

Delta Neutral Options

To maintain your delta-neutral position, you can adjust your portfolio to maintain dynamically and mitigate directional risk & profit from changes in implied volatility & time decay.

Trend Following Strategies

An Algo trading platform like speedBot relies on moving averages, channel breakouts, and price levels to remove favorable trends, without requiring predictive forecasting of the market.

Arbitrage Trading Strategies

You can design unique and specialized automated strategies to identify and capitalize on price differences between dual-listed assets in different markets.

Time Weighted Average Price(TWAP)

TWAP strategizes that equally spread order executions over a specified period to minimize market impact and achieve an average price for an asset.

SpeedBot offers Custom Algo Trading Strategy Development

At SpeedBot, to provide innovative Custom algorithm trading solutions We customize Algo trading development services and they can significantly impact traders’ performance and facilitate automated trading strategies in the financial market. We use advanced technologies to provide a comprehensive range of innovative solutions with the help of the best developers for the software development company of your application.

Paper Trading Simulation

Custom paper trading simulation refining automated strategies with previous data, is crucial for developing custom algorithms, assessing risk, and optimizing code before using Algo Trading with real funds.

Algo Trading Strategy Optimization

Automated trading for better performance and profitability, is achieved by analyzing previous data, refining algorithms, and adapting to market changes, and helping traders manage risk effectively.

Advanced Backtesting Report

Evaluating the previous performance report of a custom algorithmic trading strategy, by offering insights into profit and loss, showing risk assessment, and important performance indicators, which are helping traders to refine strategies for a profitable live market.

Live Trading Automation

Executing the predefined custom strategies in real-time, by utilizing algorithms for instant and making the right decision, will help in enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and seizing market opportunities for profitable results.

Exclusive Testing on Previous Data

Previous/old data testing is essential in custom algo trading strategy development, it ensures the strategy’s effectiveness and reliability before the live release of the algo trading program on the platform.

Strategy Consultation

We help traders and investors in algorithmic trading strategies through in-depth market analysis, checking on risk assessment, and well-programmed accommodations, enhancing financial portfolio performance.

SpeedBot’s Custom Trading App Development Transforms Your Trading Experience

Our custom algo trading app development services are accessible to everyone for algorithmic trading. For professional traders, our Custom algo trading services are much needed. Focusing on unique areas and challenges, The SpeedBot develops tailor-made Algo trading solutions as per our clients’ needs.
SpeedBot offers a vast range of AI-enabled custom algo trading that works based on different trading strategies. This advanced trading software is compatible with real-time trading with trading strategy back-testing features.

How Much Does it Cost to Developing An App Like Tradetron?

Why Choose Nevina Infotech for Algo Trading Development Services?

Nevina Infotech is a most and top provider of custom Algo trading app development services and it can help you design efficiently by analyzing tailor-made algorithms developed for your Algo trading app.

Below are the reasons why businesses always prefer to hire SpeedBot over other algo trading platforms:

Cost-effective Pricing

SpeedBot provides the best custom trading algorithm analysis and development services at the most effective price. They believe in helping you design and analyze trading algorithms successfully. SpeedBot has an efficient talent pool and is highly skilled in providing value-for-money services to our clients.

High-quality Services

SpeedBot works hard to provide the highest quality Trading algorithm analysis and app development services. When clients hire dedicated developers for mobile and web, we make sure that the services are top-notch with multi-level quality checks.

World-class Infrastructure

Having an in-depth understanding of the role of high-quality infrastructure, we believe in providing the highest quality algo trading solutions to our customers. Our team of experts and highly skilled professionals for algo trading app development services uses modern & decent tools that enable us to deliver out-of-the-box results in this competitive market.

Advanced Tools & Technologies

SppedBot experts and professionals always use the modern and latest tools, technologies, and advancements related to the data and information technology fields so that the end product we create can provide the best help on the latest trading algorithm development services.

Quick Turnaround Time for Project

We always keep in consideration that every project is delivered on time because each project holds the same significance and as it is important to our clients it is equally important to us. As our prime target is to provide the best custom mobile app development services, we understand that time is critical for all our clients and we provide the best custom trading solutions within a committed time.

Expert Team of Algo Developers

Our skilled and experienced IT professionals/developers have first-hand knowledge of analyzing, designing, and developing trading algorithms as per requirement flow in algo trading. All our developers and professionals have world-class qualifications and substantial knowledge and experience in designing, analyzing, and developing a vast range of trading algorithms.

Ultrafast & Robust Trade Executions

SpeedBot has gained a lot of love from its customers for its fast algo trading platform and now it is becoming the No.1 choice for Options trading apps we support multiple leading Brokers like Angel Broking, Kotak Securities, Zerodha, 5Paisa, etc, and Best in class Trading Bots for Options Trading.

Options Algo Trading Simplified

SpeedBot has developed a dedicated Benchmark quality “Options Trading Bots”. Discover these bots trained with years of Market data, timeframe-based performances, market trend movements, and lots more.

5 Reasons why SpeedBot’s Options Trading Bots are Profitable for its customers:

  • SpeedBot is highly trained with Past years’ market data for better judgments
  • Market movement predictions for making future decisions
  • Auto Safeguarding from Heavy Losses and Making Intellectual Judgements
  • Proven profit maker and has always proved right through its analysis reports and all features
  • Everything is done with Instant and zero delays.

Algo Trading App Development Process SpeedBot Follows

At SpeedBot, the process of custom algo trading app development consists of 6 major steps to ensure the best results.

1. Custom Trading Strategy

SpeedBot defines the custom Algo trading needs of its client. Once our team understands the strategy requirement, we design and develop the proper Algorithm according to the client’s needs and desires. Understanding the input data, desired output outcome, and other requirements is necessary for algo trading. The data collected by algo trading will help to decide to buy and sell trades.

2. Strategy Requirement Analysis

SpeedBot team first analyzes the strategy requirement to gain proper insights into its characteristics, complexities, and potential trading solutions. They also study the previous data, identify the right patterns, and understand the connection between variables to consider various approaches for algo trading development.

3. Custom Trading Algorithm Development

Experts and professionals started to design algorithmic trading based on the analysis, and this could solve the problem effectively. We can focus on selecting the appropriate data structures, checking the ideal problem-solving techniques, and designing the best flow logic of the Algorithm. Our advanced trading tool allows you to create a winning strategy for the Algo trading application. By collaborating with an AI app development company or Machine Learning app development company, you can enhance your trading experience and potentially unlock cutting-edge features to optimize your financial strategy.

4. Backtest Strategy

Once the custom Algo trading strategy is created, they perform extensive backtesting to confirm its effectiveness and improve trading outcomes for the client’s Algo trading account.

5. Paper Trading

Paper Trading is an essential part of custom Trading algorithm development. This allows you to practice and refine your approach risk-free before committing real capital to the market.

6. Go Live

Lastly, once the paper trading is successfully done, the next step is going live, where you implement your custom algo trading strategy with real capital in the live algo trading market.


The Algorithmic Trading Market will grow from USD 15.77 billion in 2023 to USD 23.74 billion by 2028. The usage of the Algo trading market is reaching heights, and the usage of the Algo trading app is increasing, more development and awareness about Algo trading techniques are still required. There are lots of experiments and tests happening to find every detail of Algo trading activities.

The Indian algo trading market is changing, and the traders adopting this process are achieving success. Because of electronic trading platforms and new technological innovations, the Algo Trading market in India will witness a huge change and Indian Traders now using algo-trading are getting the benefits and going towards a better financial state!

Nevina Infotech is one of the top-notch web app development and mobile app development company that is the destination for all your development purposes of the algo trading mobile app and web application. Here we provide all the solutions you need with a team of the best developers and professionals.

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