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OANDA – An automated algo trading platform with no minimum deposit. OANDA is a popular online algo trading platform that offers a wide range of features and tools for algorithmic trading. It is very well known for its user-friendly interface and its powerful backtesting capabilities. Custom APIs are one of the key benefits of OANDA for algorithmic trading. Another key benefit of OANDA in algorithmic trading is its VPS (virtual private server) hosting service which allows you to run your algorithmic trading strategies 24*7 and 365 days without having to think about your computer being turned off or losing your internet connection.

Oanda is a very popular online broker that offers social trading services, algorithmic trading, MT4 hosting, and easy API integration. Oanda algo trading also platform provides access to 48 currency pairs, plus CFDs. Trading App development services can help you with the usage of this platform. With Oanda algo trading, all your positions will be tracked in real time so you can see how your investments are performing at any given time.

What are the Key Features of the OANDA Algo Trading App?

  • It helps in supporting custom APIs, VPS hosting, Advanced charting, technical indicators, and risk management tools.
  • To develop and backtest algorithmic trading strategies a variety of advanced charting features can be used
  • To protect your account from losses you can use a Risk management tool.
  • Variety of educational tools, resources, and materials.

What are the Benefits of an OANDA Algo Trading App?

Find all your tools in 1 place:

Standard and custom indicators are available right next to advanced screeners and a live news feed, meaning you can trade effectively without needing to switch platforms.

Multi-platform experience:

Take advantage of TradingView’s robust and powerful browser, desktop, and mobile apps with 100% synced layouts, watchlists, and settings.

TradingView community:

The largest financial community on the web, with over 50 million active investors and thousands of trading ideas and custom indicators.

What is the Customizable Interface of the OANDA Algo Trading App?

  • Creating your customized personal set of parameters, including units traded, risk and profitability levels for pending orders, bounds in pips or percentages, and favorite financial instruments.
  • React to market activity in real-time by managing positions, controlling risk, and monitoring account profitability
  • Setting up automated custom notifications on price alerts, order expiry, upcoming economic calendar events, and global market news from leading providers. It will help make trading easier
  • Customise chart sizes tailored to your trading style. Set up the number of preferred units traded, risk, and profitability levels. Custom software development companies provide you with customized services.

Exceptional Charting of OANDA

  • For touch devices, it has mobile-friendly charts optimized with Highly interactive, responsive charting.
  • 100+ pre-built indicators for popular trading strategies and even more are custom-built in the community.
  • 12+ chart types and 50+ drawing tools reinforced by adaptive visuals and adjustable settings.
  • Charting uses upto 8 synchronized charts in a single layout and applies multiple timeframe analyses.

Flexible Alerts and Indicators

  • Using Trading on charts with drag-and-drop bracket orders or using a responsive order panel.
  • Never miss a trade with 12 alert conditions on price, indicators, and strategies.
  • You can also look deeper into the depth-of-market (DOM) analysis by measuring its supply and demand.

All Around Analytics

  • 100+ fundamental fields and ratios, financial statements, and valuation analyses within your reach.
  • Trading on your chart and using historical data to test various strategies with detailed reports.
  • Research or create top trading and educational ideas to take your analytical skills to the next level.
  • Check for a variety of heat maps to understand the overall status of an industry or the whole market.

Oanda for Web and Mobile Applications

Oanda is popularly used for both web and mobile apps we will see ahead about its uses and demand.

OANDA for Web

  • In web charting, oanda helps with fast execution speed
  • It has advanced technical analysis and also has efficient tools including checking on behavioral patterns.
  • Risk management orders implied
  • Innovative interface
  • The suite of technical analysis tools
  • Sophisticated charting package

Technical analysis tools

  • Creating and validating your trade ideas and strategies.
  • By doing this you can make better trading decisions with indicators, overlays, tools, order book overlay, position ratios, and a news aggregator with a search function

Personalize layouts

Personalizing the platform based on your individual trading preferences. You can create multiple trading profiles and set up trade defaults. You can drag windows out onto multiple screens to set up your own dealing desk.

  1. Depth of market: Access low spreads on a range of instruments. Depth of market (DoM) pricing lets you take advantage of spreads starting from just 0.6 pips for typical EUR/USD order sizes.
  2. Chart-based trading: Oanda algo trading platform provides advanced charting functionality enabling you to react to fast-moving prices directly from your charts. You can easily Open and close trades from charts, and also add risk management orders to it.
  3. Market data coverage: Check out major currency movers using our currency strength heat map. We also offer up-to-date market news and insights from leading news providers such as 4CAST, and OANDA News and Information.

Next-Generation Engine

  • Superior trading technology and fast execution speeds help to ensure that you can react to fast-moving prices, especially during volatile periods.
  • Take advantage of market unpredictability with faster trading times.
  • View a snapshot of pending orders in your account and current positions with innovative trading tools.

Innovative trader analytics and tools

  • Behavior patterns help you identify your trading strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unbiased technical analysis based on the last six months’ status, and also its automated alerts
  • Advanced technical analysis, an economic overlay, and advanced charting by TradingView

Oanda for Mobile

Mobile charting

  • Mobile charting helps in placing orders faster and mobile charting has trading functionality for both iOS and Android. You can make market orders using simple taps on the chart and benefit from dynamic pricing overlays to set up pending orders while seeing the potential profit or loss impact on your account.
  • You can Enter/modify/close positions directly from mobile charts. With the help of a mobile app developer, you can create wonders with your algo trading app like OANDA.
  • You have access to more than 50 technical tools, including 32 overlay indicators, 11 drawing tools, and 9 charts in mobile charting
  • You have the option of editing your take-profit, stop-loss, and trailing stop orders
  • Use your iPad or other mobile device to view one full-screen chart, or add as many as you wish to configure the mobile screen to suit your trading style

Market news and data

  • You can view Up-to-the-minute news and market analyst commentary on mobile charting
  • Economic calendar available
  • You can have market access to the world’s major markets

Risk management

  • Managing your algo trading risks with our full suite of risk management orders. Risk management orders can help you protect your trades when prices move against you, especially when the markets are unpredictable.
  • Guaranteed Stop-Loss Orders (GSLOs can free up your capital by lowering the margin requirement^ of a position, even more so than a standard stop-loss order.)
    You can get help from tutorials and guides to learn how to limit risks when trading the financial markets.

Innovative trader analytics and tools

  • Behavior patterns help you identify your trading strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unbiased technical analysis based on the last six months’ status with automated alerts.
  • Advanced technical analysis, economic planning, and advanced charting by TradingView

Oanda Algo Trading App Integrated with Tickerly

There are a few trading applications created by custom software development services to make your trade of algo trading easier and one of the algo trading platforms is Oanda it is very much loved by its traders because of its automated trading system.

Automated Trading on Oanda – The Workings

The journey of automated trading on the Oanda algo trading platform through TradingView using Tickerly is a smooth experience. To develop or purchase any strategy on TradingView, apply it to your preferred ticker, and you’re good to go for any purchase. Whether you’re trading forex pairs or other CFDs, Tickerly ensures easy execution. They have hired mobile app developers for mobile app use as well.

The logic within your strategy shows you when to buy or sell and in what quantities. When these conditions are met, TradingView shows an alert that Tickerly intercepts. Tickerly immediately translates these alerts into Oanda-friendly language for further processing. Our high-speed servers dispatch the corresponding order to your Oanda exchange, which is executed smoothly.

Once the request to buy or sell of trade is executed, the Oanda algo trading platform sends back the order’s status, confirmed or rejected, to Tickerly. Tickerly then sends this information to you to ensure you’re always with the flow of your strategy’s performance.

How to trade with Tickerly by Automated your trading view strategies

1. Register your Account:

Choose the Tickerly subscription plan which has all your needful prospects with your trading objectives and sign up.

2. Connect your Oanda algo trading Account (API):

Join your Oanda exchange to Tickerly with just a few steps for a fluid trading process.

3. Set your Strategy on TradingView:

Set up your strategy script exactly like you want to trade it automatically on the Oanda algo trading platform. You can hire dedicated mobile app developers or software developers for web apps for scripting your trade account.

4. Syncing your Tickerly Bot with a TradingView Alert:

Transferring an alert message into your strategy notifications within 4 clicks to bring any strategy to life in your Oanda algo trading account.

5. Start Trading on Oanda:

Check on your TradingView strategies if they are easily executed, leaving you to focus on your trading journey’s broadview.

On-Demand App Developers Benefits

Why Tickerly for Oanda Automation?

Choosing Tickerly to automate your TradingView strategies on the Oanda algo trading platform offers you benefits:

Impressive Execution Speed:

With an industry-leading execution time, Tickerly ensures your trades on Oanda algo trading are processed fast and efficiently.

Endless Strategy Options:

Tickerly allows you to automate your TradingView strategy with the help of Oanda’s automated trading system. It allows you to run several strategies on the same ticker or forex pair, and utilize multiple take profits, adjust stop-loss to break-even, or implement risk-based order sizes. The possibilities are limitless with Tickerly. It has dedicated developers to help you in scripting and trading with the Oanda algo trading platform.

Easy Configuration:

With Tickerly, you can easily go with setting up individual bots. Connect your Oanda algo trading account and automate as many strategies as you wish in your algo trading software.

Board Trading Opportunities:

Tickerly allows you to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies and Control For Difference (CFD). You can access forex, commodities, metals, and bonds to diversify your trading portfolio and take advantage of various market opportunities.

Kickstart Your Automated Trading Journey on Oanda algo trading:

You can become a part of the growing Tickerly user community today, and start your journey towards improved trading results with automated trading. Our powerful TradingView strategy automation service is all set to revolutionize your trading experience on the Oanda algo trading platform.

How much does it cost to create an Algo Trading Platform like Oanda

It varies from each trading software development, or mobile app development service you approach. Usually, it would cost in the range between $30,000 – $150,000 or even higher as per market. Some additional services would cost additional charges as well for any customization you add to your application development.

How Much Does The Cost Of Developing An App Like Tradetron?


Oanda algo trading platform is the best choice for a broker if they are looking to trade or invest in a wide range of financial tools with a broker that is professional and has years of experience in the market. Oanda algo Trading provides user-friendly trading systems that give all its traders convenient access to the global markets across all of their devices. Professional and institutional traders are looked after with a host of powerful trading APIs.

They have very competitive trading conditions, considering less costly fees with reliable execution. It is also assumed that they could benefit from adding crypto payments and extending support to weekends. These are minor points highlighted for choosing an Algo trading platform like Oanda

Nevina Infotech is a software development company and we can help you in developing an algo trading app for you as we hire dedicated web app and mobile app developers for better convenience in developing apps and giving the best results.

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