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As inefficient internal and external software design costs firms millions of dollars each year, cost-effective software development is crucial. Are you a startup CEO hoping to improve your business using cutting-edge custom software? The term return on investment (ROI) should then be familiar to you.

ROI estimations are the cornerstone of every custom software project. Determining the worth of an investment is crucial for CTOs and corporate leaders seeking assurance of the profitability of new software solutions. Making wise business decisions is difficult without this indicator, especially if you want to attract investors or stakeholders and boost overall cash flow.

With the right custom software development company offers access to several high-performance software development teams along with crucial information on total costs and investment returns. In this article, we’ll describe how agile development can increase overall income and demonstrate how to calculate the return on investment (ROI) for a custom software project.

What is Return on Investment (ROI)?

ROI, or return on investment, is the term. This is an objective assessment of the return on investment (ROI) for a business. By creating software that generates more income than it costs to implement, the ultimate goal is to avoid a negative ROI.

The net profit a company will make from deploying a custom software project is the return on investment. For retail businesses, where advantages are often realized through more sales, this is simple to understand. Other businesses might associate the return on investment with less loss or more effective operations.

The original cost of the new software system plus any additional expenses related to its installation make up the cost of investment. These can consist of licensing fees, technical support charges, and the time necessary to train staff members on new software.

What Is Custom Software Development ROI?

Return on Investment (ROI) is a statistic that can be used to evaluate a commercial effort or investment. For example, it can be used to measure the return on investment of a new software development or a marketing campaign.

Developing a custom solution requires a return on investment for custom software development. In the same way, stakeholders prioritize ROI to evaluate a company’s performance while making every business decision. ROI is also important to help organizations understand how a specific acquisition would benefit them in the long run.

How Do Software Development Companies Make a Profit?

There are three basic ways that software development companies make money. The manner in which they do so depends on variables, including the sort of business and its target market. It’s helpful to have a foundational understanding of each approach because it affects both the average ROI and the total project costs:

  • Trading: FinTech-focused software development companies can employ computer power and access to vital data to conduct efficient stock market investments.
  • Hiring: Hiring is the most prevalent and mutually beneficial method for software companies to profit from projects. Top-notch software solutions are provided to clients while if you hire dedicated software developer, they enjoy full-time employment. In order to provide clients with the finest and most reliable service possible, Selleo is committed to lowering employee turnover.
  • Consulting: Software development businesses frequently use consultants to monitor particular business processes. As employees bill for the time needed to complete a project rather than receiving full-time pay, this can save costs.

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Why Calculate ROI For Custome Software Projects?

Simply put, ROI offers a useful financial metric for figuring out how your business maximizes results and profits. Additionally, the process of calculating ROI for Custom Software is crucial if you want to determine the financial commitment made to a team, project, hype campaign results, etc. The main goal of software development is to increase operations, gain a competitive edge, or enhance decision-making abilities while also generating money that exceeds the costs of developing the software product if not at least covering those expenditures. The profitability or harm of the project or product you are working on is thus determined by the ROI.

What advantages do you think it has for your software projects to calculate the return on investment? One of them is to hire an iPhone app developer.

Another key metric for determining how to steer business growth and where to go the firm so it doesn’t run out is ROI.

  • Helps you determine when and how to get more product development.
  • Gives you the ability to communicate to stakeholders the ROI produced by these investments in concrete terms or through efficiency.
  • Enables you to recognize when you are in danger and should stop or reverse any moves that might not be in the best interest of your business based on the market’s economic situation. gives you a full understanding of the advantages of your project and establishes the project’s profitability.

How Can You Measure the ROI of Custom Software Projects?

Different methods are used to calculate ROI depending on the type of software. As a result, the software you create will determine how you may calculate the return on investment for software projects.

Software for business processes

Workflow improvements and internal business procedures are the goals of software development projects. List all the areas where you believe you may increase income, save costs, or enhance customer service with this software in order to calculate the ROI for your business processes software. So, utilizing ROI software calculator for the business processes software, you will think about the targets that are reachable. Make the following calculations:

Operating costs for the software

  • Boosting the potential of gaining more clients or closing transactions with the same number of staff to increase income opportunities.
  • The level of your sales efficiency’s growth and development.
  • Equates reduced risk with problem-solving, early problem detection, and crisis management.
  • Improving customer experience to increase lead conversion and customer retention.
  • The time, effort, and money saved for your company after data integration was enabled.

Commercial Software or SAAS

Software as a service (SaaS) businesses create software to serve a specific client. As your company’s main source of money, this program seeks to boost your earnings. You can calculate the ROI in sales as revenue in MRR or ARR subscription terms in SaaS organizations. Additionally, your clients use a few metrics to assess the ROI of your program. Which is better for business—SaaS or custom software, in your opinion?

The following factors taken together will be used to gauge software ROI:

  • Hours saved for teams and responsibilities throughout your company
  • Increased chance of receiving more leads and completed transactions.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction enhanced the likelihood of keeping existing customers or attracting new ones.
  • Anticipating problems quickly, resolving them, and taking risks.

Return On Investment ROI Formula For Software Development

By reducing the project’s actual or expected costs from its actual or estimated income, you may easily and quickly determine ROI. The final figure represents the project’s overall profit or anticipated profit. Kapsys provides the following straightforward method for ROI: ROI is equal to 100 times (Net Profit / Cost of Investment). Another type of ROI is mentioned in project management as well. Although slightly different from the previous formula, it has the following conditions:

ROI is calculated as [(Financial Value – Project Cost)/Project Cost] x 100.

How Can You Predict Costs and Profits for Your Custom Software Development?

The math is simple once you are aware of the expenses and income associated with your bespoke software development project. It’s easy to determine your net profit by deducting costs from revenue. You’re done when you divide net profit by the amount you invested and multiply the result by 100.

Predicting the amount of your investment and your subsequent profits in advance is the only challenging aspect. The way to perfect careful planning greatly improves your chances of success. An expert software development firm can assist you in budgeting expenses, reducing risks, and generating money.

Factors To Consider For The Cost of Custom Software

Depending on the circumstance, custom software development can provide a variety of benefits and solve a wide range of issues. Although it’s crucial to include everything that applies, the revenue is simply one component of your solution’s worth. The magnitude of your investment is another factor that affects profitability.

Another way is time to consider the price of custom software the cost of developing custom software includes more than just the initial development. We must not overlook upkeep and advancements. Some of the things to consider are listed below.

Initial Development

A reputable software development business will know how to scope a solution that aids you in achieving your goals, despite the fact that some engineers lack project-scoping expertise. They’ll provide you with a trustworthy project estimate as a result. Expect this to incorporate per-feature charging or a comparable concept. In this approach, you can weigh costs and benefits when determining the core functionality of your app.

It could take n of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars to complete the additional development that how big the project is. Even though such a wide range might not be satisfactory, take into account the following:

  • A straightforward dating app’s MVP can be less than $50,000.
  • The Match Group, which operates numerous dating apps like Tinder,, OkCupid, and PlentyOfFish, has more than $2.5 billion in operational costs.
  • The range might be just as wide for other costs like upkeep, hosting, and upgrades. Having a trusted procedure and an experienced partner can help you develop a more accurate estimate.

Ongoing Bug Fixes

Every software solution has defects when it is released into the real world, regardless of how much testing your software development business undertakes. You can reduce the cost of problem patches if you prepare for the unavoidable and keep an error log to facilitate corrections. You should be able to find out what to anticipate from your software provider.


The price of hosting will change based on what your particular solution needs. It would be reckless to create a generalized estimate given the extent of the range. As a point of comparison, when Facebook began operating out of a Harvard dorm room, its hosting costs were $85 per month. By 2009, the company was paying more than $20 million solely on server room space. The price of the servers themselves, which is substantially more, is not even included in that!

Feature Upgrades

You’ll probably want to add features as clients ask for them or when you discover ways to gain even more advantages. It’s a good idea to prepare for things in advance, especially if you work in a cutthroat sector. They might not take long to respond if you start stealing market share away from them.

One of the most critical components of developing an MVP is prioritizing features. This gives you a better notion of how long it will take to develop the main portion of your program. Additionally, it provides you the ability to consider any additional features and their associated costs. Having additional funds on hand never hurts when it comes to adapting to changing market trends.

Return on Investment – 5 Measurable Key Performance Indicators

Software project ROI can be gauged using the following five quantifiable factors:

  • Sales: One of the commercial advantages of developing custom software is an increase in sales after its implementation.
  • Efficiency: If your staff has improved following the deployment of custom software, then the influence of custom software creation has improved efficiency.
  • Production: By automating monotonous operations, staff are freed up to concentrate on important jobs like sales and marketing, which leads to higher productivity.
  • Procedures: You may look at how much these procedures cost to carry out and compare their effectiveness before and after utilizing custom software. The ROI of custom software will be a successful conclusion.
  • Savings: Seeing the direct and indirect cost savings from the new software for the organization will help you assess your costs; this is also a software ROI.

How Software Type Influences How You Measure ROI

The software type affects how you determine actual ROI. To obtain a precise ROI measurement, take into account some of the following elements. Business process software and SaaS are the two key software categories on which we have concentrated.

  • Business Process Software: Corporate process software is created specifically to improve internal corporate procedures and streamline workflow. The total cost of implementation, upkeep, and any necessary staff training must be taken into account when calculating ROI. Numerous variables are used to gauge its success. The time saved by a more effective system, higher sales or business opportunities, less expensive issues, and more can be considered.
  • SaaS: Software as a service (SaaS) companies’ return on investment is assessed using slightly different criteria. How long the SaaS company has been in business is an important factor to take into account, as startups demand greater startup costs. In these situations, the revenue from software service subscriptions is used to calculate the annualized ROI. For instance, a computer business creating sophisticated project management software might compare subscription income to the expense of creating, implementing, and finding clients for the product.

How Does Outsourcing Development Impact ROI?

Due to a more streamlined and ultimately more skilled development process, outsourcing software development can result in higher ROI. A dedicated software development team, like the one we have at Selleo, can tackle a custom software project with total concentration thanks to outsourcing. Your internal teams could become preoccupied with other important business challenges, delaying completion and driving up costs.

In light of this, outsourcing development can greatly improve your ROI measure. Due to the fact that software development firms are at the front of technical advancement, your product will be more dynamic and robust as a result.

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How Agile Development Can Increase Your ROI?

Your estimated ROI may rise dramatically if you use agile software development for a variety of reasons. Agile development methodologies are used at Selleo to raise our overall productivity, effectiveness, and client satisfaction levels. Agile and scrum-based software development offers more flexibility and makes the best use of resources.

The following are some of agile software development’s main advantages:

  • More feedback cycles will result in better, more individualized software.
  • Less time and money are lost, resulting in a lower overall investment cost.
  • An adaptable structure streamlines workload and unanticipated problem fixes.
  • Superior client satisfaction as a result of a well-coordinated and mutually beneficial interaction between the client and developer. Thus, you must hire a dedicated developer who can match your requirements.


When spending money on specialized software, return on investment is crucial. Software development return on investment calculations demands a broad perspective. If you already have plans to create a new SaaS product but have not assessed the return on investment for software development, you may be skipping a lot of crucial business development milestones. Calculating ROI while developing custom software to ensure a profitable investment is better.

Although calculating the ROI of your software investments can be difficult, you should try your best to do so. Several companies offer software development services that can modify the program to fit your goals for business growth and staff performance as well as your specific business requirements. You can get assistance with your ROI of custom software initiatives.

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