With over 3 billion online stores, Magento is one of the most popular CMS for developing eCommerce sites. Popularity comes with its share of criticism, myths, and misconceptions. This post has been written to dissect some popular Magento myths and set the record straight. These myths are, however, not deterring any magento website development company in india to stop suggesting Magento as a CMS to its clients. There is a reason behind the existence of more than 200 Magento users in the list of top 1000 internet retailers. Some myths are so popular amongst the Magento critic fraternity that people consider it as a fact. This article tries to demarcate fact and fiction.

Myth #1: Magento is Snail-Paced

Magento-is-Snail-Paced - Nevina Infotech

It is harsh to blame a platform for slowness when one is not aware of the technicalities involved in it. Certain unintentional actions by admin users such as configuration settings, usage of heavy themes, etc. can cause Magento to work slower. Apart from this, there are factors like hardware, hosting environment, cache settings, etc. which directly affects the speed of the Magento store. Magento is not slow; rather, it needs optimization to boost its load time. Optimizing an online store is the most commonly hired magento development service in india as admin users are generally unaware of proper configuration settings. A Magento store can be optimized once the reason behind its slowness is identified. A dedicated local hosting server is a must for a Magento store to run faster.  The lightweight templates and themes enhance the performance of Magento stores. Disabling modules not in use currently will boost the speed of the Magento store further.   

Myth #2: Magento is A Free Product

Magento-is-A-Free-Product - Nevina Infotech

The open-source nature of Magento fuels the profound belief of people that it is a free platform. Moreover, the Magento website also claims that there is a community version of Magento that is offered free of cost. The fact is that it is free to download, but there are charges associated with its usage. The free edition has basic options only and limited user support. One cannot attract customers in this cut-throat competition by an elementary website. One needs to include attractive themes and easy navigation options to enhance the conversion rate. The enterprise edition offers several advanced features not available with the community edition. With the enterprise edition of Magento, the store owner has full control over the website, and he can create customized promotion campaigns to drive sales. The store owners generally hire magento  developer company in india to set up the enterprise edition of their website.  

Myth #3: Magento is not for SMEs

Magento is not for SMEs - Nevina Infotech

Another popular myth doing rounds in the eCommerce sorority is that Magento is only for large scale businesses, and it is not meant for small and medium level organizations. This is baseless. Magento helps SMEs in growing to a large organization as it supports scaling and expansion without a major overhaul in the store. All the necessary support is provided by the Magento community, irrespective of the size of the organization. However, SMEs should start with the community edition and gradually advance to the enterprise edition to support their growth. Any magento development company in india will vouch for the fact that the size of the business is immaterial for using Magento CMS.

Myth #4: There is No Customer Support for Magento Stores

There-is-No-Customer-Support-for-Magento-Stores | Nevina Infotech

This myth is true to some extent, as customer support is not there for the community edition. In this case, one has to rely on community support in Magento forums. However, the Magento community is very large and proactive. So, it is easier to find answers to your generic queries. However, even the best magento development company cannot claim to have answers to specific advanced level queries on Magento forums. The truth is that you cannot expect more than this free of cost. It is worth mentioning here that Magento provides 24/7 customer support to enterprise edition users on issues ranging from configuration to hosting. There are multiple communication channels available for helping the customers on their preferred channel.  

Myth #5: Magento is not SEO friendly

Magento-is-not-SEO-friendly - Nevina Infotech

This is a myth without an iota of doubt. Every magento website development company in india boasts of increasing the organic traffic on the store built by them. But, the truth is that merely usage of Magento as a CMS ensures SEO. The platform has been built, keeping in mind the basics of SEO. The best practices of SEO have been imbibed in the platform itself. All new versions of Magento are made keeping this USP in mind. However, even the best ships cannot sail without wind. The same is true for Magento. The application of SEO techniques in a proper manner is quintessential for a successful SEO journey.


Conclusion - Nevina Infotech

Magento is an open-source platform, but not a single magento development service in india can guarantee customer satisfaction on community edition with limited options. If you want to improve the conversion rate of your store and want to be adored by search engines, the enterprise edition is the key. If one wants to build a large community of loyal customers, then hiring a Magento development partner would be a good idea. Magento supports operations on even small businesses and can be optimized for better performance and load speeds. To conclude, believing the above-mentioned myths can dampen your revenues significantly. 

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

CEO and Managing Director