Any business, whether in its nascent stage or an established one, prefers a top-notch language for its software projects. The selection of the programming language is a crucial decision for the success or failure of their projects. Due to these reasons, a business looking for web development, typically hire javascript developer for its projects. Javascript is used by around 70 percent of professional developers as per a survey by Stack Overflow. Javascript is among the top contenders for most sought after programming language for years now. It bears some special features to be used by conglomerates like Google, PayPal, Uber, etc. This article highlights the reasons for JavaScript to be favored by businesses for their web development projects.

JavaScript Frameworks

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The Framework is a structure comprising of a set of readymade codes and predefined application design & toolset. It speeds up the development process. Popular JavaScript frameworks normally use the abbreviation JS. React is one of the most popular frameworks for developing a user-interface of dynamic nature. The open-source framework is used for rendering feature-rich mobile apps. The social media giant Facebook uses React. Another popular framework is Angular, which is suitable for developing single-page dynamic apps. None other than Google itself is using Angular. Vue is one of the latest additions in this ever-growing list that is a progressive front-end development framework. Adobe had developed some Vue based applications. Node.js development service and Ember are some of the other popular frameworks used by organizations like LinkedIn and Uber. Due to these trendy JS frameworks, businesses are shifting from java developer for hire to javascript developer for hire.

What can be built with JavaScript?s

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JavaScript can be used for a variety of tasks varying from the lucid ones to the intricate ones. JS is not just an option but an effective one for developing a full-fledged robust and interactive website. The JS frameworks make the creation of a complex web app nothing but a child’s play. Not just the client applications; nowadays, JavaScript is a popular choice for even web server applications. JS frameworks can create a robust mobile app intuitively with minimal fuss. JS also can be used effectively to develop browser-based games or exemplary gaming applications. JS supports all the latest innovations. It can not only be used to develop IoT based devices but also virtual reality applications. Most Businesses hire java developer in india to support their latest software development, but due to the aforementioned bouquet of services offered, javascript developers are more in demand.  

Why Should Businesses Use JavaScript?

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Every month, new technologies enter the market with powerful features, but none of them has perturbed the JavaScript terrain. Some probable reasons for the colossal demand for JavaScript for business solutions are as follows:

  • The continually growing rich library of JS gives developers the flexibility to select a perfect framework suiting the specific project capable of finishing the project hastily.
  • The fast execution speed of JavaScript makes it a well-liked option for developers. It enhances the user experience level by executing at an enormous speed not only at the client-side but also on the server-side.
  • JavaScript is used nowadays not just for front-end development but also for the backend. For instance, Node JS can be used to combine the website development process within a single language to give an idea of JavaScript’s full-stack development capability. MEAN is a popular full-stack JavaScript platform. The search phrase “hire JavaScript developer online” is more popular than hire java developer online for people looking for a full-stack developer.
  • Being an event-driven language, JS executes only the code segment invoked through some user activity, e.g., a mouse click, a button press, etc. It reduces the loading time as the entire code is not initialized. Instead, the code segment summoned by user actions is only executed.
  • The compatibility and interoperability of JavaScript with multiple programming languages make it suitable for a wide gamut of applications.
  • Being an interpreted language, testing, and debugging a JS code is much easier than traditional programming languages.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, businesses often hire java developer and then replace him with a JavaScript developer.

The Bottom-line

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The above facts highlight the importance of JavaScript as a preferred language for business solutions without an iota of doubt. The powerful features and flexibility of JS permit businesses to develop excellent software solutions with unimaginable capabilities. A large segment of Fortune 500 companies hire javascript developer for tinkering with their solutions. To conclude, the completeness of JS is evident from the fact that businesses are advertising “javascript developer for hire” instead of java developer for hire even for full-stack development. 

Rahim Ladhani

Rahim Ladhani

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