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Project Overview

Nutrition lab is the eCommerce website allowing users to buy the health-related products. The website is available in two different languages e.g., English and Swedish.

Here the users can compare the products and create a custom product to buy.

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  • Here the project requirement was quite specific on comparing the products and having the online chat support facility. Creating the custom nutrition supplements online by the users was an important factor.
  • Users should easily find the products online and be giving some kind of discounts to attract the users.


  • Create the Custom Mix
  • Compare the Products
  • Earn the Bonus Points on Products
  • Rate & Review the Product
  • Online Chat
  • Supports English & Swedish language

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Our Solution

  • Our developers provided a solution to easily interact with the customers and providing online chat functionality.
  • Also, the products were described in detail and a good provision was there to compare the products.