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Project Overview

The Excelsior app is specified for the Excelsior HE detergent users. Here the users can register themselves and add their projects. The users are allowed to view the products, updating their usage, claim for the warranty and also can have the Excelsior benefits.

Project Requirement

  • The project was specific about the requirements and providing an ease to the Excelsior detergent customers. The requirement and challenge were to update the status of the product used according to loads of specific user.
  • It means the user should be able to update the loads per week and based on that, the status should be updated over the app for further usage and remaining detergents for the days.
  • The user can edit the loads and view the products of Excelsior.

Key Features

  • Know about the Product Usage
  • User can Register a new Warranty
  • User can see its own added Warranties
  • Submit a claim
  • See their claims
  • Play youtube tutorial video

Our Solution

  • We as a Mobile app development company have provided a solution in terms of letting the users know their status of usage in pictorial forms.
  • Product details should be displayed such as name, product warranty, date etc. also, the users are allowed to claim the benefits and can upload the invoice details.
  • There are some categories are embedded to describe a different kind of stains and allowed to describe the product description. Also, a user can view different products in video mode.
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